A Path to Prosperity in Our Struggling Economy
By Chitra Gunderson



As manager of a retail store, I see the effects of the struggling economy daily. Customers who spent freely last year have cut back significantly or, even worse, just browse now. Purchasing a larger item may take weeks or months of contemplation before the sale actually takes place. And, more than ever before, purchases are put on layaway, spread over 3 to 6 months or, in some cases, 1 year!

In addition to a slow retail market, expenses are rising and, if you have a job, raises are out of the question. If you are out of work or just need more income, the chances of ‘getting a job’ are slim since the current highly-competitive job market is flooded with applicants. How do you strive for prosperity in the current economy? What are your options? The time has come to be creative and think outside the box…

A few years ago I was struggling, having left an unpalatable job situation. One option I considered was starting my own home-based business. However, the start-up capital was a problem; beginning a new business is very expensive. Plus I wasn’t experienced in how to market a business to make it successful. Then, I heard about network marketing.

Looking for more information I found that it didn’t cost much to sign up as a business associate, I didn’t have to stock product, and the company offered a website and customer service to fulfill orders. That sounded great to me!  So, I joined a network marketing company as a way to supplement my income.

I was on a limited budget, so I set the intention that the business would have to pay for itself. To this day, working at it only part time has always more than covered the business expenses as well as some of my living expenses. I have had the opportunity to travel and develop a large circle of friends in the process.

Yes, even though I am a retail manager, I still have my own network marketing business. The advantages I experience… When life turns upside down, I can take a break, and the residual income keeps coming. Or, at any time, I have the opportunity to put more effort into my business and watch my income increase. In addition to having the flexibility to work around life events, network marketing is easy, profitable and fun. Anyone can do it.

For those who are new to network marketing, it is a low overhead, home-based business that offers many of the same tax benefits as a traditional business. It is a people to people, word-of-mouth business that allows you to expand your circle of friends, travel, and have fun. Plus, the start-up cost is minimal, the home company provides a website, customer service, fulfills orders, and computerized customer tracking, eliminating some traditional business expenses.

Simply explained, it is built on the concept of leverage. “You leverage your time and increase the number of hours of work effort on which you can be paid by other people’s work and earn a small income on their efforts.”  (Entrepreneur.com)
J. Paul Getty, who created one of the world’s greatest fortunes, said “I would rather make 1 percent on the efforts of 100 people than 100 percent on my own efforts.” This very basic concept is the cornerstone of network marketing.” (Entrepreneur.com)

Three Myths to Destroy about Network Marketing:

• Network Marketing is NOT a pyramid schemePyramid schemes generally do not include a product; they are built around the exchange of money wherein someone always wins at the cost of someone else losing.
• Network Marketing is NOT a get rich quick business — Network marketing is a real business that takes energy and time to develop.
• Network Marketing is NOT illegal — It is a word-of-mouth marketing business that offers quality products at a more affordable price than if they were sold in a retail store because it cuts out traditional advertising costs. There is nothing illegal about the business.

Five things to do when starting a network marketing business:
• Keep your job. In the beginning of your business it offers a larger network of people to share the business and products with, plus it may take time to build your business. Some people have built a successful business within 30-60 days — it depends on how many people you know and your efforts.
• Make sure you have the initial start-up investment, usually $300-500, plus a regular monthly investment of around $100.
• Dedicate a few hours a week to developing your business, then go about your life, share with others, watch your business grow.
• Connect with your sponsor (the person who signed you up), she/he is there to help train you or connect you with the necessary resources to help with your success.
• Develop a team… working together for the success of everyone in the team creates an environment of success and learning.
A personal friend of mine, Luke Krcil, is a master in network marketing. Luke started network marketing at a very dismal time in his life; he was extremely sick, had a lot of debt, and no job. Nine years later, he has become one of the top leaders of our company and was recently featured in Networking Times.

Luke explains, “I simply focused on my own growth and development, and on falling in love with the master’s journey, meaning I fell in love with the craft more than with the benefit that comes from being a master of the craft. Success is the natural outcome of the master’s journey — not the focus.

Life is a process of expanding our awareness and cultivating the right relationships to self, to others and to spirit. This also means that we never arrive, because this process is ever-unfolding. The journey is the destination.” (Networking Times.com article)

Whether you just want to supplement your current income or you are in financial need, network marketing may be the business for you. I invite you to join me on a network marketing journey to prosperity. Take advantage of the company special: Order one of the business packages ($300-$500) and the $35 business sign-up fee will be waived, plus I guarantee you will receive personal training.

For more information and/or a personal business consultation, contact Chitra at (888) 310-2570
or email her: Chitra@RainforestCanopy.com .

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