The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull Comes to Sedona
By Jaap van Etten, PhD and Amayra Hamilton



After more than 10 years the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull will be among the people again. The skull came out first in Rochester, New York in June of this year. It will come to Angel Valley, Sedona during The Mitchell Hedges Crystal Skull Event on October 4th-7th, 2007. All who know about this crystal skull are extremely excited.

The growing enthusiasm for crystal skulls only makes sense if you approach the subject with a mind set that is open to explore the unfamiliar. From a mental point of view they are objects of crystal in the shape of a skull and some have been found at archeological sites. However, there is more to crystal skulls. They set something in motion in those who are willing to open up for them. They awaken something.

The initial reaction to crystal skulls for many people is that they have to do with death, which, in our Christian-based culture is still a subject surrounded by fear for many. In reality the crystal skulls are a symbol of consciousness. Once you have opened yourself up, they open doors inside you. They invite you to expand and see synchronicity increase in your life. They give you experiences you will not easily forget. As we explore new avenues in different dimensions, while expanding our consciousness, the ‘whys and hows’ around crystal skulls becomes clearer.

All crystal skulls have an effect on you, different and unique for each person. However, there is one particular skull that has made profound impressions on people’s lives in a way that goes beyond any of the others: the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull. This artifact is an exquisite carving of high quality clear quartz and has the size of a human skull. It is unique in that it has a detachable jaw. Those who have connected with this skull, and even those who have never been in its physical presence, are in awe of what they experience. That skull, once you connect with it, just does not get away from you!

According to the story, the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull was found in 1924 in Belize in Lubaantun, which means “city of the fallen stones.” F.A. Mitchell-Hedges led an archeological expedition that was excavating this Mayan site. It was his adopted daughter Anna Mitchell-Hedges who discovered the skull on her 17th birthday. When she found it, the lower jaw was missing. The jaw was found a couple of months later. When the local Mayans saw the skull they were in ecstasy and they revered it as something very sacred that had returned to them from a distant past. The story says that, when the expedition came to an end the Mayans gave the crystal skull to Mitchell-Hedges as an expression of their gratitude for all he had done for them and with the request to keep it safe.

When her father died, Anna became the caretaker. She has traveled around with the crystal skull until the mid-1990’s to allow many people to connect with it. She also had people visit at her home. Anna Mitchell-Hedges passed away on April 11th, 2007 after having lived an interesting life that lasted 100 years and 100 days, and on the birthday of the current caretaker, Bill Homann. Following Anna’s wish, Bill is dedicated to make the crystal skull available again for the world.

Anna Mitchell-Hedges allowed the skull to be the subject of extensive research. One of the researchers was Frank Dorland, who worked with the crystal skull for six years. He also brought it to the Hewlett Packard laboratories, where their research only increased the admiration for this extraordinary crystal skull.

It was discovered that the skull, including the jaw, was made from one piece of crystal. The carving could not have been accomplished even with the most advanced technologies currently known. Its origin is a mystery, for many, related to Atlantis. It has several lenses built in it that allow light to flow through the skull in special ways. In addition it is an anatomically-correct model of a human skull, seemingly that of a female of the Mongoloid race. During his research Dorland observed many fascinating phenomena, that could not be explained by the logical mind.

The Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull has greatly contributed and will continue to contribute to the growing interest in crystal skulls. Many consider it to be the most beautiful, the most remarkable and the most powerful of all crystal skulls. In an attempt to categorize crystal skulls, this skull is often considered ‘ancient.’ There are those skulls that according to some are ‘old’ and then there are the contemporary, recently-carved skulls. In crystal-skull circles there is not a true consensus on which is which and what to do with that ‘knowledge.’

From our perspective, in a way it does not really matter whether a skull is ancient, old or contemporary. All skulls have the same potential, because they are part of the crystal-skull consciousness grid. They can help us to expand our awareness to see who we truly are. One characteristic of crystal skulls is that they are reflectors: they reflect to us who we are like a mirror. Are we willing to look into this mirror to truly see ourselves?

Another characteristic is, that they can store information. Technology is experimenting with this quality of crystals and has been using this for many years. We have watches, sound equipment and many other articles that are ‘powered’ by crystals. It is possible to store a whole library in a crystal the size of a sugar cube. Just imagine how much information can be stored in a crystal skull like the Mitchell-Hedges skull.

As we see it, the main difference between contemporary, old and ancient crystal skulls is the amount of information stored in the crystal skulls. A way to train our abilities to access the information in the ancient skulls is to first learn to work with contemporary skulls. In our evolutionary process it seems that we are beginning to re-discover abilities we have had in the past. Hopefully this time we will use these abilities in a way that takes us to enlightenment, rather than to the destruction of a civilization.

Many Native tribes in the Americas believe there were, or are, 13 original skulls. According to the legend they were a gift to mankind from 12 different races of star people. They will help mankind in their evolution of consciousness. Once we humans are ready, they will come together to create the information field that will help mankind to make a shift in awareness. The 13th crystal skull unites the information of the 12 into a unity that will allow this shift to happen.

Whether the legend is literally true, we will not know until the moment the gathering of skulls happens. What we do know is that crystal skulls are wonderful tools to play with and be part of our growth.

On October 4-7, 2007, the famous Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull and over 150 other crystal skulls will be present at Angel Valley in Sedona. This is an opportunity not to be missed! Charge yourself and bring your crystals or crystal skulls to be charged. For more information on the program and for registration visit: or call (928) 634-1320.

Jaap van Etten, PhD studies subtle energies of human beings and of the Earth and the interaction between them. He also studies the role crystal skulls play in this system. He is an international speaker and, together with his wife Jeanne Michaels, teaches workshops on these subjects. His book “Crystal Skulls, Interacting with a Phenomenon” will be published in September 2007.

Amayra Hamilton is founder of Angel Valley Spiritual Retreat Center, facilitator, teacher and crystal skull keeper.

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