Tips on Keeping Mind and Body Young
By Jesse Anson Dawn



Jesse Anson Dawn (at age 63), author of the national award-winning book Never “Old,” plus The Rejuvenator’s Bible, speaks
out about a most stirring subject: how to personally control the unwanted effects of “aging.”

Presently answering the question: “How does memory affect how we age?”

Dear Readers,
Memory can be healing (which is actually holy-“wholing”), when used to recall learning experiences, especially when it comes to flashes of true rejuvenation.

But I certainly don’t believe in living in the past. Surely better than looking back, is brightening the future by learning and REMEMBERING self-renewing techniques that truly work.

Indeed, without memory we learn nothing and can become dangerously brainwashed. HELLO, anybody home in there?!

But apparently my memory-bank’s ATM-machine is working, able to recollect lessons, names and events from over six decades ago. But as for remembering my early days, I realize that much of my childhood was damaged by the influence of too much TV (Tell-lies-Vision). Although thankfully, I healed much of that harm by being an avid non-fiction book reader (even as a child), thus not nearly as TubeView-hooked as most of my schoolmates.

A very engaging aspect of memory, is the pleasant knowledge gained from remembering good places one has been. But unfortunately for me, the first time I traveled overseas was via the horrible memory of being drafted into the Vietnam War, with the only positive outcome being I was later spurred to reside in much more desirable areas to recall... enjoying several years in Hawaii, California, New Mexico and Arizona, plus four years (in and out) of the Philippines, a year in southwestern Mexico, a year in Australia, four months in Trinidad, and four months in amazing Africa.

But for now, I am again “expatriated” on this beach — pristine in the northern Philippines—pulling REVELATIONS from the source I call TIMELESS CREATIONS, a coming-up-for-air piece-of-mind more linked with being a PROPHET than making a “profit”... a prophetable, opti-mystical craft, hopefully aligned with The Fourth Way (The Way of  Experience).

Indeed, with EXPERIENCE as a CRUCIAL KEY, I am now content with being merely a Mr. Nobody in Paradise, an anonymous realm allowing me enough privacy to write about (and thereby share) true-to-life mind-body discoveries.

Also, I am uplifted by the feeling that looking so young for my age is the ULTIMATE revenge — retribution for being wrongly underestimated by a “culture” trained to ignore true genius, a “culture” which sadly suffers and decays from anti-creative training...

All of which helps me to remember what it takes to be a TRUE YOUTHBEING — willing, able, grateful, PERSEVERING and NATURALLY GENUINE... realizing perpetual  youth is not about surgery, pharmaceuticals, money, “ego” or “vanity” — but about learning a TRULY EVOLUTIONARY, CREATIVE ART.

And what could be more positive than an ART of SELF-RENEWAL? Much of which is based on the artistry of remembering good times and letting one’s useless negative baggage go bye-bye, remembering the rejuvenating goodness and peace WITHIN, and PERSONIFYING that healing potential.

Also, I am comforted by remembering everything I write is loaded with the power and evidence that will eventually overcome all barriers against me.

But despite any negative barriers, I have, at times, been fortunate enough to gather large, grateful audiences. But now, instead of auditoriums of “fans” — I get a daily chorus of wild birds, a multitude of them, cheering a sweet hallelujah by my window. Discovering that THE UNIVERSE ADJUSTS ITSELF TO ITSELF, to the UNIVERSALITY THAT IS IN US… realizing the great power of Nature to strengthen memory banks, reminding us that we’re not rectangular things like buildings, but out-flowing creatures with curves (like birds or mountains), and auras like feathers, or the leaves of trees.

Yes, memory is inescapable, even in dreams. Occasionally I have dreams that seem to come from a previous life, for reincarnation, living life after life, makes  much more sense to me than this vague idea of “heaven” — a concept which seems so unnaturally removed from the mysteries, joys and challenges of physical life. 

Is there rejuvenation, natural beauty, celebration, passion, hunger, nutrition and education in so-called “heaven?”

Do glimpses or memories of “heaven” appear in dreams?

Yes, dream-recall can have real value, for why else do we spend nearly a third of our life sleeping and along with it, dreaming? Realizing some of the hidden powers in dreams and auto-suggestion, in a previous article (Awareness, January/February, 2008), I explained how to unblock some of the deep-sleep energy that can effectively utilize transition and memory.

But for NOW let us unblock some present-time lyrical levity via musical brevity, flashing into a new song-poem I call:

TRANSITION AND MEMORY                                                                                             
When it’s time for a change,
Time to re-arrange,
Transition and memory
Can intertwine and align,
Helping recall body as mind,
Helping heal wounds of “TIME”,
For CREATION over degradation
Is good for ALL HUMANKIND,
Good now, good EVERY TIME,
LEADING to a POSITIVE headline,

Jesse is presently on a sabbatical in the Philippines, thereby not readily available for his Hawaii Island seminars. He can be communicated with in Asia (to answer any questions about true rejuvenation) by emailing


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