You Can’t Be Pro$perous until
You Purge Poverty Consciousness!
By Master Stephen Co



Most people find money liberating. However, many spiritual practitioners find it crippling. Old religious conditioning creates subconscious guilt about having an abundance of money. Consequently, many spiritual practitioners often sabotage their own material and financial success. Without purging these poverty consciousness energies, NO AFFIRMATIONS or VISUALIZATIONS CAN HELP YOU! It will also cause you to repeat the same negative pattern over and over again!

These poverty-consciousness energies could manifest as certain phrases like: “life is difficult… I don’t deserve prosperity... money will corrupt me if I had a lot of it… only poor people go to heaven…. money is the root of all evil…” etc.

In Master Choa Kok Sui Pranic Psychotherapy®, we learn these negative energies are located in specific chakras. If not removed, they will constantly cause a person to feel guilty and sabotage one’s success.

Where did these negative poverty-thought energies/entities originate? These could be remnants of previous vows of poverty. Haven’t you noticed that a lot of energy techniques like healing and spiritual practices feel like a “review” of what you already know?

In ancient times, most monks, yogis, priestesses, shamans and spiritual practitioners took the vow of poverty. Since you are not the body, but the soul, the soul carries over many previous tendencies unless they are completely worked out in some lifetime. Poverty consciousness energies can also be from psychic attacks by envious people. This is commonly termed the “evil eye”.

In MCKS Pranic Psychotherapy®, you will learn how to use powerful Electric Violet Energies or Soul Energies to systematically extract these negative thought-forms and negative thought entities. After the session, most people experience a feeling of lightness and inner confidence. They also feel an inner strength that most of their obstacles are easy to overcome. They actually feel that they have the Right to BE HAPPY & PRO$PEROUS!

MCKS Pranic Psychotherapy® techniques for extracting poverty thoughts and emotions must also apply to your life partner, as well as business partners to ensure that no one is subconsciously sabotaging your finances. You can also learn to release phobias, addictions and other deep emotional issues. Many counselors, hypnotherapists and psychotherapists all over the world have successfully integrated MCKS Pranic Psychotherapy® into their practices.

Money is a valuable tool to help improve your life and that of others. It enables us to help solve some of the world’s problems by donating to charities that feed the hungry and assisting poverty-stricken and diseased areas. It helps educate our children and provide good living conditions.

A proper amount of resources, like money, buys the freedom to have time to meditate and serve humanity. Consider that most powerful spiritual organizations have millions of dollars at their disposal to print books, advertise and hold massive meetings to quickly spread their message. Money and money equivalents can be beneficial tools for furthering your spiritual purposes.

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