Paving It Forward
Pre-paving A Life of Abundance
By Elisabeth Fayt  



Despite what this economy may look like to the naked eye, we truly live in an abundant universe. Everything you want and need is readily available to you, when you realize that you are in the driver’s seat of your own life. It starts by understanding how the laws of the universe operate.

In the western world, business acumen has taught for centuries that when you increase demand, supply decreases. Universal law operates differently. When you increase demand, more is created!
Sounds simple, you might say, but in practical terms, how does it work? How do you create what you want, just like that?

You create with your thoughts. All day you are intending, and what you intend, you create. Where you put your attention, there is energy for creating.
The key is to train your mind to consciously choose thoughts, because whatever you focus on, that shows up more in your life. If you constantly focus on the challenges of life, you will have an abundance of challenges!
Abundance in itself means a large supply of something. It is neither good nor bad, and the greater passion you put into your thought, the greater the abundance you create in that area.

Abundance is attracted to us based on how we feel, but there is a misconception that feelings are a result of circumstance. We seem to think that financial troubles cause a feeling of struggle, but it is not the circumstance that causes the feeling. It is our thoughts that create the feeling.

When we think a certain way, we will feel a certain way. When we focus our thoughts on what is, we create more of what is. When we choose to focus our thoughts instead on what could be, we open up our hearts and minds to the amazing possibilities of a whole new world.

The beauty is that we have the power of choice. Reality is, though, that most people spend more time choosing what they are going to wear in the morning than they do choosing how they will connect with people, how they will feel, or how much money they will make.
All it takes is one thought —one powerful thought, to take you from a feeling of poverty to a feeling of prosperity. But you must take initiative and start with that one thought, then work that thought until it becomes a string of continuous thoughts that create the feeling you desire.

Even in the midst of an economic downturn, you can choose a thought that takes you in the direction of financial abundance. The universe is waiting for your next command! Financially, what kind of abundance do you want? You can only attract what you feel, so the goal is to feel financially free now.

Here are five simple ways to start:
1. Keep lots of money in your wallet. Every time you open your wallet you will feel rich. It doesn’t mean you will necessarily spend more, but you will feel like you can. How you feel is what attracts.
2. Whenever possible, pay with cash, not credit. If a credit card is merely a method of convenience for you, then fine, but if paying on credit causes a silent stress within you due to the thought that you must pay this amount in the future, then you create a feeling of resistance. That feeling of stress nags at you, taking you in the opposite direction of feeling financially free.
3. Smile when you pay your bills. Feel grateful for the service or product you received. Be happy for the opportunity to pay for the value of that service, knowing that you always have enough money to pay your bills. Just as you wish your clients to be grateful for the products they receive from you, in the same way, feel grateful for theirs.
4. When you receive your bills, pay them immediately, even if it means writing the check, sealing the envelope and waiting a month to mail it. In your mind, it’s done and the energy surrounding it creates a feeling that your bills are paid and it feels good. Your good feeling
attracts abundance to you.
5. Lastly and most importantly, watch your inner and outer dialogue. Drop any limiting words and phrases from your vocabulary. Replace them with positive pre-paves! A positive pre-pave raises your vibration immediately and begins creating what you want.
What has been your dominant thought about money in the last six months? Was it one of abundance or struggle? Whatever your dominant thought was... you would have created this scenario in your life.
What if you were told for certain that in one year you would be financially free? How would that make you feel? You must feel that now in order to attract this kind of abundance. Start by taking one step in the direction of abundance and keep going forward, without looking back.

Turn your negatively-conditioned thoughts of the past into positive pre-paves — positive commands that you will send out into the universe, giving new instructions as to what you want. Smile and relax as you pre-pave these thoughts, knowing that as you turn your mind to the positive, you are opening yourself up to receive the greatest abundance the Universe has in store for you.

Here are Seven Pre-paves to attract financial abundance:
•    All of my needs are met, now and always.
•    Everything I need comes to me easily and quickly.
•    I am valued for what I do.
•    The universe is abundant therefore I am abundant.
•    I receive abundance from unexpected sources.
•    I am financially free.
•    I share my abundance with others.

When you pre-pave positive thoughts, the universe gets to work immediately on fulfilling your request. Your continuous thoughts create the feeling and your continuous feeling sustains your creation.

The quality of your life can be measured by the quality of questions your ask yourself. Sit quietly for a moment and take time to create the financial abundance that you want in your life by answering a few questions: What do you want your dominant thought about money to be going forward? Feel that now. Feel the feeling of being financially free. How does it look and feel to you? How are you interacting with others when you are abundant? What words are you saying? What are others saying around you? What does your life look like now with financial freedom?

This universe is abundant... Everything you want and need is readily available to you when you consciously pre-pave a road of prosperity ahead. Decide what you want, then pave it forward.

Elisabeth Fayt is an international speaker, owner of RnR Wellness, and author of the new book “Paving it Forward.” One of the featured speakers in the movie “The Opus,” she is both a prominent abundance expert and a successful businesswoman. Find out more at or email her at .

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