Inner Prosperity vs. Outer Prosperity
By Rita Panahi, L.Ac., Dipl.O.M.



Success and good fortune — as related to flourishing financial and material abundance — are typically what define prosperity in our modern world. For many, this perception often results in a perpetual quest to continuously garner more and more of this perceived prosperity in their lives.

At times, prosperity is seen only as the good luck that some individuals stumble upon, while others find it frustratingly elusive. Yet, irrespective of whether a person has economic wealth, material comfort, or not, there are some among us who exude an aura of prosperity about them, yet with very little material possessions.

From a perspective of many indigenous cultures and spiritual paths, there is quite a contrast in what good fortune truly means, and what modern society and the mainstream media exhaustively define it as. For those who walk a spiritual life, a prosperous person is one whose heart is flourishing. No external possessions could replace the value of a heart that carries the universe within it; a heart that experiences no sense of lack, and is constantly in a state of complete fulfillment.

The person who not only feels that they have enough, but more importantly, that they are enough in all circumstances in which they find themselves, is truly prosperous. Their cup is always overflowing and as a result, they are always giving. Their abundance is not based on material gains, but on spiritual cultivation. Therefore, eternity is their wealth, and that wealth knows no materialistic bounds: the universe and the earth are in and amongst themselves. The world is completely and unequivocally within them; there is nothing to achieve externally. Giving is their receiving.

The same state of perceived fulfillment that is experienced as a result of accumulating material possessions in our modern world, juxtaposes that with the state of selflessness among the traditional people. This state of selflessness can only be achieved when the heart is open and sees no separation between oneself and everything and everyone else.

All of nature, the earth, the trees, the sun, and the mountains, are the primary teachers of selflessness and love, reflecting true prosperity. Nature is pure love in that it is constantly in a state of giving without judgment. The cool breeze that caresses the face of a person in one country will likewise and equally caress the face of another a half world away.

The tree will share its last fruit with a person of any financial status or standing. The sun will give its light to all animals, people, and plants alike. Nature is pure giving. Nature is selfless love. Nature is prosperity.

To be truly prosperous, one has to cultivate the heart in order to achieve selflessness and love. This is done through various practices such as nature meditations, alchemical practices, rituals with nature’s energies, and various other spiritual practices that realign our spirit with Nature and the Divine.

These work to purify our heart, and transform our negative tendencies and habituations into love and humility, thus replacing our ego with Grace.

It is through this Grace that our own gifts can then blossom and flourish, and the gifts of the universe have space to manifest themselves within us.

Unfortunately, most people continue to exist day after day with a continual materialistic desire that will never be fulfilled. They never take notice of the gifts they have been given and are being given each and every moment. Life is a gift. Each being is here to share the unique fragrance hidden within the corners of their heart.

Unless the obstacles of the heart are unveiled and removed, the aromas of these precious gifts remain dormant and unknown, their sweet bouquet covered instead with various forms of ill health, disease, emotional imbalances, and robotic actions.

A person with inner prosperity will have eternal prosperity, yet a person with outer prosperity will always be dependent on the circumstances of life that are always in transition and changing.

Rita Panahi, L.Ac. is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist as well as a teacher of ancient indigenous healing practices. She practices a very unique style of natural medicine passed down only through oral traditions for transforming the mind and emotional habituations as well as physical ailments. For more information, please visit her website at:  or call (818) 424-5300.


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