Imagine Yourself Healed
Awaken to the Power of Infinite Love and Gratitude!
By Kay Walburger



Regina Roland is on her twenty seven-year odyssey into health & healing to discover how to heal herself!  Her destiny was set by her mother’s illness when she was only eleven years old.

“My mother had a brain tumor and little was known then (41 years ago) about brain surgery and other procedures, so she became a ‘guinea-pig’ for those explorational procedures. For over twenty years I became her caretaker logging a lot of time in hospitals and lawyer’s offices. I was witness to all the ‘things’ they did to her such as chemo and radiation therapies and eight surgeries because the tumor, while not malignant, kept growing back.

“Life was a big struggle because I have three sisters and I was the only one who wanted to stop the surgeries. Mother never got better but suffered greatly each time one was performed. Her quality of life continued to decline and as her caretaker, her miseries were my daily environment.

I was exposed to this pain and hopelessness throughout all my young and formative years. Then I became ill myself and had eight surgeries by the age of 30! I could not even imagine what was going into my subconscious mind and how it was keeping me feeling helpless for so many years to come!

“I got on a plane one day and came to California, beginning My Quest to find out ‘Who I Was and Why I was here!’ I needed to understand how to help myself be well and happy.

Over the course of the next twenty-seven years I explored many modalities, ever searching for a key to unlock the truth that would set me free from life-draining energies that robbed me of my life force, leaving me ill and unhappy! Each modality I mastered drew me ever closer to the Ultimate Protocol I was searching for to move me and my clients toward total well-being!

“My mission became how to love and be loved!”  “I realized that I needed to understand that for myself before I could teach others how to love themselves.

“The greatest power in the universe is “Self-Love” because we have to love ourselves before we can really love anyone else or allow others to love us!

“The Holy Scripture says, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”  We often forget about loving ourselves, especially women. Women have been taught for generations to take care of everyone else first, and if you have any energy left, then take care of yourself! That is what my childhood had taught me!

“My list of credentials is very long and impressive, and I have been working with diverse holistic techniques that address our bodies, minds, emotions, and spirits, and I have made progress over the years. Everything I did took hours, days, weeks, months, and years to see great results. There was always improvement but time was the problem.

“Then one day when I least expected it; I got invited to an introduction to The LifeLine TechniqueTM and I knew I had found what I had been searching for all my life!    

“The Good News is that The LifeLine TechniqueTM allows you to connect to and release anything causing pain or stress in your life!

Your body is a self-healing organism... what if you could finally unlock its natural ability to heal... what if you could thrive? This work is virtually pain free! Our past traumas can be accessed and healed once and for all without knowing any details.

In fact some things that are bothering most of us are coming from our subconscious mind, and we do not even know half of what is in there. So much has been recorded by the subconscious mind while we were young.

We are even unaware how or when some of it was recorded. Yet that negative dialog keeps playing back to us like a broken record creating self-sabotage behaviors.

Another problem with our subconscious mind is it cannot be accessed directly but rather in altered states of consciousness. Example, Hypnosis, Dream Time, Shamanic Journey, Drug or Trauma Induced.

The LifeLine Technique TM is a life-changing integrative healing system used to evaluate your body, emotions, mind, and spirit. It uses muscle testing to identify the emotional, biochemical, structural and spiritual source of a symptom (the root cause). Once the root cause is identified, it can be released... freeing you to heal.

*“Imagine yourself healed... awaken to the power of Infinite Love and Gratitude.” In a complicated world of fear and stress... war and poverty, we are looking and needing to recognize that healing and peace (both inner peace and world peace) is simple. And it begins with Infinite Love and Gratitude.”

“Pain, stress, addiction, fear and challenges may be part of your life... but you KNOW there is something more. You are ready to break out of the repetitive patterns that keep you stuck. You are ready to own your power... to create a new vision for your life. You are ready to FREE yourself to HEAL.”

A truly unique system of healing, The LifeLine TechniqueTM combines the best of ancient healing arts, like Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, which are based on thousands of years of empirical investigation, research and biomedical evidence. You may have experienced many of the following techniques on your own. With The LifeLine TechniqueTM imagine getting to experience the kind of transformation that can only come from combining the best of these energy healing modalities into one.

Regina explains, “What once took me hours and hours to accomplish, I can now perform at “Warp-speed!” Pain is going out of my life! I was born depressed! Now I am happy most days!

This work is virtually pain free! Our past traumas can be accessed and healed once and for all without knowing any details!”

Regina Roland’s expertise is touching human beings in a way that facilitates a direct, lasting, positive change in their form, attitude, and function. Passionate about maintaining high standards in her practice, she has studied the healing arts extensively for over 25 years and is certified in several modalities: The LifeLine TechniqueTM, Hellerwork, Reiki Master, LaStone®, Craniosacral Therapy (CST), and Raindrop Technique.

For more information, contact Regina Roland, NCTMB, Quantum Healing Practitioner, at Studio 8 Healing Arts, 2488 Newport Blvd., #1-A, Costa Mesa, CA 92627. Call (949) 278-2296, email  or visit

*Dr. Darren Weissman author, “The Power of Infinite Love & Gratitude.”

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