Enough Creativity to Realize Any Dream . . . Any Dream
By Tama J. Kieves



Excerpted from “This Time I Dance! Creating the Work You Love (How One Harvard Lawyer Left It All to Have It All!)” by Tama J. Kieves, and reprinted with permission of the author. ( www.ThisTimeIDance.com  )

Perhaps you feel drawn to weave or teach cooking classes, start that beloved bookstore, or write that software program or screenplay that gleams in the backcountry of your mind like lightning bugs or shooting stars on ink-black, summer nights. But then there’s the mortgage, the tuition, the Toyota payments, the Visa bills, your age and erratic or esoteric education, and on and on and on — and on.

Suddenly it doesn’t seem sane to go chasing after lightning bugs when the burdens of reality loom before you like granite mountains and all you have in your pocket are fleeting wishes, falling stars, and tiny wooden pickaxes.
But you have other pockets. And other powers.

It’s easy to “see” ourselves as trapped when we listen to fear instead of inspiration. But through the unlimited energy of inspiration, we possess enough furious love and holy, glowing creativity to realize any dream. Any dream. Yet most of us walk as secrets even to ourselves.

Buried in briefs and motions
as an over-achieving Harvard-trained attorney, I could not imagine how I could leave “the real world” and live some kind of la-la too-good-to- be-true artistic life or free-bird, entrepreneurial one. I knew I wanted a way out of my crushing career, but I could not envision one while buried in responsibilities that sapped my spirit and imagination.

It’s one of those crazy Catch-22s in life. While we say no to the wild love inside us, we live in the dim universe of self-negation. It’s hard to see the possibilities when we’ve said no to our own illumination.
Yet doing the work you love is the dizzying path of saying yes to yourself and yes to a brilliant, hidden self you do not yet know. Yes, I will follow my creative instincts even over the thin edge of that forbidden cliff, and through the seas and marshes and forests of an emotional, mental, and spiritual transformation. Yes, I will step into the tingling territory that beckons me from beyond.

Yes, I will dare to become more than I ever dreamed by saying yes to the dreams that tug at me like spirit children trying to reveal to me another life. After all, this heart-drumming, soul-thrumming vocational pilgrimage is not about changing job descriptions and salaries in the known world. It’s about changing what we know.

Something in us longs for the impossible because we know it’s possible. A caterpillar gazes at a cloudless azure sky with a sense of longing and belonging. Yet this low-bellied being cries, “No way, there’s just no way I can get from here to there, from the earth and grass of history and familiarity to the sky of delicious flight I ache for.” The caterpillar guesses right and wrong at the same time. So do we.

When we look with caterpillar eyes, we can’t reach our dreams, can’t disregard gravity and the challenges we see before us. We can only scrunch up an oak one inch at a time... years and fears from a blissful sky. Yet the moment you crave that sky, you’ve recognized the presence of another life within. It is this inspired self that knows the exotic ways of wind and breeze and sudden rampant ease.

Our hearts have called us on to completion, evolution, and the embodiment of our hidden thirst and ceaseless hunger. The butterfly fluttering within causing the stirrings and restlessness, will not be stopped by our assumptions and habitual limits. The mountain that obstructs a caterpillar daunts not his winged incarnation. The awakening of the unbounded one within us will awaken panoramas all around us. The possibilities change as we do.

That is why your dilemma doesn’t matter. Your bills and bothers and history. Merely problems of perspective. The restrained self will always see a restraining world. The thwarted one can’t ever see exalted ways. We who crouch in darkened hallways cannot see the pink of newborn light upon the ocean and fertile landscapes gleaming.

Einstein explained the paradox something like this: A problem cannot be solved at the level of the problem. He could have said a caterpillar will never figure out or handle a butterfly’s path. Neither can you. No matter how much you think it all the way through.
Trust the process. A calling calls to remind you to enter the mystery of instinct and the metamorphosis of an inspired life.
Honor your passion to emerge.

Say yes to a supernatural, all-natural self within. Then let creativity transport you to the borderless places, the magical spaces, where caution cannot tread.
This is the ride of your lifetime.

Say yes to this sacred invitation, and let the birth and realization of your life and work begin.

©2003 Tama J. Kieves. All rights reserved.

Tama J. Kieves is the best-selling author of “This Time I Dance! Creating the Work You Love” and a sought-after speaker and leading career and book coach, who has helped thousands worldwide to discover and launch the life, the calling, and the business of their dreams. She offers keynotes, workshops and retreats internationally, and also teaches A Course in Miracles
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