Animals and Prosperity
By Allen and Linda Anderson



Dictionaries define prosperity with words such as successful, flourishing, and thriving. These descriptions typically apply to a person’s financial circumstances or good fortune. We wondered if it is possible to have a prosperous relationship with an animal.

For us, in regard to pets, the rewards have been other than financial. Although we consider our pets to be co-editors of our books because they all have strong opinions and input, they aren’t exactly making us prosperous in the traditional sense.

By the time we add up veterinary bills, food, shelter, pet sitting, training, and toys, it’s clear that being a responsible pet parent requires an investment. But if prosperity can be measured in pure joy and selfless loving, most people with pet family members consider themselves to be wealthy, and yes, prosperous. ?

Successful Means Prosperity
In a February 4, 2008 article by Theresa Campbell for the Daily Sun, a newspaper in The Villages, Florida, she writes about Dusty. He is a Persian cat who belongs to Kathy McDonald. Kathy has had seizures ever since being a teen. Although she takes medication, sometimes the seizures still occur. That’s where Dusty comes in.

Before Kathy is about to have a grand mal seizure, Dusty alerts her by licking her face. That’s how she knows to sit down in a safe place where she won’t be hurt.

Dusty is a registered service cat. Trained to walk on a leash, the cat wears a badge and accompanies Kathy everywhere. Dusty sleeps by Kathy’s head at night, ever vigilant. In the article she says, “I heard about a lady who has a bird that can tell when she’s going to have a seizure. The bird can talk and he says, ‘She’s doing it again.’”

Kathy calls Dusty her “feline angel.” We agree. Dusty has brought Kathy a level of success at staying alive that she could never have achieved without this perceptive and compassionate cat. One could say that Dusty has made Kathy prosper.

Flourishing and Thriving Mean Prosperity
In the June 23, 2008 issue of the Angel Animals Story of the Week, we published an example of animals contributing to prosperity. Bec, a fourteen-year-old high school student from Australia who rides dressage, gained her good fortune when a relationship with a horse brought spiritual wealth. Bec tells her story below.

“My colt Cupid was born October 31, 2004, the day after my eleventh birthday. I fell in love with Cupid and got him when he was very young. He was the gentlest soul. I liked to lie on the grass in the back yard and have Cupee boy come and lie next to me. I never felt so relaxed in my life. Everyone in our small town grew to love Cupid. They would stop and pat him. Kids would ask if they could feed him a carrot.

“Our first Christmas with Cupid came and went. Two days later I went to feed him, and he didn’t want to eat which was very unusual for him. I thought he might have a bit of colic so I walked him up to the corner. He fell to the ground. I screamed and screamed, “No, not Cupee Boy!”

“My Nan rang the vet who came out and said that Cupid appeared to have been bitten by a snake. He gave him an injection. Cupid’s heart had stopped. The vet pounded on his poor little chest to revive him but without success. I lost my little boy. I have never felt pain like it, as I watched his eye slowly closing, while he just stared at me. Cupid was only fourteen months old when he died.

“We buried Cupid in our yard. To this day I sleep with his halter. I still put my hand out to Cupid each night to say good night. I missed him so much and felt so lost. I needed answers for why he went so early.

“My Nan saw the pain and felt useless until she read about animal communicators. She made arrangements to speak to one. I asked the animal communicator why Cupid had died so young. She answered, ‘His time on earth was for you to get to know him as he is your angel.’ This is so true. We have all seen flashes of our little boy running through the house.

“The communicator told me to go to my room where I had a photo of Cupid. She said it’s starting to come out of the frame. Well, I went and looked, and it was just as she said. She told me that Cupid was knocking out the photo to let me know that he is still around.

“Last year I celebrated my birthday with my friends on Cupid’s birthday. We went bowling. I felt Cupid’s presence so much. When I came home I looked through pictures I had taken at the party. One photo blew me away. It’s the BESTEST present I have ever had and ever will. In this photo, on the wall behind me, I could see another photo. It is a picture of Cupid that I have in my collection at home.

“I asked all my friends what was on the wall behind us when my birthday photo was taken. They all said there had been only a big, empty wall ­— no photo of Cupid. Yet Cupid’s picture is behind me in my birthday picture.

“When I came home from the party, I rang the communicator. She was thrilled for me and said, ‘Bec, you have just been given the best present hundreds of people would love to receive. It’s saying that Cupid is sharing your birthday with you.’ Even while I type this, I have goose bumps. I just want people to know that yes, your pets are still with you. I quite believe in the saying, ‘Dying ends a life not a relationship.’”

These stories lead to a conclusion about the link between animals and prosperity: Fostering a loving relationship with animals can bring enlightenment and awareness. What greater prosperity is there than amassing lasting spiritual wealth?

Allen and Linda Anderson are founders of the Angel Animals Network and authors of a series of books published by New World Library about the spiritual connection between people and animals. “Saying Goodbye to Your Angel Animals: Finding Comfort after Losing a Pet” is their newest book. Subscribe to the free, online newsletter and enter the 2008 Angel Horses with a Mission True Story Contest at


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