. . . Guatemalan Journeys
Part II: Enter the
High Priest
By Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa



Staring up at the stars from the shores of Lake Atitlan with the majesty of the three volcanoes painted against the backdrop of an evening sky defies words. The presence of ancient Maya blended into the everyday lives of all those who call the lake home is a transcendent blend of modern and mystical. There are the lake towns that are busy with tourists, restaurants, shops and hotels, yet just beyond this facade one is able to find the “real” Atitlan experience.

We were now beyond the lunar eclipse and our galactic interactions through the stormy night and our fevers were ever present as our lungs became weaker and weaker. Today we were being called to a property we became aware of that was for sale on the far corner of the lake… still remote… at the deepest, cleanest area of the water.

Climbing into our boat and leaving our one-night cosmic experience, we felt unusually exhilarated and the cool air off the lake was comforting to the high fevers. We felt a “bridge” being created over the lake and it was as if we were traveling in another dimension as we passed by all three volcanoes on our way to the “other side.”  

Arriving at what is soon to be TOSA Guatemala, the profound visions of the Goddess of the Lake began for Kira, and we were all filled with tears, and overwhelmed by the energy that was making itself so visible. Perhaps the fevers and the very weakened condition of our bodies were to prepare us for this moment.

Landing at the boat dock on the property we began to climb the lush stone trails carved into the mountainside. We felt drawn to the original Mayan sauna on the property. Similar to a Native America Sweat Lodge, the Mayan sauna is used to induce trance-like states of higher consciousness to connect with Divine guidance.

The rock dome appeared before us on the trail as Kira began to literally swoon and was caught by Sri and our guide. The closer we came to the sauna the more powerful the swirling energy we all began to experience. Upon reaching the stunning summit upon which it is perched, we simply had to stop, catch our breath and align with the very potent energy.

As we opened the door our hearts were filled with joy as beautiful symbols were carved into the sides of the sauna. Sri took a moment to simply take a picture of the inside through the small doorway, and his digital camera took several pictures within a second of time. We were delighted when they were developed that they actually captured the energy portal we had all been experiencing.

If you gaze at picture one of the sauna you can see clearly that the portal is very visible, and just a second later, it shows a clear shot of the inside. Gazing at picture one is also very telling as the center is completely clear, (once you are inside the sauna), yet the energy being held in this area is present for you to experience.

It was later that day we said goodbye to our beloved friend and had to check into a hotel simply to collapse into bed; for four days we were in that room, not sure when our energy would stabilize enough to leave it. Each day and night we were filled with powerful visions and experiences that are still too challenging to put into words.

With only two days remaining before we were scheduled to return to the U.S., we began to feel a small amount of energy return to us. It was that evening we received the call:
“You must come with me very early tomorrow morning to meet with the High Priest of the Mayan,” was the request from another dear friend living at Atitlan

“I don’t know if Kira can make it.” Sri responded, and yet we both knew we had to make this divine appointment, so we went ahead and made arrangements.

Early the next morning we stood on the corner, climbed upon the vegetable truck and headed high into the mountains overlooking the lake. We off loaded ourselves outside a small alley and walked into another world from which we will never be the same.

Standing by a large and very old metal door were two elders from the Mayan community. Large toothless smiles motioned us to go in. Walking through the door, we entered a dark, small room lined with long benches on either side and an eclectic altar at the front. The room was filled with the smell of copal and smoke hung in the air from recent offerings… the energy was extraordinary.

From the back of the room emerged the High priest through another small door we had not even noticed. He motioned for our friend to come join him at his small desk in the back. We sat tenuously on the very small benches made for Mayans, not tall Americans!  

We watched as he would gaze at us, then arrange beans on his small desk and scatter crystals with them. He would nod his head, speak in his native language, and then continue.

About five minutes later our friend turned around and asked us to come join them at the small desk. We were greeted with love and joy and opened our time together by gifting our beloved High Priest with a crystal and corn necklace made by Kira Raa as a gift from the world of the Eagle in connection with the cosmic life force. He was delighted and promptly put on his gift with a broad smile.

Our friend translated that he had been performing his final “reading” to see if we were the “ones” he had “seen” prior to coming and asked if we had any questions. We did not. How could you have a question in the moment of Divine connection?

Satisfied with our answer, he said it was time for us to do ceremony together. We thought we already had!  He stood and motioned for us to walk through the small metal door he had entered through. It was at that moment, that everything began to shift.

We knew we had been called to Guatemala for many reasons on this trip. We had found TOSA and confirmed many visions, yet what lie behind the door was beyond anything our minds could have ever created.

Next month, we will finish this first journey, and share the gift of the Mayan High Priest with the eyes of liquid light.

Sri and Kira will premier their fourth book, “2012: Awakenings,” at the Bodhi Tree, W. Hollywood and Awakenings, Laguna Hills, October 16 & 17. They will also facilitate a powerful S.T.O.R.M. (Seeing The Oneness, Reclaiming Mastery) experience at Awakenings, October 18!  

Together they have been called to establish a center in Guatemala at the behest of the Mayan elders and are now sharing their time between TOSA ranch New Mexico  and their Lake Atitlan, Guatemala center in development. Integrating ancient Mayan energies with the messages from the Archangelic realm and the rapidly escalating integrations of 2012 is shared in their many books, radio show and website. Visit: www.selfascension.com

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