Prosperity the Intuitive’s Way
By Laurie Kessler



For a man who would grow up to conduct personal empowerment workshops, lecture on spirituality, and give thousands of personal readings around the world, spiritual intuitive Hans Christian King had a bit of a rough start. Born with the gift of hearing spirits talk, people perceived him as a freak, especially in the spiritually-dark world of the 1940s and 50s. “They called me a witch. It was very difficult,” King said.

Being ADD and dyslexic did not help matters. He did poorly in school and was told he would not amount to much. One day, at the tender age of nine, King hit rock bottom. “I was coming home from school and was so depressed. I sat on a bench and just started to cry because I failed another test.

And , I said to Spirit (his unseen Guides) — they had been with me forever — and I said, ‘What is all this? I mean, why me?’ And this very big voice came out of the bench and said, ‘Hans, in your case, less is more. The less you know of what they think you should know, the more you will learn about what we think you should know. And what we think you should know is what will benefit you and mankind. And from that day, I never worried about it again.”

King conducts Intuitive Development Classes in Los Angeles and lectures occasionally at the Bodhi Tree Bookstore in West Hollywood. He took time from his busy schedule to talk about prosperity and the concept of abundance.

“What are people afraid of more than anything else?” he asked. “Losing their standard of living. They are afraid of losing their homes, their jobs, their cars, and their ability to support their children. And one of the things we teach in our class is how to not let that happen.”

“We start by helping people understand they are not what they are doing,” he continued. “Nothing any of us are ever going to do — ever — or acquire, will we ever get to keep. You have to strip a person’s ability to live in the illusion — that is what we try to teach in our classes — you are not what you do.”

Nor are you the pain that you carry around. King explains that he first has to get people to stop the ceaseless negative mind chatter telling them they are no good, are a victim of the past, or are incapable of achieving their dreams.

“What we do in our classes is take you back to the original you. And then, when you see that you are not a victim anymore, that you actually made those choices, you’ll say, ‘Oh, well, I won’t do that again!’” The silver-haired bear of a man laughed.

“Now, what I did not tell you was that when I take you back to that clean slate, guess what? Spirit is going to give you all these new Crayola colors — a whole pile of new Crayola colors. And you get to recreate. Yes, you can.

And from that place they really start to see their old behavior and all the crud that was mother’s or father’s. Or they see they were trying to live up to this, or never really felt good enough for that.”

“What I’m getting at is when you give a person choices to re-enter their life knowing what they know now, they create magic. And so, in the first class we beat them down.” King chuckles. “Because they will give you all these reasons and they will catch themselves doing it: why they can’t do this, why they are a victim of that. And then, by the second class, you watch them start catching themselves and they will start laughing and say, ‘There goes my thinking again!’”

King teaches his students to step back and view their behavior as if they were watching a drama on stage. “Look at all the craziness you put yourself through,” he tells them. “Is that who you are? No, that is not your thinking. Watch what happens when you don’t allow yourself to be a baby angel in human form.”

This can be a challenge for people who are going through a crisis or have recently suffered some tragedy or sorrow. “All beautiful things, to the best of my knowledge, are created in the dark,” King stated. “Pearls, diamonds, rubies, babies, plants. So, even when you are in the middle of muck, stick your head up a little bit. It is only passing through.”

That oft-repeated concept ‘you create your own reality’ is only part of the equation though; people need to realize they are in partnership with the Divine. “Put your hand out,” King directs. “This is a partnership between you and Spirit.” He paused a moment, and then continued.

“I think the greatest spiritual/metaphysical movie of all time was Star Wars, and I think the greatest leader was Yoda. Did you listen to what Yoda said about the Force? The Force surrounds us. It envelops us. That is where your strength lies. Not in what your eyes show you.

Listen to the Force. In other words, believe you are part of a huge positive energy of love that surrounds you.”

For those who think intuitives, mediums, and clairvoyants should stick to predicting the future, think again. “The job of any intuitive,” King began, “is to empower through spiritual advice or wisdom what you already have in you but have forgotten. To re-empower you. To give you a little opportunity for a moment to stand back and see who you really are.” And according to King, who you really are is nothing less than divine.

Hans Christian King conducts workshops and gives private readings around the world. He has been a guest on NBC’s The Other Side, as well as PBS’ Paranormal and Angels. He is a regular on Coast to Coast with George Noory and The Aware Show with Lisa Garr of KPFK in LA. For more information, visit his website at


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