Love Awakening
By Dr. Scott & Shannon Peck



Love Awakening is sneaking up on all of us.

We are each being called to higher love ground — and it’s happening more and more rapidly. Do you feel it?

We do. We feel our lives opening to vast new dimensions of awareness and possibilities. Let’s explore together, right now, what love awakening includes — for all of us.

Strange as it may seem, the starting point for love awakening begins with loving yourself. Most people don’t. Do you?

Loving yourself means seeing yourself as an unfolding masterpiece rather than a failure. Loving yourself means giving yourself inner love talk rather than inner criticism. Loving yourself means setting boundaries that protect your well-being rather than letting others misuse you. Loving yourself means giving yourself solitude to become quiet and reflect rather than moving through a million tasks without taking a breath. Loving yourself means taking time to let your heart and actions be in alignment with universal Love rather than struggling alone to find answers. How awake are you to loving yourself this well?

As your love grows from loving yourself, you become more naturally effective in loving others. You learn how to create intimacy by asking love questions, such as “What’s the most significant thing going on in your life?” Or even more intimately, “What’s going on in your heart?” You become comfortable speaking from the heart, listening without interrupting, saying, “Tell me more,” and reflecting back what you heard so they know you actually listened. This is what it means to be a love master — an expert at creating love with others.

And it’s so very easy. Here’s an example of how simple but amazing love questions can be in creating intimacy, even with strangers.

At lunch yesterday, Scott asked this very question to our waitress, “What’s going on in your heart?” Sensing our genuine love, she instantly shared, with some tears, that one of her friends who worked with her at the restaurant had just died in an accident and that she was grieving. We shared some very comforting and uplifting thoughts with her, listened to her heart even more fully, and then we each stood up and hugged her. She gave us a strong hug with a heart full of appreciation. Then we ordered lunch from her, all of us feeling so happy to be close. This is how we communicate with others throughout our days. It brings us as much joy as it brings to others. It’s a life of loving that is immeasurable.

And guess what. All this love radiating creates maximum opportunity for you to meet and enjoy other soul mates and to also meet the love mate you deserve — regardless of your age. Why? Because you are coming to this relationship as complete through loving yourself. And you are also bringing to that relationship the immense amount of love skills that you have been practicing as a love master. Why wait to practice the fullness of your love? Radiating this higher level of love can attract the same quality of love to you in the form of the right love mate. Your practice of loving all others will also create, within you, the capacity to sustain peace and joy with your right love mate when this unfolds.

Experiencing the love you deserve is a beautiful outcome of love awakening. It may seem impossible to you, but as you love yourself well and learn how to love others well, your life will radiate an irresistible radiance that creates waves of new love opportunities in your life.

And even though finding the love mate of your dreams would seem to be the ultimate fulfillment in life (and it is immensely fulfilling), one of the extraordinary outcomes of loving yourself, loving others as a love master, and experiencing the love you deserve is that your heart opens even wider.

With all this love supporting you, your heart can reach out to a world crying for your attention, compassion, and help. You become more tuned in to the suffering in the world, the wars, the injustices, the abuse, the emotional struggles, and so many hearts in need. You realize, that, because of the high level of love you have anchored within your own life, you are now able to respond to the larger world.

Your energy is not tangled in hating yourself, avoiding others, and feeling desperate for love. You have awakened to the wisdom of cherishing yourself, loving others magnificently, and meeting your love mate at this high level of love awakening. You finally have the open heart and skills and wisdom to help the larger world around you. You begin to find your higher Soul post — the work that calls you into highest service to those around you.

And as your love expands, still maintaining the grounding in love alignment, loving yourself, treating others around you as a love master, and enjoying the deep bond of the love you deserve, your heart begins to also sense the Earth’s great need for your love. In many ways, most of us are too busy trying to love ourselves or meet a love mate, or trying to succeed in our occupation to really give the Earth the care and attention she needs, even though we have many warning signs — global warming, disappearing rain forests, and massive toxins spilling into her body.

In our expanding love awakening, our hearts start tuning in at a wider level of engagement. But the love awakening doesn’t even stop there. As we stand on the Earth and look up and outwards, there is an infinite universe in which the Earth is a tiny sphere — and we are just at the infant stages of exploring this universe. We don’t even know what awaits us in this infinite unknown, but our love expands to embrace the larger universe of our lives.

We may eventually — or soon — encounter other beings beyond Earth and we are going to need the love skills and a big enough heart to accept wide diversity. We will need to be experts at creating dialogue and intimacy. We will need to be masters at creating peace instead of war, and unity instead of separation.

This is the expansive potential of love awakening ahead in our lives — and it’s infinite. But that is the nature of love — and the essence of rich, overflowing possibility within each of us. Welcome to the heart of love.

© Copyright 2007 Scott & Shannon Peck

Dr. Scott Peck & Shannon Peck are Co-founders of TheLoveCenter, a non-profit organization “Calling everyone home to Love” They are authors of books on love and healing, including “Love Skills for Personal & Global Transformation: Secrets of a Love Master.” For lots more love and a free Love Quiz, visit www.TheLoveCenter.com. We are holding the space for you to receive all the love you deserve!

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