Prosperity and Longevity
By Alex Strande with Devai Pearce



We have all heard the adage that health is wealth. When asked the question, What would you prefer, health or wealth, many of us would not hesitate to answer, “Why, health, of course.’’ For without health, wealth has no meaning. Health and wealth are but two sides of the same coin. However many of us dream of winning the lottery or getting that beachfront home, yet fewer of us are dreaming of the perfect health that would lead us to living past 100.

In the terms of argumentation, health is more important than wealth, because health is a necessary condition to living a good life, whereas wealth is a sufficient condition. Case in point, if you have millions in the bank yet you are in such pain that you cannot enjoy your waking days — at that point your health is all that matters and wealth is just a side note. However both heath and wealth contribute to our feeling of abundance and prosperity.

Good health is the ultimate form of abundance and prosperity. It is a widely-discussed notion that good health does correlate with greater wealth and opportunity.
When we get proper exercise and relaxation, it has been scientifically proven that our brains function better and we have a higher self-esteem which often equates to higher earnings, along with an increased ability to manifest abundance around ourselves, due positive thought vibrations that come from properly caring for the body, and ultimately the brain.

As we exercise, we sweat out impurities and oxygenate the body, thus rejuvenating ourselves and adding to our cumulative prosperity in the bank of health, which is our ultimate wealth, the ultimate form of prosperity.
As we take the less-traveled path of good health and are doing all we can for our longevity, we begin to feel younger and more alive, we want our outsides to accurately reflect the way we feel inside, and sometimes what we still see are the ravages of time laid across our faces, even though we feel all but 19!

Along with exercise, relaxation, and proper nutrition, there has also been much ado about anti-aging medicines and science to optimize the body. I have heard many a man or a woman say, “I feel great so why should I not look great too?’’ Precisely. This is where additional anti-aging strategies come into place.

When we feel good, it is a given that most people will want to look as good as they feel. However over years of mistreating ourselves with improper nutrition, too much sun exposure, or even just the effects of the cumulative everyday stressors in our lives, we may find ourselves wishing to reverse the clock, not just with nutrition, relaxation, and exercise.

We may want to kick things up a notch, and do everything we possibly can to maintain an optimal state both internally and externally, and that is where nutritional supplements come into play. This is how Simply Healing Clinic can help you.
At age 21, hyaluronic acid starts disappearing from your skin causing wrinkles to start forming. Junk diets will cause excessive “muffin top” formations as well as excess fats on the thighs. Being under stress depletes your adrenals and ability to concentrate. Your libido goes down as well; you start becoming unpleasant and cranky, and getting into anxiety states, and you develop pains.

Then you seek the help of people who either can’t help you or can only help you temporarily without really addressing the problem. We actually address the root of the problem. If you have tried everything and are still not well, and the horrible anxieties, depression, fatigue and pain persist, don’t waste your money buying useless services or vitamins where the bottle indicates take one a day and good luck.

Dr. Strande practices naturopathy and was trained in Australia, where they use large doses of nutrients which prove to be therapeutic and therefore achieve results. Most people start seeing a difference within three days or so, from the treatment of therapeutic doses of liquid herbal extracts imported from Australia and New Zealand, the cleanest spots on Earth.

Some of the agents used are: pure amino acids, enzymes and co-enzymes, as well as minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients. Examples of concentrated herbal extracts are brain-restorative herbs such as Bacopa, Gingko, Gotu Kola, Rosemary, Avena, Kola Nut.
To restore your ability to function in a stressed environment, we use Glycyrrhiza, Eleutherococcus, Panax, Bupleurum, Schizandra, Tien Chi. To restore digestive function we use Gentiana, Meadowsweet, Foeniculum, Polygonum bistorta, Comfrey. For the care of depression and anxiety we use Hypericum, Avena, Damiana, Scutellaria, and Ashwaganda.

To make your skin look youthful and beautiful, we use Fo-Ti, Arctium, Viola  tricolor, Equisetum, Omega 3, Omega 6, Tocopherol, L-proline, shark cartilage extracts, and other ingredients.
After an initial consultation, a personal mix of herbal extracts is dispensed. This is the first stage of the healing process. After a short time your symptoms disappear, your skin looks younger, your brain works better, and you find that daily stressors do not affect you as much as they once did.

Alex Strande, Ph.D is a traditional naturopath and microbiologist. His special interests are difficult conditions. He can be reached at his office in Santa Monica at (310) 907-4424 for questions and appointments. Find more information about Dr. Strande’s background, articles published, and many testimonials at

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