Awareables Introduces New Positive-Powered Clothing Line
By Debbie Lavdas



The new, very appropriately named, Awareables recently launched their all-new clothing line that invites everyone to live life more positively. Owners and ³Inspirational Outfitters,² Betsy Mendel and Rachel Singer, are on a journey to radiate positive energy from the inside out and help you think your way to happiness.

This line of clever, comfy and chic quality tees includes Provocatees, ThinkTanks, Ecotees and Yogaware. Each is available in a variety of colors, fabrics, sizes and fun-loving, positive phrases for both women and men. Customers are invited to visit and order their favorite tees on their new site launched recently.

"Thoughts create energy and energy creates circumstance," says Mendel. "Living in such a fast-paced society, we often feel overwhelmed and powerless to our surroundings. The simplest of thoughts, however, can start us on a positive upswing rather than a downward spiral."

It seems this positive energy is catching on with people from all walks of life, as well as LA¹s trendy fashion scene. Already positive-practicing celebrities and design gurus are signing up for these tees styled with life mantras such as Gratitude Rocks and There¹s no place like OM. Other phrase favorites include Grounded For Life, Shift Happens and Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.

"When you wear a positive message, you change the energy within yourself, as well as the energy of those around you‹ causing a ripple effect," says Singer. Adding, "People say they smile more, feel uplifted and that other people smile with them."

Awareables' guiding force is a desire to have everyone lighten up a bit, to be present in the moment and have faith. They say that by being grateful, embracing love and by counting one¹s blessings, change is inevitable. They reference studies that show the average person thinks about 12,000 thoughts a day or 8.3 thoughts per minute and believe that positive or negative thinking can be the difference between a good day and a bad day.

Singer and Mendel have built their business on personal experience and passion from the heart. ³There was a time in my life when nothing seemed to be going my way. I lost my father to lung cancer, I was unfulfilled in my work and I couldn¹t seem to sustain a healthy relationship. I feltpowerless.²

After years of waiting for her life to change, she noticed how her daily thoughts were shaping her world, and she started actively and mentally changing her life for the better. ³Awareables is a testament to my journey,²Mendel affirms.

To ensure the integrity of the line, the team did extensive research to find the highest-quality materials in the market. The Ecotees consist of 100%certified organic cotton men¹s t-shirts, as well as a line of silky softbamboo women¹s tees which blend bamboo lyocell and cotton spandex to create a lightweight breathable jersey fabric, making them eco-friendly, easy-to-wear high fashion.

The Provocatees and Think Tanks lines consist of stylish, buttery soft, sheer rib cotton t-shirts and tank tops. Yogi friends will appreciate their line of colorful, thought-provoking yoga mats with savasana sayings and more.

While Awareables is launching with tees now, they are already planning an array of other positively-charged merchandise. So stay tuned for more inspired living from Awareables soon.

Betsy Mendel and Rachel Singer are the co-owners of Awareables. Betsy is an impassioned vegan and a devout yoga practitioner for over a decade, and Rachel is an experienced fashion designer whose credits include designing clothing for companies such as Warner Brothers and Kmart Corporation.

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