The Wisdom of Webster
By Robin D. Duncan, CEO, The ONE Center, Inc.



With every day that passes, we are given more opportunities to remember and accept our natural state of abundance. For many, including myself, we have learned more lessons about prosperity in the last five years, than we have learned in a lifetime.

For some, the awakening into abundance consciousness is only beginning. Wherever you find yourself in this “journey back to peaceful abundance,” you can be assured that the goal is worth the effort and the means to reach the goal have been Divinely and meticulously arranged.

For years, I struggled with my own prosperity, especially after I had a clear sense of what I really wanted to do in life. I learned the hard way about giving, receiving, tithing, listening, boundaries and surrender. At times, I felt like a lab rat and even accused God of having some vendetta against me.

There appeared to be a force intent on pushing me to the edge… just to see what I would do, or if I could survive the experiment. Everything I wanted to do or accomplish came with a price tag I couldn’t pay.

It wasn’t until I realized that I was working against myself that things began to change. I stopped being angry at God and started asking what was in my way. If I were a lab rat, then what was keeping me from my cheese?  It should be my instinctive nature to know where the cheese is, right? Wrong.

I would head out in a certain direction, sure that I knew my way. And then… when I would hit an obstacle, I would ask for guidance and then somehow, miraculously, I would be guided around it.

This process was time consuming, painful and exhausting. Something inside of me told me there was a better way. Most of the time, I was so busy hurdling my challenges, that I wasn’t listening. Finally, after total exhaustion and hopelessness, I listened.

One of the many ways I was given the answer to my “lab rat” dilemma came from my own Mother. Along with all the spiritual wisdom, great recipes and other advice she shared with me through the years, she taught me a profound way to investigate the root cause of a problem or concern.

Whenever a puzzling problem persists, she would pull out a dictionary to get some quick answers. A dictionary? Yes… a dictionary! The wisdom of Webster or any collegiate dictionary can serve as a wonderful resource for solving complex problems.

She would look up every word pertaining to a problematic situation and find out the meaning of the words according to Webster. The meaning behind the words is often very profound and can be a quick indicator for determining the cause of the problem.

When I looked up the word “prosperity,” the definition was “a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition,” which clearly wasn’t my experience… but why? Then I looked up “ease” and found it to mean “a quiet state of mind; freedom from labor, pain or physical annoyance.”  

OK… I absolutely was not making room for a quiet state of mind. Then I looked up the word “struggle” and found the following zinger… “to make one’s way with violent effort.”  Ouch!  

The bigger picture was beginning to form. “Ease in prosperity” has to do with a thriving, flourishing, quiet state of mind, whereas “struggle in prosperity” has to do with a violent effort to do things our own way. The final word I looked up was “surrender” because I knew I needed help. It means “to yield or resign to the power of another.”

I realized my anger at God was a strong signal that I was resisting or opposing the Divine plan. I was shown a picture of a small child trying to cross a busy highway in order to get to their red ball. If it were up to the child, they would cross the highway directly, because that would be the closest route to the ball (at least in their mind).

Of course, if an adult were present, or someone with greater knowledge, the child would be gently led to the nearest crosswalk so they could retrieve their ball safely.

If the child didn’t trust the one guiding them to the nearest crosswalk, they would likely resist and be determined to cross the street directly. They might feel like the one who is helping them is actually hurting them… and leading them away from what they want.

It was another one of those “ah-ha” moments. Instead of a divisive plan to push me to the edge, there was a kind, intelligent and loving presence trying to show me a better way. Since then, I have learned from A Course in Miracles that God’s will is our will, and our will is God’s will.

Prosperity comes from surrender (or yielding to the power of another) and a quiet state of mind. In the tranquility, we are shown how to tap into our natural state of abundance and easily reach our heart’s desires. It is a Divinely loving collaboration. Without fear, our life becomes
a co-creation with God, based on oneness, and trust at all times.

The next time you see your ball across the street and are determined to get to it at all costs, it is advisable to stop, get quiet, ask and then listen to your inner voice. Most of the time, you will find that the ball is brought to you and placed in your lap.

Robin D. Duncan is CEO for The ONE Center, Inc. a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with a mission of helping people remember who they really are. She is also Exec. Director for The Miracle Center of California, a training facility for Hypnotherapy, EFT, Sound Therapy and Voice Analysis. Products may be sampled and purchased at The ONE Center and The Miracle Center of California are located at 1801 E. Heim Ave. Suite 100, Orange, CA 92865. (714) 921-9911 or (888) 773-9174. Email: Visit: or (coming soon).

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