True Wealth
By Aurora Winter



Most of us are focused on making more money. If we had a bit more money — or a lot more — things would really be good! Then we would do all those things we have been wanting to do. But first, we really have to slay the financial dragon. So we put off taking that family vacation, put off starting our screenplay, put off having that child. We think there will be plenty of time for those things next year.
I know — I was living this way myself, delaying family holidays, delaying having a second child, intent upon achieving financial freedom.

Then one day I suddenly achieved financial freedom. And I never felt so impoverished in my entire life.

My financial freedom came in the form of a check from a life insurance company. My beloved — my 33-year-old husband — had died.
His sudden death turned my whole world turned upside down. He was my best friend. He was my business partner. And he was the father of our 4-year-old son. We would never again take a family holiday together.

The financial goals I had been pursuing were suddenly worthless. One more family holiday would have been priceless. I realized my world had been upside-down before he died. And it was only now that it was right-way up. It was only now that I saw clearly what really mattered. It was only now that I understood what wealth was.

I realized true wealth has nothing to do with the balance in your bank account, your stock portfolio, or real estate holdings. True wealth is rooted in four things:

The people in our lives are our biggest treasure. Giving and receiving love is life’s sweetest blessing. And it is free. All it takes is a little time and attention.

Yet so often we forget to tell those near and dear to us that we love them. So often they bear the brunt of our moods, while we give our best to perfect strangers.

Don’t make this mistake. Tell everyone you love how much you love and appreciate them. Tell your wife, your husband, your lover, your brother, your mother, your child.

Do it right now. You may not get another chance tomorrow. And if you do get another chance tomorrow, tell them all over again. You can never give someone too much love or too much appreciation.


Gratitude is the key to bringing the awareness of prosperity into your consciousness right now. What do you need right now, in this very moment? Take a deep breath and consider your answer.
Anyone who is reading this article can truthfully answer that right now — in this very moment — all needs are met. As Rev. Michael Beckwith says, “When you realize that all your needs are met, you create an energy field of all needs being met.” And so the Universe delivers to you more and more experiences of all your needs being met.

After my husband died, there were many times when I felt empty and grief-stricken. Yet, when I focused on how grateful I was for our son and for the time we shared, I would feel full and blessed. The more things I expressed gratitude for, the more things I discovered to be grateful for. Whatever you focus on, expands.
I begin every day with a prayer of gratitude. I highly recommend it. It will change your life.

King, a friend of mine who was HIV positive, once told me, “If it can be solved with money, it is not a problem.” He died, but his words still live on. I find this thought powerful and profound. It keeps things in proper perspective. If it can be solved with money, it may be a challenge, an opportunity for growth — but it is not a problem.

Our health is one of our biggest treasures — yet how many people take it for granted? How many people are too busy to exercise? How many people don’t make time to eat healthy, balanced meals? How many people are too busy to pray and meditate, even though it effectively makes you ten years younger?

If your heart stops ticking, your schedule will be completely cleared. Don’t wait for a heart attack — cherish your body like the temple that it is. It houses a Divine being — you.
Exercise, eat right, drink plenty of water, and release stress through meditation and other rejuvenating and healing activities. Your health is your wealth.


The greatest treasure of all is peace of mind. With peace of mind, you can remain calm and connected no matter what challenges life brings to you — even the death of a loved one, or a devastating blow to your health. Peace of mind brings clarity and the freedom to take appropriate action in every situation.

Peace of mind happens when the biggest dream-stealer of all — unresolved loss — is faced and released. The unresolved loss could be death, divorce, a broken dream, or another loss. My experience is that once the grief is released, love, health, and gratitude rush in. With the right coaching, peace of mind follows. And that is true wealth.

Aurora’s passion is speaking, writing, and leading workshops that powerfully accelerate the process of moving from heartbreak to happiness. You are invited to attend her book signing at Agape International Spiritual Center on September 10, as well as a free workshop “How to Go from Heartbreak to Happiness”. For details, please visit and enter the online drawing to win a free healing spa retreat.

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