Prosperity and the Aura
By Barbara Y. Martin



Your aura ó the energy field surrounding your body ó is a key component to building wealth and abundance. The first place you make changes in your life is in your aura. By building the spiritual power of prosperity in your energy field, you can manifest it in your life.

As a healer and spiritual teacher, Iíve been working with the aura and prosperity for many years. From the time I was three years old, I could see the energy field around people, animals, even plants and inanimate objects. I could see how the aura would change depending on our thought, feelings and actions. I have discovered that, although money occupies such a central place in our lives, many people do not understand its spiritual operation. Itís no wonder that we often have problems with finances in one way or another.    

The color of prosperity in the energy field is turquoise. When I see this color in a personís aura, I know the person has an awareness of how to handle and manifest wealth. When this energy is very strong, it will be flashing out brilliant turquoise light from the heart center. Sometimes, there will also be a ring of turquoise light around the person which shows an exceptional connection to the spiritual principle of wealth. Such souls will seem to have good luck when it comes to money matters, because they have learned how to build the awareness to a very high degree.

How you handle prosperity is one of the great lessons in life. Money is a form of energy. It represents your earth power, and by mastering the art of your earth power, it shows your capacity to handle greater divine powers.

Each of us has within us the ability to tap into an unlimited divine reservoir of abundance. The key is we have to exercise this ability. We do not have to see the aura to work with it, yet we do have to believe in the power of this energy and be in the activity of producing wealth if we want to see it materialize in our lives.

If all of us have the ability to produce abundance and prosperity, why is it we often experience lack and limitation in one form or another? In two words ó poverty consciousness. Poverty consciousness is a mental conditioning wherein we accept a negative, physical condition of a seeming lack as real. I see this energy as a gray color in the aura. The truth is we donít realize how many times we actually talk ourselves out of abundance. When you accept poverty, you have poverty. Itís thatís simple.

God is infinite wealth, and as a precious child of God you have a claim to that unlimited abundance. Refuse to fall into the trap of what people around you say or what the world seems to tell you regarding your prosperity. Fill your aura with the wonderful turquoise energy of prosperity, then go out into the world and express that divine awareness and see what marvelous fruits it will bear.

Barbara Y. Martin is an internationally-renowned clairvoyant, author and spiritual teacher. Her new book ďThe Healing Power of Your AuraĒ is the recipient of the Benjamin Franklin Award. She teaches classes on how to develop your aura through her non-profit organization Spiritual Arts Institute,

Copyright © 2007, Barbara Y. Martin


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