Four Steps for True Prosperity
By Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa and Angelic Oracle Kira Raa



Empowering our True Prosperity, as with the claiming of our personal freedom, begins with the recognition that it will not ever be granted by another outside of yourself. Learning to fully empower this gift, begins with the self-recognition that we must claim it for yourself.
True Prosperity has little to do with money, AND, it is important to recognize that wealth is attracted to individuals who emanate true prosperous energy. True Prosperity is a state of Being that carries simple identifiers such as buoyancy, synergy, and the knowing that things go your way.

We have all heard of those beautiful individuals who carry serenity and grace about them, who are consistently filled with the gifts of spirit. These people collectively share the experience of feeling highly prosperous, even if they have no money at all!
How then do we create a life where the cup is half full or over flowing?  Within your grasp is the ability to create a Truly Prosperous life… now. As you take in a deep breath with your hand to your heart, declare to yourself with sincerity, I AM truly prosperous and claim this gift to myself in all ways.

The acceptance that you are ready is the starting point from which you can offer yourself the gift of committing to four simple steps to call forth this state of conscious living. Let’s look at the these steps:

1. Anchoring the belief that the Universe is an abundant place.
2. Self-acceptance and trust that your needs are abundantly met
3. The sincere willingness to take action everyday
4. Opening to a sincere willingness to receive without limitation

Whether your personal value system is seeking to anchor spiritual prosperity or a more physical version of abundance, these four steps apply.

The foundation of this four-step process is the known sense that there is always enough. The notion of scarcity doesn’t enter
into the abundant person’s psyche. It is as simple as recognizing that what we focus on expands… as beings of Divine light we are masters at this! Is your daily experience of the Universe a kind and benevolent expansion of your life, or one that causes you to anchor pain and struggle?

The next step is the sense of trust and self-acceptance. This is the trust that directly corresponds to self-esteem and the trust in one’s capabilities. It also expresses as a trust in Spirit. When we live our life not trusting anyone or anything, we send the message to the Universe that we cannot be trusted, thereby preventing the abundant flow to easily manifest through us and as us.

As you let yourself relax into greater trust, you will smile at the greater flow that effortlessly follows into your life experience.
The third common theme is the sincere willingness to take action. That is, prosperous people will not wait idly for others to open doors of opportunity for them — they will lovingly and sincerely ask that all the doors open! With each step you take to empower the gift of sincere action, the universe will pour back your efforts to you 1,000 fold. What steps can you take today? What steps will you take tomorrow? How about the day after that? Then, how will you continue? These are important questions that will bring forward stunning results.

Finally, the fourth attribute is the openness and sincere willingness to receive without limitation. Truly Prosperous people do not exercise self-sabotage, project victim consciousness, or deservability issues. What they DO project into the universe is their willingness to receive all the bounty of this life. To be full with the bounty of life is to fully empower your divine talents and attributes as highest service.

To deny receiving sends the message to the universe that you are not worthy of this prosperous gift and to allow you the gift of learning why until you finally claim your power with the simple recognition that: As you receive you are whole to give!

As you reflect on these four steps of True Prosperity you will discover that the first two are foundational, and the second two are action oriented. Without anchoring your trust in the universe, and the knowing that the resources necessary for your success is available, stable abundance will elude you. You may find yourself in the cycle of touching prosperity, however usually there will be a cycle where you seem to “lose” it.

The law of attraction is not a fickle energy that is swayed by Saturday night wish lists. The law of attraction does not care how many glossy photos are taped to your refrigerator door. What the Universe does care about is consistent positive action that must be anchored upon the foundation of a sincerely positive attitude.

Thus, expecting success is only a beginning... the baby step. Feeling successful is better… and yet another step. Transcending all ideas of measurement is ideal.
That is, instead of keeping score with the universe it is better to trust that your needs will always be met.  As you look for the evidence of that fulfillment each and every day, the needed action is taken. After all, you chose to be here on this planet to experience True Prosperity… why wait a moment longer!

Sri Ram Kaa is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Angelic Oracle Kira Raa has been clairvoyant since childhood, and was declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most profound Archangelic Oracle of our time, and is also a Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Join these best-selling authors and radio personalities LIVE every Wednesday evening
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