What to Do While You Are Waiting for Prosperity
By Aileen Nobles



You have done your affirmations, practiced the Law of Attraction (to the best of your ability) and you are still waiting. It doesn’t matter if you are waiting for money, or love or health, it’s all about vibration, and obviously something, somewhere has a glitch in it.

If you find yourself in this predicament, you are also probably experiencing worry, frustration, fear, impatience, and perhaps anger. These emotions do not feel good, and certainly don’t bring you all the abundance you visualize. But what do you do as you wait for Divine Timing to catch up with your timing?

You keep on doing your affirmations and visualizations, remembering that everything you desire already exists. Yes, you need to feel prosperous to attract prosperity, but sometimes it’s difficult to keep your trust and belief that all is working out. Our feelings about money, health, and love, either push away or attract to us what we want.

We are going to experience what we need and not necessarily what we want! That is why we need to release the worry, doubt and anxiety so we can raise our vibration and connect with what we want.

Each of us has a “soul-path” journey that we set up for ourselves in this lifetime, as well as spiritual contracts with other souls that we need to experi­ence and work through. We also have free will with which to face each situation as it arises — fresh in the “NOW” moment — or we can continue to drag along debris from past experience to re-enact the same old patterns over and over again. If prosperity in any area is still not showing up then there are issues to clear.

But while we are waiting, we want to feel safe and at peace no matter what we are facing in our lives. This self-help technique offers an amazing way to accomplish this.
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is a simple acupuncture technique without the needles. It is the quickest easiest technique I have come across to unblock all fears, including abandonment and betrayal, anxiety, guilt, trauma and anger.

If you tap on certain parts of your body that are on the energy meridians, and verbalize the core issue you want to release, the negative energy becomes unblocked and the emotion or behavior releases.

Limiting beliefs and experiences don’t go away on their own no matter how positive you are, until you acknowledge and release them.

The easiest way to begin releasing your issues is to start tapping on one point on the side of your hand, called the karate point. It is located between the base of the little finger, and your wrist. Gently start tapping on this point with three fingers as you verbalize your issue out loud.

If your issue is fear, you might say these words as you tap.

“Even though I am filled with fear, I love and accept myself anyway.”
“I’m so afraid I won’t have enough money to pay my bills.”
“If fear could pay my bills it would be worthwhile being fearful, but it’s useless and doesn’t feel good.”
“Even though my father said money doesn’t grow on trees, that was his limiting belief, not mine.”
“Releasing this fear.”

Write down all of your fears and beliefs surrounding prosperity, love and health. Tap on each issue until you feel the intensity dropping. Hold under the eyes with two fingers, with eyes closed, look towards your third eye and say:

“Subconscious, transform my fear/anxiety/hopelessness. I let it go, to be replaced by trust and a feeling of confidence.” Breathe deeply.

“I am ready to send out a vibration in pure alignment to attract all the love and prosperity I choose, deserve, and allow into my life… thank you Universe.”

You need to choose words pertinent to your issue as you tap. You don’t even need to believe it will work to achieve results, but you do need to know how to work with this technique more in depth for real change.

This hand point is only one of many meridian points that are used when working on issues… but it is a powerful one. The other tapping points are illustrated on my website.

Deepak Chopra has endorsed EFT as a powerful healing modality.

Aileen Nobles is an intuitive, an EFT practitioner and a writer. She hosts her own television show Light Transformation and is the author of “Divine Abundance” and “The Power to Heal Now.” A popular guest on radio and television, Aileen has appeared on the “Learning Channel” discussing “Angels,” and been a guest on “Leeza” and “The Other Side.” Call (310) 317-2060
, email aileennobles11@aol.com, or tap along with Aileen’s television shows on YouTube. Go to www.aileennobles.com and click on the links.


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