Prosperity Is Already within You
By Shannon Peck



We commonly think of prosperity existing outside ourselves. We mostly think of prosperity as something to obtain in the future. We can make a paradigm shift about prosperity that lifts us into abundance. Rather than perceiving prosperity or money as external to ourselves, we begin with a new perception that prosperity is already within.

I have experienced this many times. The first time had occurred when my family had been renting a house for 10 years. During this time I’d watched home prices soar as I lost all hope of ever owning a home. One day, I called a healer and, during our call, I mentioned that we rented a house. This was not the purpose of my call, but she caught my sadness as a young wife and mother. I yearned to own and fix up a house for ourselves.

The healer strongly suggested I stop practicing a temporary sense of home in “only renting.” I decided at that moment to follow her advice. When I dropped the idea of home being temporary, it made room in my consciousness to receive the natural idea of home being permanent. I was able to spiritualize thought about home... as I grasped the idea of home being primarily composed of qualities — beauty, sacredness, safety, support, peace, harmony, love, and growth.

These qualities of home represent the essence of home. Essence is not only affordable to us all, but it is inherent within each of us, not outside of us. By valuing the essence of something, we are energizing it to manifest.
As I embraced these qualities, they lived within me as an energy. It was a great relief for me to be free of the negative energy of “I can’t afford,” and, “I’ll probably never be able to buy a house.” I enjoyed choosing the thought that I included every wonderful aspect of home. What followed was surprising.

Within a few months of this spiritual awakening, my husband rather suddenly was able to sell his business to start another one — one that was to become his life work. There was a small amount left over from the sale. About that same time, my ninety-year-old grandmother passed on and, surprising to me, she left me a small amount of money. She had been a lover of her home.

Then, a third surprise occurred. Our landlord approached us saying he wanted to sell the house we were renting and find terms that might be mutually agreeable. He approached us another time and we had assured him there was no way possible we would be able to purchase his home, although we really wished we could.

This time, however, with the sudden surprises of extra money, we had exactly enough for the down payment. I was beginning to experience what I was viewing of home being permanent, not temporary. I was also seeing that home is an energy which can manifest, and that prosperity was already within me.

It was like a miracle. We bought the house and I had such joy in fixing it up. But even more important to me than the purchase of a house was my discovering how to practice prosperity. Since that time, I have found, even during difficult financial times, the practice of prosperity has always proven to be powerful in relieving me from fear and stress of limitation, and also in the power of manifestation. This is the power of divine Love that heals.

Another way Love brings prosperity is through our perception. While on a walk one day, my husband said “I’m feeling so poor!”  For a moment, everything was quiet. Then I said “That’s interesting, because I was just thinking, ‘I feel rich!’” We laughed as we realized the vast difference in our perceptions.

We then acknowledged what a blessing it was to be loved by each other and what wealth that was. “We are love trillionaires!” we decided. This re-framing allowed him to release the energy of poorness and to receive the higher perception of abundance. This practice of higher perception unclogs the channels and allows a steady flow of prosperity in all areas of our lives.

Right now, no matter what your circumstances are, you can hold a far higher version of yourself and your life, one that is immersed in the unlimited possibilities, available for you in every moment. In doing this practice, you are chasing out limited thought forms and making room to receive what is already within — abundance!
Copyright © 2009 by Shannon Peck

Shannon Peck is a spiritual healer
and teacher of love and healing. She is the author of “Love Heals: How to Heal Everything with Love” and co-author, with Dr. Scott Peck, of several books on love and relationships. She is also Co-founder of The Love Center. To read Shannon’s “Healing with Love” blog, please visit www.ShannonPeck.com


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