Prospering Solutions
for the Current Economy
By Regine Lherisson-Bey



While presidential candidates are putting their best foot forward in an effort to give hope to the cash-strapped masses, most people who are hurting in the current economic recession require more than hope. How long will the malaise prevail and what can we do about it?

The future belongs to those who believe in the workability of their dream. Partly because of this belief, in their quest to reach for the stars and keep up with the Joneses, many baby boomers have overextended themselves with high mortgages, high student loans and monthly installments for Hummers or other gas-guzzlers.

Since the September 11th tragedy, the economic situation in the U.S. has gone from shaky to dismantled. Stock market fluctuations have caused their share of despair. Millions of jobs have gone south, most of them to foreign countries. The housing market is in an all-time slump. Some non-profit organizations have had to close shop due to dried up funding. Sounds like doom and gloom, however should we dwell on the downside of the situation? Absolutely not! As you may already know, you get more of what you give your energy to, so let’s look at some proposed workable solutions.

We have made a conscious decision to be more aware in this world and some of us have pledged to live a life of higher awareness. In the spirit of helping one another, we can adopt the possibilities that can help all of us shift from a recession mindset to self-sustainability mode.

1. We live in very transformative times. It is important to let go of the idea of so-called “tough economic times”. It takes courage to incarnate as a vanguard of the planet in such a transformational era, so congratulations to us! Now we can pass the torch to one another by reminding ourselves and others, our thoughts create our reality; so we shall be watchful of our thoughts, words and deeds. If we are busy working on solutions, we cannot be focused on problems at the same time.

2. An attitude of gratitude is key to receiving more of what is good.

3. Self-Sustainability. Termination of job security has brought more of us to look into the gifts of sustainability and transformation we have for each other. We have a choice between patronizing overly greedy corporate entities or promoting self-sustainability through buying from each other. The issue with greedy corporate magnates is their reckless disregard for our health and the environment. Bartering is one solution, when used in moderation and in consideration of certain restricted circumstances. Since bartering does not pay for the mortgage and utilities, it’s important to ensure that fair, even generous remuneration, be given to those who serve our needs. The Law of Return often applies itself in rewarding the giver with more.

4. Environmental protection is our duty, not somebody else’s job. We protect ourselves and future generations by protecting our planet. It’s not enough to just recycle anymore; engaging in sustainability is a must.

a. There are fuel catalysts de-signed to reduce emissions by 80%, extend engine life and save up to 30% in gasoline consumption. The trend is toward clean energy for more safety in addition to energy containment.

b. There are water filtration systems that allow us to consume cleaner water for 8 cents a gallon. The problem with bottled water is that it is oftentimes of questionable origin (reportedly bottled from the tap, as indicated in the news). Bottled water eventually becomes costly, in addition to causing an excess of plastic that litters the landscape and damages the environment, the ecosystem as well as our hormonal system.

5. An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure. A thorough, quarterly inner cleanse followed-up by regular daily detoxification can remove the toxins, acid, parasites and excess fat that damage our system, and cause degenerative illnesses, besides premature aging.

Health is wealth. It takes wisdom to generate good health and the stamina required to accomplish our mission in a productive, joyful and caring way. Steering away from consumerism and practicing self-sustainability can offer constructive solutions toward doing more than surviving recessionary times.

Regine Lherisson-Bey©™ is a Psychophysiologist in private practice, author of the CD ‘Get Slim Effortlessly’ and an Overseer for the Wellness & Wholeness Mission. She has appeared as Wellness Expert on several TV and radio programs nationwide, and her public venues include Neiman Marcus. Call (310) 736-6633 or visit:

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