Nancy Johnson



Prosperity, abundance, well-being, growth, and contentment. These are all qualities we want to create and enjoy. They should be the daily norm, not the exception. The chalice where these gifts reside is in the heart. Heart-felt thinking, not ego-thinking is the key. The heart contains these domains, yet, the ego is so demanding, that we get distracted from our own universal source, divinity, or spirit.

We seek “more,” something else, someone else, anything else. We seek “more,” because we have learned to believe in “lack.”  We’ve been led to think that prosperity and happiness are the result of answers we are seeking “out there.”  “He” is what I need. “She” is what I need.

“They “ are what I need. “That” is what I need. Thinking like that is a trap controlled by the ego, a cycle that repeats itself and inevitably ends up in disappointment. A recurring pattern that always depends on someone or something else fulfilling our dreams. You are the real dream maker.

To practice prosperity, you must claim your own inner power and inner dependence. You must develop a courageous, compassionate, loving belief in your Self. You must change the way you think.
Take time to think with your heart.

Nancy Johnson was a first grade school teacher for thirty-four years, writing many rhymes and stories for six year olds. She now describes herself as a “redefined educator of the young at heart.”  Enjoying  her retirement, she has recently published a book, “The Medicine Cabinet, Words of Wisdom and Well-being for Women.” Visit:

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