Everyday Prosperity
By Stephanie DeRosier



Prosperity is a feeling and a state of mind. It is measured by something far more important than the figures found on our balance sheets. True prosperity is gained through the active ex-pression of compassion, community, and creativity. And we can experience the abiding sense of abundance we crave when we are willing to invest in human connection, relationships and spiritual grounding.

Author Lynne Twist writes,  “When you let go of trying to get more of what you don’t really need, it frees up oceans of energy to make a difference with what you have. When you make a difference with what you have, it expands.” Gaining freedom that is sustainable, resourceful, and kind allows for a feeling of everyday wealth and security in our lives.

Here are just nine ways to experience it:



Extending loving kindness to others connects you to the universal flow of life.

• Forgive someone (at least a little) everyday. This will lighten your heart’s load and make space for more love to enter in.

• Write a letter to your oldest living relatives and inquire about their lives. They come from a time before the internet and written correspondence means a lot. Receiving your note might be the brightest spot in their entire week.

• Be attentive and save the closest parking spots for the elderly and families with little ones. Walking a bit farther to enter a building allows you to enjoy a few moments of fresh air and exercise. Helping someone out with their groceries is an added perk.


Taking interest in others broadens your world, opens your heart and helps you feel safer in the place you live.

• Open doors for strangers. For all you know, clearing the way for another may be a big part of why you are here.

• Seek the advice of elders. Many of them carry great wisdom and are leaving the planet everyday. Don’t let their treasures fade into obscurity.

• Talk to children instead of about them. Even the littlest ones understand what you’re saying.


Making something new out of existing materials awakens you to the possibilities in life.

• Allot one night a week to have an adventure in your kitchen. Log onto epicurious.com, enter your neglected condiments into the ingredients search and make something brand new out of your long-time fridge tenants. Or, toss that big jar of pickles into the food processor, free up some shelf space and enjoy a little fresh relish with your meal.

• Have a ceremony for all your lost socks — especially the soft ones — wave goodbye to these fallen soldiers and give their lonely mates a job to do. Turn them into rags or cut them open to make odd-shaped washcloths. Each pair probably cost $5-7, so changing their assignment in your household might help you extend their use.

• Add color to your yard or garden. For an affordable $15, you can indulge in rich brushes and acrylic paints from the craft store and paint cool designs or messages on rocks. Place them strategically throughout your yard and let friends add a rock or two of their own to the collection. A little paint goes a long way and the land loves your attention.

Learning to appreciate the inherent value of people, experiences, and connection helps us transition into a necessary dimension of prosperity built on quality instead of quantity. It allows us to know we are full and rich just as we are. With this understanding, we are free to move into our future with sustained, daily abundance grounded in the currency of love.

Today, our human family needs to look inside for this abundance — chasing terabytes and tickertape will only leave us hungry for more. If we’re resourceful, take good care of each other, and make creative use of what we’ve got, then wealth will be everywhere. The currency of tomorrow is love and compassion. Let’s start investing today.

Stephanie DeRosier is a massage therapist with a BA in Philosophy. Manifesting her dream for the world through her company, The Love Project, she  writes, teaches, gives consultations and does hands-on healing work. She can be reached through her website, www.theloveproject.org

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