Star Shields Is The Airbrush Wizard!
By Kay Walburger



“Creativity is a ‘gift’ from the heart and soul of the artist,” declares Star Shields, inventor of Airbrush Face and Body Art. “Each person I paint has a ‘spirit-magic’ within them and I just bring it out onto the surface for all to see.”

It was 1979 at the Rainbow Rose Festival when Star first airbrushed ‘rainbow-faces’ to match his already famous Rainbow Stars Clothing. For a fashion show Star painted model’s faces to match the clothing, in all seven colors of the rainbow. Through all these years his artistic style has continued to evolve and influence the whole world of Fantasy Make-up.

With pure delight Star has watched and helped this Airbrush Face & Body Art Culture grow!  He has inspired and taught his techniques to many artists worldwide and still gives Master Classes whenever time permits.

“ ‘Business is Booming’ in the Airbrush Face and Body Art Industry today, with no end in sight!” according to Star Shields. Starting in 1979 as Amazing Faces, evolving into the original Fantasy Faces by 1988, Star and his business partner Michelle Ries enthusiastically began to experience the excitement they created at sponsored events. Since then they have put together a talented team of artists to handle the demand for their extraordinary performance art. Stars’ own son Sai (at age 10, now 30+) often helped out and has now developed his own unique style and talent.

“Star Quality”… Creates ‘Buzz’ and Visibility!
‘Star-Maker,’ Star Shields, is a Wizard!  With the Magic of his ‘Airbrush Wand’ he turns the attendees of any party or event into the “Shimmering Stars” of the show. They are the ‘Visible Symbols’ of the event’s success during its run. Face Painting & Body Art frees people’s spirit of fun and kicks the excitement lev-el up a notch or two! Guests will stop others and ask where they got their Face/Body Art so they, too, can be transformed into magical beings! As they mingle at the party or sponsored event, they are a walking advertisement and evidence that this occasion is a smashing success! 

Star and his crew get hired for many special occasions, fundraisers, festivals, parties and exclusive events worldwide. Included are Disney’s studio theme parties, for example: “Pirates of the Caribbean,” “Cars,” “The Incredibles,” and “Chicken Little,” to name only a few.

“When you paint thousands of faces over a 26 year time-frame, as I have, you become more intui-tive with this personalized art.”  Star and his crew read people well on a spirit level and ‘IT’ comes out with what Lovely Linda describes as a “Soul Mask.” (Star’s protegé, Linda is the innovative artist and face-painting Faerie, and Star’s favorite Muse.)

Stars’ longest continuous running Performance Art appearance is his 22 years at the world-famous Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach, CA. “2007 is a recordbreaking year for us!  People come from the four corners of the globe to experience this renowned Artist Colony’s summer-long, diverse ‘creative self-expressions’ festival. My reward is watching the faces of children light up and smile widely when they see what I’ve done on their faces.”

“I feel in rhythm with music when I paint and it is all based on the crowd’s reactions,” Shields said. “When they are cheering, I really get into it, like hitting a groove. Face painting becomes my true performance art.” Star paints 3 to 6 or more faces all at once. It’s quite a sight to watch “his wizardry” and be part of it as well. “It brings out the magic in children that is already there waiting to be released.”

Fundraising charity events are the favorites for Star Shields’ big-hearted attitude towards life and giving back to society. At a recent Fairy Godmother Guild’s annual Fair, his Airbrush Face and Body Art performance was the hit of the day, and he finds the fairy craze is a hot market for airbrush artists.

One young girl at the Fairy Godmother Fair (age 8-10) in a wheelchair, was very grumpy and feeling sad when she arrived at this whimsical fantasy fairy event!  All the beautiful costumes and magical sights could not seem to lift her spirits. Then she met Wizard Star Shields with his Magic ‘Airbrush Wand,’ and he turned her into a Fairy Princess with an Airbrushed Fantasy Face, placing exquisite Butterfly Painted Wings on her back! “I just released her beauty and charm and she smiled and played happily the rest of the day!”

“Wow! What is old is new again!”
“Today, I am getting more and more requests for my Airbrushed Clothing, just the way I started in the business so many years ago!”  Back in 1972-1976, Star Shields picked up an airbrush and started painting T-shirts inspired by Ed “Big Daddy” Roth. Since then he has airbrushed everything from clothing, walls, surfboards, cars, tour shirts and personal stage clothing for big-named celebrities that reads like the “Who’s Who” of the entertainment world. “In my rock star years as one of The Rainbow Kids, I painted stage clothing for Led Zeppelin, Paul & Linda McCartney Wings Tour, Donovan, George Harrison’s Dark Horse Tour, Moody Blues, Allman Brothers, Deep Purple, Seals & Croft, Bob Dylan, Jose Feliciano, Leon Russell among others. This was all before I was face painting. Quite a time!” 

Star has airbrush and will travel! He and Lovely Linda travel the U.S. and the world to various events and festivals. In the course of his amazing career he has followed his muse to Australia, a very magical experience, and he and Linda hope to return again soon for more Aussie fun events and people. “In Australia I painted 36 models for a Lexus launch in Melbourne. I also was part of the KISS Symphony concert in Melbourne and helped paint 63 members of the Melbourne Symphony and 20 kids from the Children’s Choir that played along with KISS.”

“My dream for the future is a World Face Painting Tour for World Peace!  This would involve other face painters as well as those in my family. And we would also give classes in each country visited so artists there can continue the “Peace Face” movement. We could create a documentary and raise funds for the Peace Process. I am open for full sponsorship!”

You may reach Star Shields at his cell: (949) 939-4363, voice mail: (714) 647-2395 or e-mail:   Also visit:

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