By Kay Walburger
Magic Fairy Dust & Anti-Monster Mist
Empowers Children to Banish  Their Fears Forevermore!



“Once Upon A Time, long, long ago, in a land faraway” …so, the most beloved Fairy Tales begin. We were eager to hear or read the amazing words that delighted our childish hearts and minds. What precious memories many of us have from our childhood. We listened in great anticipation to the story, fairytale, or fable! We knew that something wonderful was about to happen. No matter how terrible the blight, or desperate the situation, we could expect some magical beings, like fairies, wizards, dragons or unicorns, with various magic objects or powers, would appear and turn a hopeless situation into a happy ending.

Remember ‘Magic’ potions, mirrors, rings, carpets, lamps, genies, and everyone’s favorite, ‘Magic Wands’? Wands were waved while ‘Magic Words’ were spoken! All was restored to beauty and love forever after!

We didn’t know it then but we were learning “possibility thinking”. We were learning to understand that “things are not always what they seem”. We were learning that there could be creative thinking and actions, which could alter reality. It was very important to our understanding as adults and the greatest lesson was the “Magic of Believing!”

We learned our beliefs shaped our world and our reality! We learned we could change our reality by changing our minds about what looked impossible.
Jungian Analyst Develops Fairy line!

Linda Joy Rose, PhD., while working as a volunteer for the Headstart program, developed the whimsical and therapeutic Fairy Line products.

“Combining my expertise in the power of suggestion with the effective and burgeoning science of aromatherapy, I began to develop the first products in this line: Fairy Dust for Magical Dreams, Anti-Monster Mist, and the Magical Dream Keeper,” she explains. “These original products are geared towards children and adults, and are made with natural ingredients and pure essential oils.” Her award-winning products are currently sold in more than 1000 stores nationwide and through several international and local distributors.

“When I went back to college to study cross-cultural psychology (my original degree was in Communications/Public Relations), my intent was to become a psychoanalyst, specializing in the depth psychology of Carl Gustav Jung.

“While studying for my doctoral degree, I was working as a Spanish-language court interpreter in the Los Angeles court system. I felt there was a need for some kind of accessible and effective mental health therapy within the Hispanic community, but was very aware that these individuals did not have resources to undergo such lengthy therapy. At the time I was doing research into the power of suggestion and hypnotherapy, and I was fascinated by just how quickly these therapies could bring about effective change.

“Having regressed thousands of individuals back to crucial moments in their childhoods, I have witnessed the effects of fear on a child’s psyche. Patterns of insecurity, low self-esteem and destructive behavior can be traced back to frightening circumstances as children when we felt we had no control over our environment. The imagination of a child can be a wondrous place, filled with magic and creative inspiration. Or, it can be a terrifying place, populated by vague dreads, night terrors and fear of unseen things, like “monsters”.

“I began formulating ideas about a line of products designed to help children feel safe and empowered. My original creations such as “Anti-Monster Mist” and “Fairy Dust for Magical Dreams” not only addressed the fears and needs of our children with great success, but were appealing to parents and teachers as well. The Fairy Line has gained a following by practitioners of child psychology, early-education specialists, and in the Waldorf Schools. And of course, our greatest constituency are our kindred spirits — those of you who have never forgotten to ‘Believe’ in the magic of fairies!

“My lifelong fascination with the realm of spirit and nature gave me inspiration to design  products around the theme of fairies and wizards. My earlier training in Jungian psychology taught me that these enchanting symbols represent the innate magic existing within the collective unconscious of every individual.

“The philosophy behind Fairy Line is to preserve our childlike sense of wonderment, playfulness and joy, and to rekindle the imagination. These totally original products are geared towards children and adults and are made with natural ingredients and pure essential oils. For instance, Fairy’s Anti-Monster Mist helps children overcome their fears and to feel empowered.

“We are environmentally conscious, we use recycled packing materials whenever possible — so even if the outside of your package may look a little “dull”, the inside is full of magical surprises like you have never before seen! Natural ingredients, sparkling minerals, and soothing essential oils are our secret for these self-empowering recipes that act on several levels to heal the mind, body, and spirit. This elemental healing will delight, enchant and soothe both children and adults while lifting our inner selves to their highest potential.

“The Fairy Line is committed to creating natural and beneficial products that infuse more joy, magic, fantasy, and fun into everyday reality. As women we give so much of ourselves to others. These products are designed to give you much-needed moments throughout the day to pause, recharge, and recognize that you can tap into your boundless creativity and infinite possibilities!
“Everyone is invited to join us at the Fairy Line and revel in our celebration of life and its simple everyday magic! Fairy Line is designed to transport you speedily to the land of joy, beauty, dreams and enchantment! Find yourself by rediscovering the joy of living. Hurry! The fairies are waiting!”

Linda Joy Rose, Ph.D., creator of The Fairy Line, is a world-renowned expert in subconscious dynamics and the power of suggestion. She is the Director of International Development for the American Board of Hypnotherapy, author of “Your Mind: The Owner’s Manual”, and is finishing her new book “Fairy Therapy”. Dr. Rose has lectured in many countries and is the innovator of several alternative mental health therapies, such as HypnoPotential, Quantum Selves Therapy, and Jungian Archetypal Journey. She will be offering ‘playshops’ around the country to teach individuals how to tap into the unlimited joy and creativity of their “inner fairy”.

To learn more, please visit websites: or  You may also call 1 (866) 98-FAIRY (1-866-983-2479) or e-mail:

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