Build An Empire with Feng Shui
By Jenny T. Liu, M.A.



Itís no longer a secret that feng shui can help create a business environment that promotes bet-ter opportunities and increases your profits. About ten years ago, Donald Trump made it public that he uses feng shui, having consulted a feng shui master when he was facing bankruptcy and turning his luck and wealth around. Since then, many corporations use feng shui to their advantage. Many Fortune 500 companies such as Chase Asia, Citibank, Sheraton, Country Wide and Cathay Pacific have their own feng shui consultant or staff:

There are many conditions and factors that must come together to allow an entrepreneur to be successful in the growth of his or her enterprise. Without taking care to create a positive foundation for their business, the wrong partnership, recession, poor staff, conflicting personal relationships, gossip, lawsuits and natural disasters can all cause critical setbacks.

Unfortunately, it often takes a major crisis before even the smartest entrepreneur learns there are factors such as feng shui, birth charts and compatibility aspects that when applied, are crucial to the success and smooth progress of a business. The conditions in which a business grows will make the difference between an empire of prosperity, good reputation, good will, and global contribution and an empire of greed, notoriety, self-serving means, global destruction and lawsuits.

When an entrepreneur has chosen a compatible field, works with the right team of people, has started and developed a business under supportive environmental conditions, in strong geographic locations, during a positive economic cycle with favorable government policies, he or she is more likely to build their empire in a mutually-positive way. This means that the business is profitable, and jobs have been created which benefit others and contribute to the progress of mankind. Business leaders who seek to benefit more than just their bottom line reap great rewards.  

It is important to remember that your business can only be as strong as you are. Knowing who you are, what you should be doing in your life, who you should work with and what type of environment promotes you, starts your business off with strength and positive energy. It is your energy, after all, that generates through the business to the outside world. Take the time to determine if you are someone who should be out on the field or behind a desk. Should you be in sole command or is a partnership a better option?

One of the most important questions is, does the business match you, meaning is the field you select compatible with your energy frequencies? Aside from examining your basic education and personal skills and feelings, we can do a Zi Wei Do Shu birth chart, a complex astrology chart that calculates 116 stars based on your birth date, birth time and birth place. This chart serves as a map of your lifeís path.

Your birth chart reveals your overall potential, an overview of your life and what your karma may be in this life. It tells us what financial potential you have, your strengths and weaknesses, what geographic area that offer better opportunities and if you are embarking on your business during the right time in your life. It lets you know which career, which niche or specialty is most compatible to you.

Pursuing a compatible field eliminates downfall and wasted effort. A person in a compatible field is usually more successful than one who is not. Sometimes people find themselves in incompatible fields when a family business is passed down to them and they feel obliged to go with it, lacking passion. Working in an incompatible field brings many challenges, obstacles and conflict, and drains you of your life force.

Investigate every aspect of your life and use the tools of feng shui and the birth chart to start you off on a stable, positive foot. This extra care will promote success in your business.

Jenny Liu holds a Bachelorsí Degree in Environmental Design from UC Berkeley and a Masters Degree in Architecture from UCLA. She is an expert in the 8,000-year-old Chinese philosophy of Feng Shui who also shares her knowledge through seminars, workshops, periodicals and the Internet. Awarded for her Masterís Thesis on Feng Shui, Ms. Liu is a fourth-generation practitioner with her own consulting firm. For more information, please see her website at www.Liu-FengShui.com  or call her at (626) 272-4901.

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