What’s All the Buzz about EMF?
By Michele Geracoulis



News across the U.S. and the E.U. is abuzz with perplexity over a strange phenomenon dubbed “Colony Collapse Disorder” or (CCD). Beekeepers and scientists are anxious to solve the mystery of why multitudes of honeybees are suddenly gone missing. Since last spring record numbers of bees are reported to have abandoned their hives, leaving behind unprotected queens and undeveloped young. The implications of CCD are worrisome, as most of the world’s crops are dependent upon honeybee pollination. Accordingly, an endangerment to bees stands to affect the entire food chain.

Some scientists posit that electromagnetic field (EMF) pollution may be the cause of CCD. Electromagnetic fields are forms of radiation ranging from gamma rays and x-rays to household electricity and lower. Cell phones, wireless devices, microwaves, satellites, jet planes, electrical appliances and even fluorescent lights generate EMF pollution, which is disruptive to the energy and DNA of animals and humans alike.

This theory asserts that radiation given off by cell phones and other wireless gadgets (and their base towers) interfere with bees’ navigational system. Wireless radiation disorients the bees, preventing them from returning to their hives. “When bees are exposed to signals from cell phones, they can’t find their way. They get no nutrition and consequently die,” said Dr. George Carlo, chairman of the Safe Wireless Initiative.  Incidentally, this is the same Dr. Carlo, leading epidemiologist and public health scientist, who was given $28 million by the cellular phone industry to prove that cell phones are safe, but discovered just the opposite!

Cell phones emit a type of radiation comparable to that of microwave ovens. Depending upon a phone’s design and antennae type, anywhere between 20 to 80% of those radio waves get absorbed into the phone user’s head. Increases in brain and eye tumors suggest EMF pollution as the common denominator. On the whole, EMF pollution is known to upset the body’s electrical field and impair functioning. 

Without any safety testing, cellular phones were released for public commerce in 1984. Despite numerous studies now showing the health hazards of wireless, the government has failed to intervene. Minimally, a cautionary statement on cell phone and other wireless devices is needed. The multi-billion dollar wireless industry, however, would disagree. Yet thankfully, EMF pollution is now officially recognized by the World Health Organization to be among the most rapidly spreading “environmental influences” on public health.  

Presently, there are more than three billion wireless users on the planet! “Information carrying radio waves” are not natural, and yet they’ve become a normal (albeit invisible) part of our environment. And areas dense with information carrying radio waves also reflect the stark absence of bees.

As we move increasingly farther away from Nature, bizarre and unhealthy changes take place in our environment. Paraphrasing an eerie quote attributed to Albert Einstein, “If the bees disappear from the Earth, man will have only four years left to live.”  Honeybees existed on this planet long before humankind. Ancient civilizations revered them, believing that bees were Divine Messengers.

Our love affair with cell phones, Wi-fi, WiMax, and satellite media appears to be an ill-fated one. Our addiction to the artificial conveniences of wireless is leading us to a downfall. Do the bees have a message for us now?  Are we willing to take heed?

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Michele Geracoulis is a Certified Massage Therapist and Holistic Nutritional Consultant, certified in non-violent, processed-oriented communication, and ordained in interfaith ministry. Her professional experience in political science research has evolved into freelance health journalism, and a body of work based on the interconnectedness of body, mind, and spirit.

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