Feeling Great and Being Beautiful Over 50 on the Inside and Outside...
Interview with Author & Consultant Lillian Müller
By Michael Goode



Lillian has appeared on The Tonight Show, Good Morning America, Inside Edition, the E! Channel, VH1, MTV, and many other television shows, and has been profiled in Playboy, Cosmopolitan, the Los Angeles Times, Time, TV Guide, among others nationally. 

An author, she wrote her first book, Feel Great, Be Beautiful Over 40, about alternative health and diet, in 1996, and is currently working on her second book to be published in 2008. The most famous celebrity in Norway, her biography in Norwegian, Usminket, was a best-seller in that country. 

Lillian lives a very healthful life and is a devout vegan. She currently attends the Actors Studio in Hollywood and just finished filming a documentary with Woody Harrelson, Raw for 30 Days.
She will be the keynote speaker at the upcoming Mind, Body, Spirit Expo in Pasadena and is a featured speaker for the Natural Health Group of Los Angeles.

Here we are in Santa Monica with Lillian Müller, model, actress, cover girl, and an international celebrity.

Michael: What attracted you to the alternative health field?

Lillian: It started when I was Playmate of the Year for Playboy in 1976, and I began to have serious health problems for the first time in my life. I was 25 and had always been relatively healthy. Suddenly I started having anemia, fainting spells, and swelling in my joints.  For the first time I also began to have anxiety problems and depression. This went on for nearly two years and by the time I was 27, I was becoming really worried but didn’t know what to do about it.

Michael: That sounds scary; what did you do?

Lillian: At the time I was working with a dialect coach, you know, being from Norway. Her name was Laura Hart. At one point she became very alarmed about my condition and said, “You need to get help because you no longer can concentrate.” So she sent me to her wholistic doctor, Gene Stanlee, in Redondo Beach. That first meeting and subsequent study with Gene and his wife Erin changed my life forever. That’s how I got into the field.

Michael: That is amazing. What kind of diet did Gene have you on?

Lillian: That first year with Gene I was a 100% fruitarian in order to totally detoxify my body. Between regular colon hydrotherapy sessions and lots of distilled water all my health problems disappeared. I had never felt better in my life, I felt like I could fly!

Michael: Once you detoxed on this initial diet, did you stay on fruit?

Lillian: No, I expanded my diet to include other vegan foods like raw and cooked vegetables, nuts, seeds, and sprouted grains from organic sources. Up to this day I have maintained this diet including colon cleansing and daily exercise.

Michael: Did exercise play a role in your health transformation?

Lillian: Absolutely. I started a regular exercise program at age 30, which I still follow today.

Michael: What kind of exercise program do you do?

Lillian: I go to the gym three days a week for an hour session to maintain strong muscles and bones and I do stair. In addition I supplement this program with speed walking where I practice what I call “factual meditation”.

Michael: Tell me more about “factual meditation.” What is it and how does it work?

Lillian: Well, it is kind of like self-hypnosis or auto-suggestion to the unconscious or spiritual part of ourselves. You know we’re all bombarded with so much negativity around us during our daily life. It’s crucial to keep yourself mentally and spiritually at peace. Without that we can’t function well, or sometimes at all. Being happy is our number one responsibility because it affects all areas of our life, including our relationships with others, whether in business or in our personal life.

Michael: That makes a lot of sense and is consistent with what I found in my research into the connection between emotions, the physical body and thoughts that I studied and made theories on when I was in graduate school at the University of Chicago. What was a big turning point for you most recently?

Lillian: Turning 50 was a big turning point for me. One day I was reading Wayne Dyer’s book, Wisdom for the Ages, and a sentence really jumped out at me, “The worst thing that I can imagine happening is dying with the music still in me.” I kept thinking about that statement, and it was like a message from God to really get my life together.

Michael: That is pretty profound. Did any other inspirational things happen to you at that same time?

Lillian: There’s another great line from the film Dead Poets Society with Robin Williams which said: “Seize the day and make your life extraordinary.”  So when I do my factual meditation I feed myself thoughts just like that. Even if I wake up sad or depressed about even the smallest thing I feed myself positive thoughts like this in my factual meditation and then I am uplifted and ready for whatever my day will bring.

Michael: What about aging. How do you feel now about being over 50?

Lillian: I love becoming more mature and wiser. Every decade of our life has it advantages and disadvantages, it is up to us to choose whatever we wish to focus on. When we see an opportunity we should grab it, because it might be the only spiritual window in that part of our life’s purpose. I do believe in purpose. The idea of turning 50 was like a wake-up call.

Michael: In what way?

Lillian: Well, it reminds you of your own mortality. And no matter how long you live you still have a limited time to accomplish your mission in life or you will never have peace. I believe in the now, in today because that is what truly opens up our future to endless possibilities.

Michael: What impact did Playboy and being a model and film actress have on you as you aged?

Lillian: When I was young-er, and into modeling and acting, how I looked physically meant everything; now it’s about who I am. My new mission in health consulting and speaking is so re-warding. I feel like I have a real purpose in life. When I first came to America, I was so shy that it was nearly impossible to meet people and develop a career.  That has all changed now. I am enjoying the fruits of wisdom that comes with age and I no longer feel intimated.

Michael: Do you feel your healthy lifestyle has helped your acting career?

Lillian: Yes, I couldn’t do what I do now without it. I currently attend the Actors Studio in Los Angeles, and just shot an interview for the documentary, Raw for 30 Days, with Woody Harrelson, David Wolfe, Tony Robbins, Mark Perlmutter, and Gabriel Cousens, M.D., which was inspired by the film, Supersize Me. Next week I am shooting a pilot for a new TV show.

Michael: Where can people see and hear you? 

Lillian: They can reach me through my website www.LillianMuller.com and come see me at the Mind, Body and Spirit Expo in Pasadena on Sept 14th!

Michael Goode is the author of the upcoming book, “Your True Self: How to Get Back the Kid in You,” a manual on how to live and recapture what was lost, available in late 2007. He is a neurophysiologist and psychoneuromusicologist trained at the University of Chicago who also is a stage fright consultant for the American Federation of Radio and Television Artists in Los Angeles. For more information see www.trumpetworkspress.com

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