A Journey from Your Darkest Thought to Your Greatest Dream
By Debbie Ford



This interactive DVD begins with the message that “life is a school to the wise and an enemy to the fool.”  In a mild and loving manner, Debbie Ford convinces us that our worst, wounded experiences are what allow us to come through the dark to the light, to provide the ultimate gift of love and joy, as a result of experiencing those low, dark situations. Instead of ignoring our shadows, we should learn about them and learn from them in order to recognize some new realities about ourselves.

Utilizing a documentary format, renowned spiritual teachers, such as Deepak Chopra, join Ford to discuss the power of your inside shadow — the part that you dislike, distrust and often dismiss and bury. They show us how to acknowledge and break free from this negative, and use it to create a new future.

In evolving with... instead of against our dark sides and difficulties, we can heal relationships, learn to love unconditionally, find strength and courage to pursue passions and experience more success as well as finding new levels of self-respect, confidence and peace of mind.

The interactive portion of the DVD provides us with several transformational exercises as presented during the first section, so we can find and support our own breakthroughs. Sample exercises are also available on the internet at the interactive site. By acknowledging, embracing and freeing your worst thoughts and impulses, as well as your fears, you will find a better, greater self.

Published by Debbie Ford Films, Inc., this 70-minute DVD is available on the website at www. The ShadowEffect.com

Reviewed by Sonia von Matt Stoddard

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