Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
The Path to Excellence
By Angelica Wagner



Our chosen path frequently leads to dead ends. The journey becomes relentless in the pursuit of perfection, or in the pursuit of giving the very best of ourselves. As we travel the path to excellence there may be potholes, logs, or other obstructions. Sometimes there can be streams or creeks to jump over. Wildlife may appear as we stop to gaze in awe and wonder.

 Even if we go on the journey with a full knapsack of supplies, our trail mix of seeds and nuts, appropriate hiking gear, and spring water to quench our thirst, will we be ready for the adventures awaiting us? Will we be ready for all of the surprises that have been planned, for our growth and our lessons?

Whether the journey is for a corporation, an entrepreneur, or an individual, the secrets are found in everyday encounters of the travelers we meet along the path or at the party. The secrets show up in paths leading to places we did not expect to visit. The secrets often show up in taking a wrong turn, or the wrong exit. The secrets show up to surprise and delight us, and to show us a different way to choose.

 Taking the path less traveled is necessary for our growth. It gives us endurance. It teaches us to persevere. From the pain of the mistake, the opportunity for growth shows up as a tiny blossom on a tree after winter. Where there is endurance and a relentless pursuit, there will be growth in character.

From this place of character, the individual finds success. From success, there grows delight and even JOY! Money shows up to confirm that you are in the right place at the right time. Secrets are learned as lessons along the journey with an opportunity for change. Lessons only show up when we are ready to learn from them, and their timing is always impeccable!

 On the stage of life when we finally take our last bow to say thank you for the gift of life, and our contribution to it, there is ultimately only an audience of one. The miracle and gift of who you are is all the applause you will ever need. Carpe diem……. Seize the day, seize the opportunity, seize the miracle of LIFE by being who you truly are, giving the excellent gift only you were sent to the party to give. Give the gift of yourself fully, completely, daily!

Angelica Wagner is the best-selling author of the “Secrets of the Millionaire MInd” Series and the “Are You Ready for a Miracle?” Series. She may be reached at  or (877) onemiracle. Please visit:

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