Move It, Move It!
By Lisa Cherney



One of my favorite motivational songs is, “I Like to Move it, Move it,” from Disney’s Madagascar. It touches something within me and inspires me to, well, move it, move it! Now is the time. It is not for us to debate whether we are too old or too young or need more experience. These are beliefs that keep us from the wonderful life we are meant to lead, and from doing the things we feel called to do.

Over the years, I’ve learned to hear these beliefs in my head. Sometimes it sounds like a debate between my head (the source of my limiting beliefs) and my heart (my inner wisdom). When I got laid off nine years ago (for the 3rd time in two years) here’s what it sounded like:

Head: “You need to get another job, and quick!”

Heart: “Why go to work for someone else when you can work for yourself?”  

Head: “You don’t know how to run a business!”

Heart: “You can be in charge of your life. It’s time to take better care of yourself and only work with people who appreciate you!”

Needless to say, my heart won and it’s been an amazingly fulfilling and rewarding ride. Make a list of all the reasons you have for not doing “it.” Document the inner debate. Write it all down and then see it for what it really is… your limiting beliefs, and beliefs can be changed. Just consider the possibility that they are not true.

For example, what if you knew the world was round but everyone around you told you something different? What if you knew computers would one day fit in the palm of your hand, but everyone said you were insane? What if you knew we could fly, but everyone told you, you were crazy?  

What’s my point? Be a little crazy today! Be a little insane! With it comes a different kind of sanity. With it comes clarity and larger truths. You know the truth, but the world has constructed a really believable story about having a “job” to pay bills and having to have an endless stream of stuff. We get caught up in being an adult, playing our role of being “responsible,” and bye-bye goes our dream; year after year we say, “Be quiet!” to the whispers of our heart.

Take a Tiny Step
What teeny tiny step can you take?  What small move can you make in the direction of your dream?  What is it that you can do to feel like you are pursuing it? When I wanted to create a website for Conscious Marketing, but didn’t have the funds, I just started writing content. This didn’t cost me anything, but I was getting ready. It felt good to be doing something.

Within a few days I found an inexpensive service that allowed me to create a website myself. At the time (9 years ago), I didn’t even know this was an option!
I was certain I needed thousands of dollars and that it was simply impossible without that money. But I put that belief aside and started writing, and the Universe supported that teeny tiny step and moved me and my dream forward.

Sometimes you need help to see the next step. You may need to invest in a counselor, a business coach or create an accountability partner to help you move forward. Most of my clients find me when they decide their business and career aspirations can’t wait any longer, but they need help and objectivity to determine the best pathway forward. (Or simply put, just move it, move it!)

What baby step can you take today? Here are some ideas:

• Research what education you might need and/or take one class.
• Meet with someone actually doing what you wish to do.
• Visit the location.
• Try on the uniform or costume.
• Be in the hot spot and see the people.
• Make a list.
• Create a vision board.
• Begin to call yourself what you intend to be.
• Talk about it to a supportive friend.

Be mindful of your presence in this step. Really be in it. Keep at bay the beliefs that tell you the world is flat. Ignore the stories. Be in it and let it surround you in the truth. This is your purpose. And believe me, this “baby step” is really a launching pad for your heart, bringing you closer. Allow it to bring you closer. I promise you will have a better view of what is around the corner and that it will be much bigger then it appears in the rear view mirror!

Lisa Cherney is a Business Intuitive, Master Marketing Consultant and Founder of Conscious Marketing™. For more info on her coaching and workshops  visit or call (888) 771-0156

© 2008 Lisa Cherney


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