Inner Reflections 2009 Calendar Provides
Beauty and Inspiration
By Jill Mangino



2009's edition of the award-winning Inner Reflections engagement calendar offers words and images of rare beauty - featuring wisdom from Paramahansa Yogananda (author of Autobiography of a Yogi) and photography from the world's top nature photographers.  For example:

- Orange-yellow sea turtles play with a school of striped tropical fish in the aqua waters off  Bora Bora:  "There is one Link, one Life eternal,  which unites everything in the universe ‹ animate and inanimate  one wave of Life  flowing through everything."

- A waterfall spills into a tranquil seaside cove at Julia  Pfeiffer Burns State Park, California: "When you increase your perception and  feeling . . . you will automatically absorb truth from the book of nature."

- A mother polar bear patiently waits as her young cub scrambles onto her back for a ride: "The mother¹s love is not given to us to spoil us with indulgence, but to soften our hearts, that we may in turn soften others with kindness."

- The majestic sunlit rock fortress, Tower of Babel, juts into the blue sky at Arches National Park, Utah: "Establish your palace of peace on the rock of ages, the indestructible inner peace of God."

Features for the Inner Reflections engagement calendar include a month-at-glance paired with pages for personal notes. The calendar is convenient for purse, briefcase, or desktop. In addition, the weekly calendar grids can be removed at the end of the year, providing a stunning collection of photographs and inspirational quotes that will continue to provide comfort and encouragement through the years ahead.  

Inner Reflections 2009 is available in major bookstores, through online booksellers, or it can be ordered directly from the Self-Realization Fellowship, 3880 San Rafael Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90065-3298. (323) 225-2471 or visit:

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