The Bad Roommate
By Robin D. Duncan, Executive Director,
The Miracle Center of California



Imagine all at once, as a clear thinking, rational adult, that you decide to allow someone or something else make all of your decisions for you. All of them... what you will wear, where you will go, who you will meet, what you will eat, when you will sleep and what you will have. Even the thought of this might bring up feelings of fear or imprisonment.

Yet further imagine that this someone or something is capable of guiding you to your greatest experience of happiness, far beyond anything you could conceive of. Would you consider it?  Would you allow this someone or something to take over in every aspect of your life, if you knew of its great love for you and its desire to offer you heaven?

For most people, the answer is a resounding “no.” Even the thought of giving up the known for the unknown might leave your skin crawling. Your lower mind will tell you this idea is preposterous, and if you consider it, you will be led to disaster. It will say that nothing loves you that much, and there is no one who knows what is better for you… than you do. It will remind you of every hurt, betrayal and time someone chose their own interests over yours. It will remind you that trust is earned, and if you trust someone or something you do not know, you are surely doomed. This arsenal of defense is what keeps us from our natural state of abundance.

We go about our lives, thinking we know the best course of action for every situation. We make our decisions… and then when they don’t work out, we try to think of new ways to make it work. Once we’ve played all our cards and our hand is empty, we call upon God to bail us out. All prayers are answered and each time we pray, something happens to “right-side” our situation and we find our way to safety. Most of the time, the solution is not all we hoped for and falls short of our expectations.

The lower mind will tell you that this is how it works and if you want more, then you need to do more, work harder, be smarter and plan ahead. It will advise you that you obviously didn’t do enough, and that if you don’t DO SOMETHING NOW you will lose more, or pay dearly for your mistakes. Needless to say, the lower mind is not a friend to you. It is like a bad roommate that continues to feed you a line of bull, and because you are not on top of your game, you listen.

There is another way, if you’re interested. I’m not presuming that you do not know this already. I am writing this for those who are tired of the “bad roommate” and have forgotten how to make another choice.

First of all, it’s time to muscle up and evict the bad roommate. Its counsel has led you nowhere. Its mouthy and relentless prompting has brought only pain. Once you realize that you have no use or value for this fearful part of your mind, then your Higher Mind can help you restore everything. EVERYTHING!

This is the time where real decision-making comes in. By evicting the roommate, you will be led from chaos to peace. Once you evict the roommate, you will remember that there IS someone or something that wants your greatest happiness. There is a part of your mind that knows the way to peace, joy and abundance. It has waited patiently for your welcome. Being wholly loving, it could not enter without your permission, for if it did, it would be attacking your mind.

This is the turning point. Without the bad roommate, it’s time to clean up the house and invite only those guests who align with your decision for peace and prosperity. This is a time for vigilance. The bad roommate will want back in. It will bang at your door, insisting that you have abandoned it. It will scream at you and haunt you through the windows. Be strong and remember that it only brought you pain. You can be sure that if you do not let it back in, it will find another home. It always does.

Now that your home is peaceful again, it’s time to invite the Guest who knows how to put a house together. Your Higher Mind is eager and ready to restore your home and bring you all your heart desires. All that is required, is that you do not let the bad roommate back in.

If you’ve never personally met this Guest before, then let me give you a reference. I have invited this Presence to live with me, and you can trust it with your life. If you allow it to make every decision for you, you will be stunned and amazed at the results. It is more loving than you can possibly imagine. It is infinitely wise and wants only your happiness. It even knows how to pull resources together to take care of every task and detail. Every time you listen to it, you will be thrilled with the outcome. I have learned to ask it to make every decision for me. It’s as though I have my own brilliant assistant that knows everything about everything. Once you get to know this Presence, you will never want to make a decision on your own again.

After listening to this Presence enough, you will learn to keep a peaceful home. You will have given up all the barriers you placed against love and prosperity, and peace will be your natural state of being. You will walk in alignment with this Presence and feel its grace with you in every moment. If you’re willing, today you can make the decision of a lifetime.

Evict the bad roommate and invite the One who knows to decide for you. Be willing to trust it with every decision and then follow the peaceful, loving guidance you receive without resistance. Before you know it, your friends will be so impressed that they’ll be asking you what you did to spruce up the place. It will be our secret.

Robin D. Duncan is the CEO for The ONE Center, a Global Resource for FREE Services. She is also the Exec. Director for The Miracle Center of California, a training facility for The National Guild of Hypnotists. The Miracle Center is a School for Hypnotherapy and offers private sessions and classes to the public based on A Course in Miracles and curriculum from The National Guild of Hypnotists. The ONE Center and The Miracle Center of California are located at 1801 E. Heim Ave. Suite 100, Orange, CA  92865. Tel: (714) 921-9911 or (888) 773-9174

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