Tips on Keeping Mind and Body Young
By Jesse Anson Dawn



Jesse Anson Dawn, age 63, author of the national award-winning book Never “Old,” plus The Rejuvenator’s Bible, speaks about a most stirring subject: how to control the un-wanted effects of “aging.”

Presently answering the question:
“How important is the effect of money and an affluent life style on the aging process?”

Dear Readers,
Surely the “money and aging” question is a brain twister to answer, as it’s a deeply complicated issue. And with “prosperity” being the main theme of this issue of Awareness, we’ll again stretch our awareness beyond mainstream shallowness to uncover both the positive and negative sides of an important issue.

First let me admit that perhaps (in rare cases) it can be a positive thing that money can buy certain “anti-aging” products. But are these gimmicks relatively useless and/or over-priced? And are many of the chemical injections, hormone pills, or complicated operations, either ineffective or a dangerous risk to your health? For positive, natural change is not “made” but GROWN.

And aside from all of the unhealthy experiments money can buy, a very decadent effect of too much capital is what brilliant author Alan Watts called “cultural imperialism” — a system bent on trying to conquer the world for its “own good.” And indeed such a system can make its demonic perpetuators age like a TV left out in the rain.

But as to the effect of prosperity on the best-selling and good-intentioned Mr. Watts, fame and honorable intentions (and even prosperity) did not keep him from passing on from illness at a mere 58 years of age. And surely the death of this author was a sad loss to the world, for he was an enlightening innovator and speaker — a pioneer of Buddhism to the West.

Indeed, Watts was such a profound influence on my life that I made it a point to meet him in Philadelphia, and later went to visit him on his houseboat in Sausalito, California. And there I gave him a manuscript of a book I wrote (which he actually called me about the next day!). But there I also learned about Alan’s dire alcoholism, the disease that eventually took him from us at such an early age.

Thus he became a symbol of the double-edged sword of “prosperity,” this thing able to make you “happy,” and/or spin your health, aging, diet and stress levels out of control.

And as “prosperity” and “materialism” was a favorite subject of Mr. Watts, let me share with you this potent piece about “the material world” from his profound book ”Nature, Man and Woman”:

“No modern city looks as if it were made by people who love material… a world where both “God” and the “Devil” subscribe to the same philosophy, since both inhabit a cosmology where spirit stands against nature…a world where one can go more and more rapidly to places that are less and less worth visiting.” Indeed true.

For modern humanity doesn’t pursue “happiness,” but is caught in a vicious cycle of harmful divisions — divided against truth, divided against nature, divided against mind and spirit, divided against “God”…

A prime example of unconscious divisions in the Western world surfaces via a main symbol of “prosperity” — the super-rich “movie star.” As again and again we see their TV interviews whereby they are trained to say nothing politically controversial, ignoring the fact that pushing war and murder has become their livelihood — for in the movies it’s “FUN” to kill people! And of course to take a stand against our genocidal government might be a “distraction” from their “career.” All of which makes their “career” unconscious to the fact that wickedness does not profit good but it surely profits THEM.

But in my case, “prosperity” never seemed to corrupt my rebel consciousness, or even have much effect on the health or aging of my body. For it seems I’ve been through it all, dire poverty and apparent wealth and all the levels in between. And as I look back at all the tough times I’ve endured, it’s amazing that I’m still alive, let alone a rejuvenation “guru.”

All of which makes me realize that it’s not about “hard times” or “easy times” — but how developed our ability is to heal and renew, as I’m not only one who’s been “through it all” — but I’ve also RECOVERED from it all.

So it seems appropriate that I wind up this column with a song-poem I call:
Been through it All

As again I recall—
from it all—
from the lowest
of the low—
to so high
I COULDN’T fall---
From lowly Vietnam
trenches where I
WANTED to die—
with skin rotting
off my body—and
malaria fever so high—
where errant bombs
kept falling from the sky—-
But I, too TOUGH to die—
Too MAD to cry—
REBEL enough to ask WHY?
Why is my life such a test—
where I keep escaping death?
But as years went by—
I let my crazy anger die—
fully transcended now—
whereby high is TRULY high—
where again I fly—
from the dark womb
of the night—
standing UP for my rights—
RECOVERING my sight…


Jesse is presently on a long sabbatical in the Philippines, thus he is not readily available for his Hawaii Island seminars. He can be communicated with in Asia by emailing

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