Inner Bliss Makes You Regal
By Paramahamsa Nithyananda



It is said that when Buddha begged for alms he looked like a King and the kings looked like beggars in front of Him!

Outward possession cannot make you regal; it is inner bliss that radiates and makes you regal.

There was a great saint, Dakshinamurthy Swami who lived in Tamilnadu. When he was alive, he lived the life of a Paramahamsa. The sky was all that covered his body; he never wore any clothes. He lived just like a child, happily in bliss.

One day when he was sitting under a tree and meditating blissfully, a king came to see him. The king expected the Swami to receive him with all due respects. The Swami however did not even acknowledge the presence of the king. The king egoistically said “What! You are an ordinary beggar and I am a king. Don’t you know how to respect me?”

The Swami just started laughing! He said “Actually you are the beggar! You are begging for respect from me. You feel respected only when somebody gives you respect. However, I don’t feel respected when someone gives me respect nor do I feel disrespected when someone takes the respect away from me.”

Whether someone respects us or not is in no way connected to our inner consciousness. Please be very clear, the moment we ask why the other person is not respecting us, we have become beggars.

Our personality or our ego can be shaken when our army leaves us, when our own people leave us. Our being the King is dependent on others. That is why all the leaders are in trouble. The leaders themselves are being led by people who they are supposed to lead. They are continuously bothered about what the people think. Dakshinamurthy Swami says “You are a king as long as your citizens accept you.”

Mahavira, an Enlightened Master, made non-possession a found-ation of Jainism. Questions arise immediately — “How can we enjoy what we don’t possess?”

Today, however Jains as a community are one of the richest in the world. How can an idea which seems “life negative” create a community of such wealth? What Mahavira had done was to create a community with an inner space that attracts fortune. “Currency” means to flow. The moment it is possessed it stops flowing. When we work on our inner space the outer world naturally falls in place.

Enlightened Masters and Mystics work on the inner sciences. These inner scientists are constantly creating techniques to reproduce the inner bliss — the Nithya Ananda that they have found, in all of us.

The Kumbha Mela is a celebration of these inner scientists and this great tradition of inner science. With over 100 Spiritual Masters, traditions, and communities expected to participate, it presents a unique opportunity to experience the bliss.

Join us September 9 in Norwalk, CA for a day of festivities and unique never-before-seen traditions.

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