An Interview with Niurka
By Randy Peyser



Niurka, author of the upcoming book, Supreme Influence, empowers individuals to come into alignment with their true nature, release self-sabotaging beliefs, and open to greater prosperity. If you’ve struggled in your desire to make a living, yet stay true to your spiritual self, Niurka’s story will inspire you to move beyond those places where you might currently feel stuck.

At age 19, Niurka was a high school dropout living out of her car. She sold gym memberships, water filters and knives door-to-door, but all the while felt that there was something better in store for her life. With an insatiable desire to read books  offering profound spiritual insights, Niurka set forth to seek out what was real and true. A year later, Niurka was able to bid a fond farewell to water filters, knives, and gym memberships — and became Anthony Robbins’ #1 corporate trainer.

Today, Niurka runs a multi-million dollar company where she offers workshops and certification programs to individuals to master themselves, and heighten their ability to make an impact on the lives of others. She is a certified Master Trainer of Neurolinguistic Programming and a member of the American Board of NLP and Hypnotherapy.

Using her expertise in NLP along with Hypnosis, Timeline Therapy and Pranic Healing, she helps individuals to create shifts that catapult them to a higher level of alignment with their true purpose and their ability to receive their Greater Good.
Niurka has appeared on stage with Tony Robbins, Rev. Michael Beckwith, Deepak Chopra, John Gray, Marianne Williamson, Mark Victor Hansen, and many others.

Randy Peyser: You went from living in a car as a high school dropout to creating a multi-million dollar company. How did you do it?

Niurka: I began looking within myself. I think that’s the answer. People look for answers outside of themselves. One of my core beliefs is that when you change, the world around you changes. My life wasn’t working. I assumed it was because of something that was inside of me. So I started to look at the beliefs that were driving my life and learned about releasing limitations.

Randy: You were pretty young to be starting this process at age 19.

Niurka: Yes. I had this feeling that my life was destined for so much more than what was showing up. I didn’t have mentors. I just had an inner knowing, a feeling that my life could be better. Then I met Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins’ coach. He told me: “Work on yourself harder than you work on your job. If you work on your job, you’re going to make a living. But if you work on yourself, you are going to make a fortune. You will build an incredible life.”

I was open and relentlessly searching. I believe when you seek with an open heart and continually move in the direction of your commitment to figure things out, the answers will be revealed.

Randy: I’ve noticed that sometimes those answers are accompanied by a lag in the timeline.

Niurka: Yes, the Law of Gestation is something we experience in this dimension. As many teachers explain, the reason for the lag has to do with your frequency. Everything in the universe is energy. Sometimes you do not have the energetic frequency to the answer you are seeking. For example, you might ask, “How do I create a greater level of wealth?” If your level of being — your consciousness — is not a match to a greater level of wealth, it will not come right away.

As you keep asking questions, you expand your awareness. Then you will begin to recognize those things you are in harmony with, that you are asking for. But it’s not only about asking. What is it that you are declaring, that you are claiming, that you are calling forth into your experience?

Randy: I feel like I keep hitting a certain financial ceiling. No matter how much income I generate, somehow, I manage to go back to that set point. What opens the door to breaking through one’s financial ceiling once and for all?

Niurka: A big part of it has to do with releasing limitations that are stored in the subconscious. Limitations usually emerge during the imprinting stages in childhood, between ages 0-8. By the time we’re 8, we’ve already been programmed. We’ve created beliefs and made decisions at the subconscious level that will drive our lives unless we investigate them and look deeper into ourselves.

You’ve got to question your beliefs. For example, if a child sees her parents arguing over money, she will equate having money with arguments, and that belief will get ingrained at a subconscious level. As she grows older, she consciously knows this is not true. She believes she can create wealth, and her conscious mind goes out there to produce this result.

But most behavior is subconscious. This is where most people see the roller coaster. They take two steps forward and one step back. For example, they take an action toward wealth, but at a subconscious level, they hold a belief that will sabotage their progress.
The job of the subconscious is to preserve the body. It loves you and wants to take care of you. If the subconscious mind has linked money and prosperity to pain and suffering, it will fight like heck to make sure you don’t have any prosperity, because it loves you. There needs to be an alignment, a bridge of congruency, between one’s desires and the subconscious so that one can think, communicate, and act from one’s Highest Self. If you don’t release these limitations, you will experience the roller coaster.

Additionally, many people will approach financial wealth or prosperity from the perspective of what they don’t want, as in, “I started this business because I don’t want a job, or because I can’t stand working for someone else.” Rather than having a focus where they are moving toward a vision that is greater than themselves, they are focused on moving away from what they don’t want.

Some entrepreneurs will create companies because they don’t want a job. This is very different than someone who creates a business because they know they have gifts, talents, and a message they want to share with the world.

Randy: Were there times along your journey where you felt like you had to stretch in ways that were uncomfortable for you?

Niurka: Yes. I constantly stated two mantras: “I find certainty in the midst of seeming uncertainty.” My other saying was, “Life begins at the end of my comfort zone.”

Randy: Do you push yourself constantly?

Niurka: For several years I did push myself. Now, my inner work is more about creating a sacred space of clarity and intention. I also practice purposeful action toward my vision, which is in alignment with my essential nature. I no longer feel that sense of being stretched by a forward force. Instead, I create a container for prosperity to flow through me.

It is important to be in alignment with action. Don’t just meditate and wait for a bag of money to fall out of the sky. Take actions with a clarity of intention and create a space in which prosperity can flow. Ensure that the actions you take are in alignment with your intentions and with your purpose.

Randy: Can you talk about some of the factors that determine success?

Niurka: There are many different elements working together. One element involves the power of our language, which includes the energy that is present beyond our words. There is power in our ability to speak things into existence. We need to be purposeful in our choice of language.

Think about this: We have infinite possibilities concerning everything that could come out of our mouths. But out of the realm of infinite possibilities, most people keep communicating in ways that are very much the same as how they communicated yesterday and the day before that. They keep recreating the same experience of reality out of all those infinite possibilities.

Every statement made, word said, and question asked, has within its nature an inherent presupposition. A presupposition is an assumption that pre-supposes the existence of something. For example, in the current real estate market some people are thriving while others are struggling. What is the difference between these people? They are in the same environment.

If the question you are asking yourself is “how am I going to survive in this market?” from a linguistic perspective, you are only asking to survive, but not thrive, and your brain will start looking for things that are in harmony only with survival.
Language is a portal directly into the subconscious. Our words tell the subconscious that we are in survival. Scientists speculate that our words trigger the reticular activating system in our brains to start looking for things that are in harmony with what we are momentarily declaring to the universe.

People need to be more purposeful in their questioning. The brain is like a missile. It will find things that are in alignment with your thoughts. Suppose someone asked a question such as, “How can I be even more aware of the unlimited opportunities that surround me right now?” This person is going to shift their energetic vibration in a positive way, and they will begin to notice things that are in harmony with what they are asking for and declaring.

Randy: Many in the Mind, Body, Spirit community are great givers, but do not feel comfortable receiving. How can we become good receivers?

Niurka: That is an awesome question. If you have a service or product that is of value, you are doing a disservice to not introduce it to people who are in harmony with what you are offering. Awareness is the first step to conscious transformation.
After you become aware of the ways in which you are limiting your ability to receive, ask yourself: “What’s coming up for me when someone wants to give something to me?” Then observe your response. Ask yourself questions that can begin to shift your model of the world.

Our ability to receive usually goes back to those imprinting stages of childhood. Money is energy. It is an extension and an expression of value. When you create value the universe naturally reciprocates. We cut that off. That cutting off is connected to those deeply ingrained beliefs that have latched on to us at the subconscious level.

We project our personal belief systems onto money. Currency is also flow. It’s got to flow in both directions. If you are not receiving, you are denying someone else the opportunity to give.

Randy: Why do you think you have succeeded while so many people have not?

Niurka: A big part of my transformation came when I chose to put myself in environments that demanded and called forth more from me than I even thought I had.

Randy: Back to the stretching concept…

Niurka: I teach that there is no failure, just feedback. When things showed up that appeared as failure, I didn’t see them as failure. I would say, “Well, here’s a successful way that doesn’t really work.”  
So much of the human experience is about remembering. Recently, I saw the movie, “Kung Fu Panda.” It’s about a panda who works in a noodle shop who wants to be a dragon warrior. Everybody reminds him he is just a tubby panda who works in a noodle shop. But this panda has a sense of destiny.

When we look at myths, fairy tales, and stories — like “Cinderella,” “The Wizard of Oz” or “Star Wars,” we realize that we come here to be the heroes of our own life’s journey. But we forget this. We think we are some tubby panda at the noodle shop.
The process of awakening is to remember our magnificence and the essence of who we really are. Maintaining this level of awareness requires consistent practice. You can create this space through meditation, some form of community, or a combination thereof.

Randy: What is Supreme Influence?

Niurka: “Supreme” is your essential nature, your Divine connection to all that is. It’s the life force energy that flows through us that makes our heart beat, planets revolve around the sun, turns seeds into flowers. It’s the life force that flows everywhere, ever present, all the time. That’s “Supreme.”

“Influence” signifies inward fluency. When you are in that state of absolute inward fluency, wholeness and congruency — which is when your thoughts, words, actions, beliefs, physiology and identity are on the same page — you have this level of influence within your own being. When you are in that space of absolute congruency, while being fully grounded in the human experience, and you are fully aware of and owning your essential Divine nature to create, you are able to cause transformation to happen in the external world in accordance with what it is that you choose or desire.

Supreme Influence illuminates our essential divinity. We are Divine beings. We are blessed with the freedom to choose and the power to create. Knowing your essential nature is where your strength and power comes from. Who are you? What is your essential nature? I don’t mean, “what is essential,” as in “what do I need?” I mean “is this of my essence?” What is so vital and important to who I am, to my essence, my essential nature, in being in this life?

Opportunities are things that appear in the external world that you can call into your experience of reality when you are in alignment with your essential nature. Opportunities are what will show up as a result of you being in that space of inner congruency and power. Focus on the essential nature of your being and everything around you will change.

Supreme influence involves alchemy; that which has been “lead” in your life, that has shackled or bound you, can be transmuted into gold. You can experience a rich and amazing quality of life when you are clear about who you are and what’s possible.

Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa, and Gandhi exemplified people who were in alignment with their essence. They lived from their Higher Selves and stepped into their purpose. They claimed and declared their power. Take ownership for how you create your experience of reality. Make a decision to go deep within yourself. My own evolution, my way of being, is essential for me. Go deep into that.

Niurka’s training, Supreme Influence into Action, takes place Oct. 9-12 and Nov. 13-15, For a free video download to stop sabotaging your dreams and be pulled toward the grandest vision for your life, please visit You can also watch Niurka’s YouTube videos by searching “Niurka Inc.”; add Niurka as a friend on Facebook by searching “Niurka IAM”; or follow her on Twitter at “niurka_niurka”.

Randy Peyser is the author of “The Power of Miracle Thinking.” She also edits books and helps people find publishers or self-publish.

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