Embracing the Business Adventure
By Lisa Cherney



I’ve done a few of those quizzes to determine my core values. I always seem to choose the value of “adventure.”  To me adventure means that I get to try new things, take risks and feel the thrill of accomplishment. On a recent vacation I had the opportunity to do something I have always wanted to do. Granted, I have had many opportunities in the past, but something always stood in my way.

This time I decided I had waited long enough, and I booked a top-of-the-line excursion to swim with dolphins. Needless to say, it was amazing! One of the most gratifying things was simply knowing that I didn’t let money, or the fact that I had to go “alone,” keep me from the adventure. Furthermore, my risk-taking confidence got a big boost. (You can see photos on my Facebook Profile.)

This boost got me thinking about how being a business owner is one big grand adventure, and if we don’t value that aspect of the journey, then we may not be as successful as we’d like to be. Our adventure muscles need consistent exercise to keep us at the top of our business game.

Unlike the life of my pre-school daughter, Bella, who has a daily adventure, as adults we have to create opportunities to try new things. One day Bella learns to pump her legs on the swing so she can “fly” all by herself, and the next she discovers the adventure of making pancakes. To watch her is to learn how to embrace everything as an opportunity to be independent and learn new stuff.

However, I have found that many of my students are paralyzed by a lack of confidence in their talents and even more frustrated by the challenge of marketing these to potential clients. Some even contemplate throwing in the towel on their dreams and getting a job while others dwell on their past “failures.”

Bella tells everyone who will listen that she now knows how to swing on the big kid’s swing all by herself. On the rare occasion that I fear she is bothering someone, they always respond with resounding support. Why don’t we do the same with our own expertise? Part of the adventure of business is often simply promoting our talents and sharing about the results we create. What if we saw this as part of the adventure — instead of “shameful” marketing or “pushy” selling? What would our business look like? How would our results improve?

I am always pushing myself to the next level in my business — sometimes more than others — but there is always an opportunity for adventure when you’re your own boss. And if you want to be the best boss you ever had, you must move forward in faith on a daily basis and embrace the business adventure. This could mean everything from choosing to raise your fees, to saying “no” to a client you know will be a pain-in-the-butt (even when you “need” the money).

Here are a few risks I’ve taken over the years that, in retrospect, were critical to the ongoing success of my business:

1. Hiring an assistant when I “could not afford it” in order to be set up for expansion.
2. Investing thousands of dollars to create audio products without a specific idea of how I was going to sell them.
3. Picking a date and putting a deposit down on a space to hold a workshop without anyone already signed up or the content completed.
4. Saying “yes” when a potential client asked if I could do something, even though I had never done it before on my own.
5. Investing in countless coaches and seminars with money I didn’t have.

RESULTS: A successful business, celebrating its 10th year, a lifestyle that allows me to be home with my daughter 2 days a week, a 5-figure per month income and the satisfaction of knowing that I’ve helped thousands of business owners touch exponentially more lives while making big money.

What business adventure are you willing to embrace in the next 30 days? Make a decision and tell someone! Create a “success group” with some colleagues, join a mastermind or find a mentor to ensure you keep taking new risks. There is no force more powerful for creating breakthrough action than the support of people on the same path. Creating a structure of accountability for yourself just may be your biggest business adventure of all!

Lisa Cherney is a Business Intuitive, Master Marketing Consultant and Founder of Conscious Marketing™.  If you are ready to translate your passion into your marketing and attract more of your Ideal Clients, visit www.ConsciousMarketing.com or call (888)771-0156


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