By Dr. Scott & Shannon Peck



The state of love on our planet is in crisis.

It’s not just that a majority of our marriages end in divorce. It’s that almost all our relationships are suffering from a lack of genuine, substantial love.

Our civilization is not going to survive unless we turn a big corner on love.

One of those big corners we need to turn is to learn how to honor womanhood.

Yes, there have been great gains, but look around. Why do women, who make up 51% of Earth’s population, still suffer so much abuse? One of every three women has been sexually abused. Rape on this planet is still widespread.

Women in many countries have no voice, or right to speak, or to be in public without a man’s permission. Even in countries where women have seen gains, they still make less money than men for equal work. Women are still trying to break into leadership positions at a pace and level equal to men.

Why is such inequality still present on our planet?

This inequality takes a huge toll on love and spills into most relationships. Women struggle to love themselves. To feel worthy. To be treated as valuable. To cope with men who see them more as physical objects than qualitative partners. To cope with divorces where men hold more power. To find their place as an equal even in a “good” relationship or marriage.

Good, loving men can hardly fathom the suffering from past abuse or inequality their female mates have endured. Most men have been trained by a world-wide culture that simply assumes womanhood to be weaker, less worthy, less equal, less important, less contributing.

So voila, after the romance and passion, real love often hits a big, big wall.

Why? Because honoring womanhood is absent — even from consciousness. It’s helpful to draw a clear contrast so we can wake up. What is the opposite of “honoring?” Abuse, physical or emotional. Harsh, demeaning words. Unkindness. Voice overridden. Guilted. Shamed. Ignored. Feelings and needs discounted. Not respected. Not listened to. No vote. Treated as less than. Unvalued. All this is both the feeling and reality of no honoring.

Let’s identify now the true ideal of womanhood, an ideal worth upholding in our world and in ourselves, regardless of gender. Womanhood represents love! This icon is a healing presence of comfort, understanding, peacemaking, and nurturing with extraordinary tenderness and gentleness. Isn’t this why we love what She stands for?
There’s more!

By honoring our intuition, our dreams, and the sacred self, we are experiencing Her. She also is the expresser through the arts, creating soulful expressions, and splashing her beautiful energies on the planet with creativity and beauty and grace.

She holds great power in these areas. This power is within every man and woman. It is not gender based, though we tend to equate it with womanhood. Think of the hope these beautiful qualities bring to us!

Women are birthers, nesters, and unifiers for families, communities, and nations to be held together and to coexist in peace.

And, finally, womanhood’s ideal honors feelings and validates them — her own and others. We can be our real selves in Her presence. We can experience acceptance.
With such wonderful qualities, who would dream of oppressing or suppressing Her? Really, there is nothing to be gained by doing so, and everything to be gained by honoring and lifting her up.

We honor womanhood through a growing awareness of Her presence — both in ourselves and in others — we become light bearers for Her love to come forth. Our honoring acts as an invitation for womanhood to be seen as truly valuable and precious to us all!

What womanhood adores is connecting with the heart. This is more than mere intimacy. It’s our ultimate oneness. She is a weaver who weaves beauty with harmony, joy with compassion, innocence with safety, and power with grace. Everyone wins!

Yet, women rarely hear others telling them how much they appreciate their femininity beyond their small stature, or the pastel colors they decorate with, or the meals they cook, or the sexy way they look. Let’s dare to scratch beneath the surface and truly acknowledge this powerhouse presence residing quietly among us all.

By our acknowledgment and positive comments and our growing awareness, we will actually invite far more of Her presencing. She only begs for encouragement in order to appear. She needs to be safe to come out of oppression in order to gain expression and be accepted and valued.

Gandhi saw it. He said, “If I could awaken the women of Asia, I could save India in a day!”

Each of us can utilize our inner womanhood to envision a better world and to help heal the world of its divisions. It can begin with your own relationships at home and at the office and in your neighborhoods. We can become more heart-centered, more tuned in to others, more caring and responsive, and more involved in creating a more beautiful world — all by honoring our womanhood. Welcome to the heart of love!

Dr. Scott Peck & Shannon Peck are Co-founders of TheLoveCenter, a non-profit organization “Calling everyone home to Love” They are authors of books on love and healing, including “The Love You Deserve,” “Love Skills, Liberating Your Magnificence,” and “Love Heals
” (by Shannon Peck). For lots more love, visit We are holding the space for you to receive all the love you deserve!

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