The PURPOSE of Life
and The Law of Attraction
By Bill Jason O’Mara
Author, The Way of the Corporate Shaman 



 Recently I watched a wonderful internet movie on the Law of Attraction, called, The Secret ( It is a dramatized evolution of the What the Bleep quantum physics movie that was sweeping the nation in 2005 and has some excellent points on how to ignite the Law of Attraction (LOA) to our benefit. This LOA principle is discussed in many books of late, especially the work of Jerry and Esther Hicks, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, and in Chapter 4 of my Corporate Shaman Way book.

The purpose of this article is to (a) invite you to watch the movie and share your thoughts with me and others on its message, and (b) acknowledge the LOA as a vital life law, but to keep it in its rightful perspective — for our lives have a greater purpose.

What I mean in (b) above is, while I agree with LOA on one hand, on the other, I have concerns, that I would like to share with you, with the recent huge hype of the LOA in The Secret (and in other places) as the KEY principle of all of life. I believe while the LOA is true... it can easily be misinterpreted by some watchers of The Secret to re-concentrate their lives more on over-ego materialist “getting” and forget our greater purpose. This is a movie that thousands of people are watching and becoming advocates of... and it needs some perspective added, as I see it, to be truly on course and not mislead people.

According to all sacred texts that I have ever read: A Course in Miracles, the Bhagava Gita, the Celestine Prophecy, etc. — and teachers such as the Dalai Lama, OSHO, Ramana Maharshi, my native elders/teachers, Speaking Wind and many more — suggest at this time in our evolution as energy is speeding up, we are growing to be more heart/love centered than ever before and helping others to do the same — some call this the ascension process on earth.

Helping release the grip of the ego and supporting the new heaven on earth unfold. This is my path and principle. This is the path I have spent a whole life learning and I am still learning and helping others each day in my work — through practices of consciousness, service, and teaching business ethics. And, aren’t you doing the same in whatever your occupation?

Therefore, my key point is there is so much more to our lives than obsessing over what we are getting. Yes, money, and the perfect mate, and all the stuff we can manifest with the LOA are cool. Go ahead and be a millionaire. Why not?  The Quantum Physics theories in the movie are true, but we have known of these for 50 years in sports and martial arts, and in yoga for centuries — that we attract what we think. It is not new... our need to practice may well be as the world speeds up. I can certainly learn to do better here.

The power of thought, visualization, the process of manifestation... are great. Read all you can on it and prosper from it!  The LOA empowers us not to be victims and to choose our destiny and lifestyle on the earth plane. I have profited from it and I share it. We all need to create and produce in life.

What is our deeper mission … a job, to manifest, to be rich?

To become a disciple of another guru? Our collective mission, if I may offer my perspective, is to create a new world of love, kindness, and community.  All our individual missions are connected to this collective one. Doesn’t your path — bodywork, healing, teaching, business, etc. call to you because it uplifts your heart and the world’s heart?  So, sell everything (metaphorically speaking) and do what your hearts is calling you to do. There is a destiny for the human race … it is unfolding… do you feel it?  Are you part of it?  Purpose is not a job, or what you manifest… it’s how you live. It’s what you give. It’s playing your part in a better world. Go within. For you know… you’ve only known. It’s simple — it’s right there in your heart. You don’t have to do what you think you have to do… try something new and different that brings you joy. Take the risk!

• The only goal of life is God realization, everything else is meaningless and worthless.
— Sivananda
• The ambitious person is the unhappiest in the world.  But we go on training our children to be ambitious: “Be the first, be at the top, get it, and you will be happy”  It never works.
     — OSHO
• Joy is full attention to our true self in the moment.  
  — Ekhart Tolle
• Love is all there is...   
— Amma
• My mission is to take time to know my true self and live this self fully — learning, healing, loving,  serving.  
— O’Mara

In summary, may I suggest we all embrace our purpose (our unique way to give love) and use the LOA to make some extra money. Truly stay on task to heal your inner blocks to love and flow from the heart —  do what you feel drawn to doing. Work at being more intimate and true with those you care about. Then the cosmos will support you more than you could ever dream of.

God is always giving you more than you need. The real thing. The real riches. Love ignites the greatest attraction — the joy of coming home to your true self and purpose. Of course, the physical is needed. We all need to make a good living etc. We are learning to integrate our lives — both spirit and physical.

Just remember what is first for you!  What is your deepest purpose?  Don’t drop love for materialism. There is no need to become a LOA disciple. Be a Love disciple instead. It is right there in your heart and the rest will flow…

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