Empowered Wealth
The Consciousness of  Abundance!
By Sri Ram Kaa



What a wonderful time we live in! The many gifts of the universe are opening for all to receive and the “secrets” are all being revealed. Yet, abundance, (the primary focus for many), is ever elusive and even those with abundant financial resources often feel a sense of lack and fear. Perhaps we are at the time of offering ourselves the recognition that we are truly abundant, co-creative beings who have already brought forth amazing results!

Are we abundantly fearful? Are we abundantly depressed? Are we abundantly unhappy with our lives, our jobs, etc?  OK… get the point? 

The gift of our abundant nature is that the Universe will always conspire to support our focus, clarity and commitment. When we recognize that our physical world is the product of these three key components, we can offer to ourselves true wealth! Regardless of the current state of your worldly experience, it is demonstrating to you how powerful you are.

So, how can we offer to ourselves the consciousness of abundance while releasing our grip on creating that which sustains discomfort? How can we step into Empowered Wealth? This is the wealth that fully sustains the emotional, physical, spiritual and universal body. When we allow ourselves a moment of Divine Focus, Divine Clarity and Divine Commitment, we send a clear signal to the Universe that we are ready to accept Divine abundance.

Ask yourself: What in my life would have to shift if I truly accepted that I am Divinely abundant? How would my life change?

Often, when we ask ourselves these powerful questions we reveal a thought pattern or belief system that has sustained the status quo despite all of our dreams, declarations and affirmations. Once we recognize this core issue, we are free to release it, and it is actually a simple process!

The process begins by recognizing that even if you are in pain, or financial distress, there is a gift in the situation, and once you see it, you will relax into self-love and empowered wealth.
Here are the steps:
One: Stop blaming anyone/anything else for any problem you are having. Bring your hand to your heart when the issue is in front of you and state with focus: “In this moment I trust myself.” Be in gratitude that your current experience is stimulating you to connect deeper with your divinity.

Two: Ask the universe to show you in that moment where you are holding a wound. “Beloved Spirit, show me where I am holding the wound of poverty, (or other issue).”  State this command out loud with trust and authority, allow your free hand to float over your body and find a resting place on the body that calls your hand. This sets up a healing circuit, a link from your heart. Breathe deeply and allow the energy of love and trust to flow between your hands. Breathe with gratitude for your Divine connection and accept the flow of energy into your body.

Three:  Bring your hand to your heart: “I AM the healing light of the Divine and I now release and transmute all discord and limitation from my experience.”

Allow your Empowered wealth to take a leading role in your life by repeating steps 1 to 3 everyday for three weeks and you will see marvelous results in your life. As you empower the habit of trusting yourself and finding the gifts in your current experiences, your life becomes ever more joyful.

Trust your guidance, act upon its direction and your life will surely return your focus, clarity and commitment with abundant rewards. Spirit’s gifts usually exceed your most lavish dreams!  Isn’t it time you honestly deepened your trust in your own Divine Guidance? If not now… when? You deserve a wonderful and enriched life, and let it begin in this moment with your expanded heart connection!

Wisdom Teacher Sri Ram Kaa & Angelic Oracle Kira Raa are the authors of three books including “2012: Atlantean Revelations” and “Becoming a Mystic in a 9-5 World.”  They are also the founders of the Avesa Quantum Healing Institute and the TOSA Center for Enlightened Living. Enjoy free monthly messages and learn more at:  www.SelfAscension.com

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