Turning Your Passion into Prosperity
By Wendy Sinclair



One of the most beautiful things you will ever see is when life occurs effortlessly. Have you ever stopped and watched nature grow? Beautiful isn’t it? Nature can be graceful with the least amount of effort. Nature always takes the path of least resistance.

Often in our daily lives we forget that the path of least resistance is actually an option. Imagine that for a moment. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in having things our way right now, that we actually create the opposite of peace in our lives, thus creating a grueling world of stress.

In life when we pursue an aspiration, often times we are baffled while striving for prosperity, and at the same time looking for purpose. We are taught to “think” when in reality it is our gut instinct or intuition that will let us know we are on the right track. That is another example of the path of least resistance. Once you find what feels good to you, then you are working with the universal law of attraction to draw to you what can be an effortlessness world of prosperity.

The definition of prosperity can mean different things to different people. The Merriam Webster Dictionary gives the definition as “the condition of being successful or thriving; especially: economic well-being. Success, can mean to “gain” but that also has different meanings.

While monetary gain and wealth are high on the list of those seeking prosperity, that may not be the key focus for everyone. Others may see prosperity and success as following their passion in life and making a living at what brings them happiness, bypassing fortune as their priority to focus on their joy first.

Success is the continued expansion of happiness and is best thought of as a journey not a destination. Deepak Chopra spells it out for us in “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.” They could easily be called the laws of life. The laws are Potentiality, Giving, Karma, Least Effort, Intention and Desire, Detachment, and the law of Dharma which is the Purpose of Life. He gives great detail in his documentary as well as his book.

The daily practice of meditation is key in aligning our consciousness with the universal energy. By doing this we are more in tune with who we really are so we can fulfill our dreams and potentiality for prosperity.

The creator of Romeo Gil Photography (romeogil.com) followed his passion at an early age. Giving up job security as an employee at a local business, he stepped out at age 23 and followed his passion for photography in spite of apprehension that came from family members to stick with something secure, and move up in the business.

I spoke with Romeo about what drove him to do what he loves. “Actually, discovering it was the key. When I found out I was passionate about photography, it came easily. I got a lot of positive feedback about my sensitive nature and my eye for composition.” Romeo’s ability to interpret something visually became the focus of his desire. This process continues to fascinate him. He feels blessed to work in the field that he truly loves.

Something that helped him make the transition to follow his desire for photography was the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know?“ by William Arntz, voted the Best Documentary by the Ashland Independent Film Festival in 2004, and becoming one of the most successful documentaries of all times.

Romeo says, “This documentary explained the universe to me in a way that made sense. It ignited a spark that began my spiritual journey.” Soon after seeing the documentary he found himself attracted to more of the same teachings, from catching a show by international self-development speaker, Dr. Wayne Dyer on PBS, to having the book, “The Power of Now” by Eckhart Tolle literally leap out at him in a bookstore.

Romeo says, “As I opened my mind to new ideas and information, with spiritual teachings of the same realm, that essentially changed my paradigm. From that point on I felt in control of my own life and no longer worried. I realized my true potential for fulfilling my dreams.” His belief in karma keeps prosperity flowing for all involved with his Referral “Rewards” Program. Everyone prospers with the ebb-and-flow energy created when being rewarded for their efforts.

“My spiritual growth has brought a sense of grace and gratitude to my life,” Romeo says. “It allows me to see the world as it really is and to be grateful for all of my circumstances whether negative or positive.” I asked Romeo what prosperity means to him. “For me, prosperity means to be at peace with the life you create for yourself.”

Acquiring prosperity in his own business has allowed Romeo to give back to the community and follow another passion of working with children. Recently the YMCA welcomed him aboard their Long Beach After School Program called W.R.A.P. (Winner’s Reaching Amazing Potential) where he has been teaching Photography to middle school children.

Mary Bland followed her love for fitness by turning that passion into her own business. In her early twenties after having a daughter, she focused on motherhood as well as her own personal physical fitness. Mary worked as a personal trainer for 10 years and finally opening up her own fitness center recently. Mary and her daughter Vanessa De La Cruz currently run the 5R Health Stanton Fitness Center (5rstanton.com) located in Stanton, California.

“It is not your typical gym.” Mary says, “We take the client through a peaceful meditation that cleanses the mind and prepares the body for Sauna purification, using FDA-approved Far Infrared Rays for detoxification. We also keep a variety of inspirational books on site for our clients.”  

Studies and testimonies of doctors, physical therapists and pro athletes show that infrared heat helps everything from pain relief for arthritis to people suffering with diabetes with regard to better blood circulation. The special red rays actually kill fungus that are toxic to the body.

An extra added benefit for using an infrared sauna is burning up to 300 calories per session. 5R Health Stanton incorporates the Oscillating Vibexor workout which holds some promise in the area of osteoporosis prevention in post-menopausal women, causing significant increases in bone density.

Mary’s desire to incorporate mind, spirit and physical wellness has been a success with the 5R Health Stanton Center.

They are partnered with H.O.P.E. (hopebiz.org) a family resource center making a difference in the lives of local families in great need. Mary’s daughter Vanessa volunteers her time with H.O.P.E. which goes far beyond meeting the immediate physical needs of its clients. H.O.P.E. seeks to break the generational cycle of poverty, illiteracy, and teen pregnancy.

Mary considers herself extremely blessed to have chosen a business that keeps her close to her family and is well diversified in helping other people create a healthier more abundant lifestyle for themselves. For Mary prosperity means loving the life you live and being able to share that quality of life with others.

Wendy Sinclair is an on-air personality in Los Angeles and been in radio for 13 years. She is a Certified Hypnotist and has a new-found inspiration to write about her spiritual awakening and share the joy it adds to this journey we call life. She hopes to inspire, as well as be inspired. Wendy can be reached at Sinclair-onair.com


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