Investing Your Inner Wealth for Fulfillment & Abundance
By Ernest D. Chu
What holds people back from extraordinary success and happiness, and what prevents them from creating abundant wealth for themselves, is their underlying sense that they don’t deserve more than they have. Being open and able to simply receive is directly tied to our self-esteem. The uncertainty of self-worth stymies efforts at risk and reward, so we find ourselves simply working during the week and setting aside our creative endeavors for the weekends.

Author Ernest D. Chu is a leading corporate finance expert, visionary and advisor to some of America’s best-run companies. He also serves as assistant pastor to the largest Religious Science church in the southeast. He believes that in order to get what we truly deserve out of our jobs and our lives, we must first recognize the value of our spiritual assets and inner treasures.

Our inner wealth is our most powerful resource for fulfillment and success. Chu offers us ways to identify our innate gifts, such as intuition and intelligence, as well as our learned qualities, such as integrity, determination and persistence.

Through the process and application of spiritual “adventureprise,” one can meld the adventure of life with the enterprise of your soul. This book will help you to activate the flow of your personal soul currency and discover how to remove the blocks to that flow, so you can experience the abundant stream of your own personal power.

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Reviewed by Sonia von Matt Stoddard

Leading Yourself, Teams and Corporations
By Paul David Walker
Our world is competitive and constantly changing. Author, Paul David Walker, a CEO Coach and one of the early innovators of leadership consulting and coaching at the executive level for over 25 years, believes that the successful frameworks of yesterday, as well as proven successful systems of management that may have worked for a company or individual in the past, cannot be successful today.
Data-driven leadership must move to a wisdom-based process. Those who choose to lead must find paths to success, while leading reluctant, critical and stubborn people.

In this book, Walker shares what he has learned about understanding genius and leadership, including a model for leaders in business and government to create a sustainable human society on Earth. He discusses how to create new realities, connect with wisdom and identifies what he calls “Integrative Presence.” The three elements of life force: Intelligence, Consciousness and Thought are discussed as a way to connect with wisdom.

There is a substantial discussion about commitment and how to stimulate and create insight. All of these items are underscored with details of the approaches, as well as numerous illustrations and stories about the success of these approaches in the marketplace. Connecting personal transformation and success with the goal of a successful future, this book gives us a model and outline to accomplish both.

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Reviewed by Sonia von Matt Stoddard

Ten Principles for Bringing Out the Best in Ourselves & Others
By Michael Carroll
Research has shown that if we pause to appreciate our surroundings while at work, we can repair our immune systems, heighten our emotional intelligence, reduce anxiety and depression and sustain our levels of joy and satisfaction.

This practice of mindfulness and meditation, at any time during our regular workday, can transform our complicated and demanding workplace into a place where we can discover true marvels. This book is about how we can wake up to the challenge to stop and appreciate our good fortune.

For 25 years, author Michael Carroll worked on Wall Street and in the publishing industry, and is a longtime student of Buddhist meditation and an authorized teacher in the lineage of Tibetan master Chogyam Trungpa. He begins with a discussion on how leaders can inspire.

A mindful leader demonstrates an inner authenticity coming across in four marks: elegance, command, gentleness, and intelligence. He also discusses, in depth, the ten talents of a mindful leader, how to become aware of those talents, delight in them and share them with others.

In the next chapters he explains, through practices and exercises, how we can bring out true beings to work every day; how we can set aside the self-deceptions that stem from arrogance, aggression, and fear. Finally, with help on meditation and contemplation, the author rounds out his approach by offering us some actual useful tools and checklists for success.

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Reviewed by Sonia von Matt Stoddard

Finding Your Way to Joy, Peace and Prosperity
A compilation edited by Paula Godwin Coppel
Following teachings from the book, “The Secret,” which introduced and explained the Law of Attraction, this book contains 35 essays written by Unity writers, teachers, ministers and supporters, that introduce the core precepts of Unity, and endeavor to explain and expand upon the phenomenon of how to purposely change your thinking and actions in order to gain prosperity, gratitude, forgiveness and acceptance in life.

The Unity movement, a positive, practical, progressive approach to Christianity based on the teachings of Jesus and the power of prayer, felt that “The Secret” was so controversial, they decided to put together a collection from spiritual principals in order to share their personal experiences and deeper understanding of the Law of Attraction as well as other spiritual precepts. The Unity movement focuses on how to apply the teachings of Jesus in daily life rather than focusing on Jesus as a person.

The essays discuss the Source, unity with God, the secrets of prosperity and spiritual alchemy, along with many other insightful thoughts, with a final piece by the Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, entitled, “The Secretless Universe” in which he states that there are no secrets. He also shares with us his three C’s for transformation: conversation, company and commitment.

The discussions in this book are meant to further explain and empower the reader to continue to explore prosperity, self-enlightenment and peace, amidst a myriad of continuing questions.

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Reviewed by Sonia von Matt Stoddard

3 Simple Ideas That Will Instantaneously Transform Your Life
By Ariel Kane and Shya Kane
After years of work involving many different modalities of self-improvement, internationally-acclaimed authors, seminar leaders and consultants, Ariel and Shya Kane, have discovered what they call “Instantaneous Transformation” as opposed to working on oneself to obtain self-awareness.

This book’s teachings and insights can help to facilitate and nurture personal, individual transformation. By presenting a blend of ideas and personal experiences, including actual session examples and illustrations, the Kanes address many of the recurring themes they have seen in their workshops.

The couple presents three basic principles that will help you accomplish this transformation: that anything you resist, will persist and grow stronger, no two things can occupy the same space at the same time and anything you recreate or have to be exactly as it is, will complete itself and disappear. The suggestion here is a way of being that involves surrendering to your life, not resisting the way your life is showing up in each moment.

In order to be fulfilled and live life to its fullest, it is essential that you learn to “just notice” and be aware. If you are present with what is happening in your life in each moment, your life will support you in total. Ultimately, by living your life directly, you will be empowered in your ability to experience life, take action, and be yourself rather than think about what to do next, or worry about whether or not you are living your life correctly.

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Reviewed by Sonia von Matt Stoddard

By Mark Fisher and Marc Allen
We are born with two fears: falling and loud noises. All other fears are acquired. The fear of failure is so powerful that it paralyzes us. We want more out of life yet don’t know how to begin.

This is what the authors address in a straightforward approach to open the mind to a life-changing way of thinking. Both self-made millionaires from different backgrounds, they each have their own expertise to share about every valuable piece of advice they received, everything put into practice and other success models in this easy-to-understand book.

Can we think like millionaires? This book reveals what makes a millionaire’s mind tick. By harnessing the power of the subconscious mind to face and overcome the fears that hold us back, the authors tell how to imprint a personal success formula on the mind and reprogram it to succeed instead of failing or never trying in the first place. The authors discuss:

How to weed out limiting beliefs and plant positive new ones; How to effectively implement step-by-step strategies toward a chosen goal; How to uncover excuses thoughtlessly placed in the path to success; How to align talent and ambition to produce startling results; The importance of balancing persistence with flexibility; That wealth is a state of mind.

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Reviewed by Kathy DeSantis

Life, Dreams and Happiness
By Mike Dooley
If the Universe could give us a daily message about our life, what would it say? Plenty! Some of the messages are revealed in More Notes from the Universe: Life, Dreams and Happiness. Dooley, a self-described interpreter for the Universe, has written a collection of invaluable and self-empowering truths that can be read page by page or randomly.

All messages have a humorous tone and authority such as “Would you believe that there are some people who actually think they can change their life through pretending it’s better? Yep, and we call them Masters. In awe of you, The Universe. Sure beats pretending like nothing is happening. Ha”

Dooley wants to spread the word via this book of messages that we all have more power than we know to affect change and control over our own life. More Notes from the Universe was compiled from a popular E-newsletter he started in 1998 as a weekly poem to 38 email addresses, and grew into a daily inspiring anecdote delivered to over 100,000 subscribers in 169 countries, each receiving a new personalized note from the Universe five days a week, 52 weeks per year.

In September, 2007, the Notes newsletter celebrated 100 million emails sent. As one of the teachers for the DVD and book, The Secret, Dooley has found his calling. Visit to learn more and to sign up for the newest daily notes from the Universe.

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Reviewed by Kathy DeSantis

How Simple Actions Can Change the World
By Ingrid E. Newkirk
Ingrid E. Newkirk wants the world to know that we all have the capacity to make a difference for positive change where we see it is needed. All it takes is the desire and willingness to take action.
In her newest book, How One Can Make a Difference, How Simple Actions Can Change the World, she combines a collection of essays written by both well-known activists and unknown world changers who have found that when life offered them an opportunity to make a better world, they did it themselves rather than leaving it to others.

The essays are riveting and contain real experiences that offer lessons and reminders of the power of choice. The authors followed their own wisdom without ever knowing how to actually accomplish what they did that resulted in bringing happiness and positive change.

Newkirk wants us to realize that anyone can make a difference by following their heart, and even small but consistent action will result in helping others. She started the world’s largest and most effective animal-rights organization by herself years ago and knows firsthand the difference just one person can make.

Contributions to this book include essays written by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Paul McCartney, Willie Nelson, Dennis Kucinich, Russell Simmons, Brigitte Bardot, Oliver Stone, Helen Thomas, Ravi Shankar and dozens of other extraordinary people.

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Reviewed by Kathy DeSantis

Poems, Prose and Prayers Celebrating Our Relationship with Dogs
Edited by June Cotner
This book is a perfect gift for dog lovers about the connections between humans and the dogs who share their lives. It contains a collection of enjoyable poetry and amusing prose that best-selling author and anthologist June Cotner has gathered to honor and celebrate the special experiences and feelings dogs bring to us. The book includes illustrations of dogs and reminders of what it’s like be in the amazing world of dogs.

Cotner writes, “There is so much we can learn from dogs. Dogs go with the flow of life. If they have to go live in a new home or with new people, they accept it, adapt easily and become happy in their new environment. If they lose a leg they learn to run with three legs. When they become old they take it easy and don’t feel sorry for themselves. Many people wish they could be as good as their dogs. I know I do.”

For all who identify with Cotner, the book holds chapters that range from the exuberant delight of “A Dog’s World” to the solemn, heartfelt prayers offered in “Partings.” Selections include classic poems such as Rudyard Kipling’s “The Power of the Dog” and Edgar Guest’s “A Dog” to contemporary work by award-winning poets like Ellen Bass and Barbara Cocker. All of the poetry offers gems of wisdom and joy for our most treasured moments spent with dogs.

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Reviewed by Kathy DeSantis


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