Humanity Unites Brilliance An Emerging
Planetary Paradigm
By Donna Strong



With issues of survival and scarcity escalating here and around the globe, we are at a pivotal threshold. The times we live in call for transformational action using a new paradigm that reunites positive human values with the means of abundance, otherwise known as the almighty dollar.

 Enter Humanity Unites Brilliance, more fondly known as HUB. What is HUB? It is a potent hybrid that is greening the globe through serving humanitarian purposes and empowering people to fulfill their personal desires while generating greater prosperity. Its mission is to change the world in short order.  

For most this would be but a dream, but for founder Charlie Gay, it's not surprising. Having been part of a focused group of miracle-working masterminds, he knows what is possible.

HUB was born out of the dire urgency of a shortfall of funding and food in February of 2007, when nearly half a million people were instantly made homeless due to cyclones and floods in Mozambique. The United Nations had run out of funds to assist, and refugees were going to starve unless someone intervened immediately.

Charlie Gay knew that it was time to mobilize. Executive Director of both the Mineseeker Foundation and Sole of Africa at that time, he called upon two of his influential activist colleagues to help save the day - Larry Jones of Feed the Children and Lee Iacocca of Nourish the Children. Together they were able to meet a very daunting challenge and within days, $2 million worth of food was delivered to the misplaced refugees of Mozambique. Afterward Charlie wrote, "There are times when our hearts are etched with images for life. . . I could not be ignorant of my belief that I could do something. I immediately reached out to my own circle of influence." Charlie is a man who has influence.

While he is well known internationally for his ability to organize events on a grand scale, this situation sparked a galvanizing gestalt in his own life. From this a catalytic question arose in his mind; "What would happen if we unite in our brilliance and find out what can happen when we all come together?"

Charlie's question addresses the desire that many of us feel - to be our best and work together with others for mutual benefit. When we act and see the good we can do, there is an immediate sense of being more abundant, so there is poignant truth in the old adage, "It is in giving that we receive."

In an era fraught with fear and too often short on supply, HUB is carrying the torch to spark assertive action to benefit people where the need is critical. A central mission of HUB is to help people live more sufficiently.

In areas of disadvantage it is providing life-sustaining food, clean water and educating children. Micro-loans made with member contributions are having a huge impact to create more sufficient economies in local villages. In Liberia and Uganda for instance, funds channeled to Youth Action International are being used to help 300,000 former child soldiers through a tough transition, receiving a trade education so they can live as peaceable contributing citizens. Bringing in comprehensive sustainable solutions has been characterized as offering an -extreme makeover' for many villages in Africa.

Officially launched on June 21, 2008, HUB has set forth an ambitious strategy for widespread abundance in many forms, through doing business in a much better way while working for good causes both near and afar.  

HUB offers a unique return on investment to its members; a greater abundance of greenback dollars circulating for good around the globe, and substantial rewards for the heart - the opportunity to personally flourish while giving one's unique gifts to the world.

In this issue, we talk with Brett Baughman, Team Member of Team West, a local affiliate here in Southern California, about what is happening to unlock people's potential and put it into productive service through the mobilizing grassroots movement known as HUB, a connecting center where people are joining in heartfelt action.

Awareness: HUB feels very timely and the choice of words that HUB has outlined to help us go from survival to self empowerment to sustained abundance is brilliantly articulated. It addresses the sense of a paradigm shift that many would agree with as a direction.

Brett: It's a fundamental mission statement of what we are doing.  As a society we are moving in survival mode and survival doesn't have a forward motion. We're living in a place of scarcity in our psychology and our neurology, encountering a sense of lack that is either a static immobility or things are happening as a catastrophe; people hurt or broke, our economy crashing, with homelessness and starvation.  

With HUB, we are coming from a place of self empowerment and starting to move forward, showing people how they can take action and help others. We have the ability to take action and move forward into sustainability. From the place of sustainability, we are able to work with the Law of Reciprocity; we are helping ourselves, and at the same time helping others. That's key.

Awareness: Talk a bit about the psychology and neurology of self empowerment. As a healer I am familiar with what Dr. Gabriel Cousens coined as a phrase many years ago about the 'chemistry of stress,' which is an expression of the neurology of scarcity that you mentioned. What it is like when we begin to own our power.

Brett: When we have self empowerment it's an egoless process of looking inward and being consciously aware of what we value, what's important to us, what we're passionate about in life and what we can do to achieve our purpose. Essentially, sustainability is living a life you deserve to live, being happy, fulfilling all aspects of your life; health, relationships, career, finances.  

When you're able to look into yourself, consciously, without judgment, as a place to positively empower and move forward, then you are in a place where you can fulfill your needs. You start looking for knowledge, and your values will be more rooted in positive forward-moving action.

To give you an example, someone might say, a value to him or her is to have money. "OK great, that sounds like it's forward moving, a toward motion." Then you might ask, what's important to you about having money? "I don't want to be broke, I don't want to be homeless, have a pile of bills, not be able to provide for my family," and you realize there's a lot of fear and scarcity in that statement.  

That is actually an 'away from' that they're moving in. With self development, it is really important to become aware of what you need and what will fulfill your passion. Because when you do, you're going to be able to avidly seek these things. You may become consciously aware that you already have a lot available to you, but the focus has been placed in the wrong direction.

While it may not be written so much in the words, it is definitely part of the HUB Mission - creating conscious awareness, so it changes the focus away from what we don't have to what we do have and what we can do.  I believe that a huge shift is going to be made in the entire world as we change our focus.

Awareness: What you have said is so appropriate, because we will create more of what we focus on! Are you really finding that once people have more awareness, they are able to move from inspiration to action?

Brett: Yes. And the fantastic part about it is, with inspiration we all feel good, but when people are given the tools to succeed, then they understand that they can sustain the feeling of inspiration. Inspiration is momentary unless you take action. Then it will carry on.  

By taking action, having a support system and strategy - a way to achieve, then people can make strides and live a more purpose-filled life that fulfills their passion, and creates sustainability for them and the rest of the world.

Awareness: So HUB's self-empowerment coaching is intended to help people focus on their gifts so they can move forward from that holding place that makes a lot of sense.

What kinds of self-empowerment services do people receive as members when they sign up?

Brett: Everyone who comes in as a member will get a starter kit that essentially will give them some tools to act now. They will receive their own personal website from HUB directly. Empowerment trainers like Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen offer their advice through seminars, pod casts, webinars and teleseminars.

Others like founder Charlie Gay, Brandon Barnum, and Spryte Loriano, share their passion and expertise through online teleconferences to help members in many different aspects of life.

You will find extraordinary people like Marie Diamond talk about ways to heal and enhance your life through Feng Shui, or how to use it to achieve your goals. Another time you will get the opportunity to learn business development from people like Robert Allen or D.C Cordova.

The focus of Team West not only adds to the amazing support system already in place with HUB, but serves as a kind of mastermind group. Each one of us has a specialty in a certain area of business or life, from networking to knowing how to build your business. My specialty is coaching and empowerment.

Our goal is to make sure people have the tools they need to be inspired and active every day, to be living in their passion rather than waking up and saying, "Oh geez, what do I do?" Or, "How do I plug in?" We want to give people as many avenues as possible so there's no way to fail.

Awareness: None of us are meant to fail, so that is totally germane to our times! To recap, the self-empowerment activities are included in the monthly membership fee and the Live Events have a separate cost, correct?

Brett: Yes, the Live Events are the only things with a separate cost; everything else comes as part of the membership. Everyday there are live calls that cover humanitarian development, business development or personal development. These calls let you know what impact we are making in the world, or they tap into different areas of self growth.

We are doing things everywhere, everyday. I get to talk to people who want to start a profit or nonprofit and we personally help them so they can be abundant in their lives. People have so much passion for helping and giving, and HUB is the tool - we already have a strategy and a system in place. HUB is helping people get to their deep-rooted purpose. To wake up in the morning and know you're part of this each day is amazing!

Since joining HUB earlier this year, I was inspired to write a book series based on my workshop of the same name, Strategies for Success. Through HUB I was fortunate to build relationships with some amazing people who have contributed to my book like Marie Diamond, Jack Canfield, D.C. Cordova, Chellie Campbell and several other great authors and speakers. It's very exciting because the book was just released in late August.

Awareness: Wow, that is quick!

Brett: Yes, I like to move fast!

Awareness: It sounds like you have the material in hand; you already know it, that's a key to manifesting quickly.

Brett: Timing wise, there's a slew of things going on. I just had a film premier on August 22, the same week as the release of my book. The film is called 'Iology' and based on the Law of Importance. It focuses on aligning your values or what is important in your life.

It's great not only because it inspires, but it shows people how to do it. It's a documentary-style film with extraordinary people who have overcome great odds. My passion is empowering people so I want to get this knowledge into as many people's hands as possible, as quickly as possible. It is all

very exciting and being a part of HUB helps make it even better. To give and receive.

Awareness: Sounds like you have great momentum happening on many fronts! Tell me a bit about how the humanitarian aspect works. I had a sense of HUB being connected to quite a few non-profit partners that you consider to be doing the best in their area of serving.

Brett: The humanitarian focus is providing food, water, education and micro-credit loans for sustainability. We do not want to recreate the wheel for people. We already have enough infrastructure in the world to solve every 'so-called' problem on the planet. The only issue is that we don't know how to use it. So instead of recreating the wheel we say, 'how can we make this happen?'

In order to make it happen we found the best profits and non-profits that already have the best structure in place. Larry Jones' organization, Feed the Children is the world's largest non-profit that delivers food. Then you have Lee Iacocca, with Nourish the Children, a for-profit organization with warehouses of food.

Awareness: So the circle does go 'round in this case, which is something we don't have enough of on the planet so far. Not enough dots have been connected to date, wouldn't you say?

Brett: Absolutely.  

Another powerful aspect of what HUB offers, is that its message and abilities go beyond its own boundaries. As you mentioned a moment ago, we have partnered with several organizations to create the humanitarian impact needed around the world. Beyond this, when we meet anyone who has a profit or non-profit seeking assistance in growing their cause to help others in need, we do everything we can create awareness.

As an example, when I was in Scottsdale, I met a gentleman who was interested in becoming part of HUB, saw our vision and was very inspired and wanted to take action on what we are doing. He works with a lot of tribes across the United States, mainly Cherokees, to help educate their people and create sustainability. So I said, "okay, wonderful. We will create an alignment and I will find a way to help you."  

I asked, what he needed, and he said, "I need support and more awareness." A week later I am at another event, talking to another gentleman who happens to be part Cherokee. He says, "I work as a philanthropist, finding investments and creating money to help non-profits be successful. I travel around empowering and teaching people how they can create sustainability in their lives." So I put them together.

It's really just about having the integrity and the intention of aligning people and helping them. We are out there meeting people constantly because it's grassroots, holding events and talking. No matter what anyone's passion is, profit, non-profit, writing books, or speaking, if it is with the integrity of helping and the focus of empowering, we're there to help people achieve whatever is their passion.

As our society ascends the values levels, we will notice the world begin to let go of the material and the need for a label of right and wrong. We will focus on functionality, doing what works and living by giving to others and receiving. It's really the Law of Reciprocity at work.  It's a powerful and successful way to live and I find most people want to have this in their lives.

Awareness: What about the abundance part of the program, how does this work?

Brett: The wonderful part is that Charlie realized the way to create sustainability around the world begins with a model that allows for people to be successful in their own lives here. It needs to be something where you give and you are going to have to receive because, so many great givers are not great receivers. It is set up to equally give back to members as well.

With HUB, the membership is $99 a month. Forty percent of it goes to the field; forty percent goes back to the organization to create abundance for the members. The other twenty percent goes for administration and to put on events and run the business. The wonderful thing is with the organization working like this, you don't create donor fatigue. So if you understand the vision of helping, it needs to be ongoing. We have outcomes set in place, we have a vision of how we want to help and heal, and we have to know how we can keep moving forward.

There are two types of memberships:

Individual Giver - you purchase a personal empowerment program for $99 per month that helps HUB to feed 3 people, educate 3 people, provide clean water for 10 and provide environmental sustainability training to 16. You will also be providing a portion of a pooled micro-credit loan.

Exponential Giver - As an exponential giver, you also inspire others to do the same. If you inspire three others, who in turn each inspire 3 others, we now have a group of 13 (1+3+9) which means 416 people are impacted as a result of your exponential giving.

Awareness:  In terms of HUB being an idea for the times, how do you feel it fulfills the Victor Hugo quote that "Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come?

Brett: The focus is on creating abundance and empowering the world, and at the same time empowering ourselves. The paradigm shift in thinking comes from looking outward first, creating a focus and a consciousness in the world right now, on going forward. We've turned away from ourselves first, to see how we can help others. That is powerful!

Awareness: We've had a lot of the attitude of "we help ourselves, we don't help others" and "if we help others, we don't help ourselves." It seems like it could allow a wide spectrum of people to rise in this emerging model.

Brett: If you have anything you are passionate about and haven't taken action on it yet that would fulfill your life, create your purpose, and make you feel successful, this is your opportunity to do it. We have created a support system to help you fulfill it.

You can think of HUB as circles of brilliance with amazing masterminds to help you achieve your purpose and be successful. It's your opportunity to take action on everything you've always wanted to do and to carry your inspiration through a more extraordinary manner than you've ever dreamt before.

Awareness: Interesting, I've been writing using these exact terms, so it seems to be on the airwaves to be living on purpose with passion, whether it is in a profit or non-profit setting. Living on purpose with passion are real igniters for us all!

Brett: I have to tell you, in the past three or four months, since I have let go of looking for the material first or the receiving first, I've received so much more back and I've been so busy in a positive way, ever since I let that go.  

I feel like I'm shooting down a waterfall with everything coming so fast, and everyone has the integrity of empowering others and helping them. I keep helping, and it just keeps coming. It's an absolutely amazing way to live.

Awareness: One of the messages that spirit has given me is that "Creator is an equal-opportunity employer and everyone is needed." It seems like what you are doing is encapsulated in HUB's mission. Everyone needs to be fired up based on what their passion is to give their gift to the world. The phrase from HUB's founder Charlie Gay, 'brilliance in action,' captures a sense of the enormous abundance that is possible when we focus on offering our real gifts to the world.

Brett: It's a mind shift. I find so many people want to be entrepreneurs; they want to be successful. I coach, so I deal with a lot of people and their values and passions and challenges. People want to be passionate about their lives, and they want to be successful. It's a paradigm shift to come to a place where you can actually give for a living.  

You can be financially self sustaining and empowering your life as you are consistently growing and improving yourself in any way you want, while having support and helping the world. It's a win, win, win situation. For information on Team West or HUB, visit Donna Strong's first book, "Coming Home to Calm," was published earlier this year. For information, please visit:



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