Prosperity:  the Riches of Forgiveness
By Lance Ware and Therèse Tappouni



In every relationship, from self to intimate partners to business to the world, we model love or fear. Our power comes from making the choice. Forgiveness resides in the house of love, strengthening and enriching our lives. Forgiving is not about forgetting! We  break the emotional attachment that drains our life of energy and replace it with a calm knowing of what happened and our own choice to forgive.
Included in the Ten Qualities of an Intentional Life Lance and I teach is “Learn to Give and Receive Forgiveness.” Many of us find the receiving part most difficult; we feel unworthy of forgiveness for both real and imagined acts. Daily, we have small examples of this: a parent who feels guilty for working long hours; a child who doesn’t call home often enough; a teacher who settles for old lessons when she wants to innovate; a partner who says hurtful words in the midst of argument.

If these are difficult matters, how much harder is it to forgive ourselves, or others, for the larger wounding of lying, infidelity or abuse? Yet, the abundance that flows from loving acts of forgiveness is like spring rain dropping into an ever-widening stream of Grace. It is only to our benefit to receive this Grace.

However you experience your higher self — your link to God or the Universe — is your starting point. Guides, intuition, heart and meditation are all rich in the source of forgiveness. In my book Walking Your Walk: a Woman’s Guide to a Spirit Filled Life, I have a chapter on forgiveness.

Sit in a quiet space and access your highest self in your own way — prayer, visualization, etc. Literally SEE your connection to the person who needs forgiving — I visualize cords plugged into me and them. If it is your self, see the thing you need to forgive attached to you by a cord. Say the words “I forgive for my own health and prosperity.” As you say these words, watch the connections unplug and the action or person float away and become smaller until they disappear. Forgive any way in which these lessons were hurtful and retain what you learned that is helpful.

The flow of Grace you experience will be calm and loving. Forgiveness isn’t saying that you didn’t hurt, you didn’t cry, you didn’t feel betrayed. It is seeing the soul beneath the person and choosing to honor that part of them that would have chosen otherwise.

The energy of emotions such as anger and fear can distort our experience of abundance. Receptivity, our connection to our core feelings and source of wisdom, becomes taxed. Sometimes we overreact.  We may wonder why being prosperous is a challenge.     

When the energy of anger does abate, a guarded feeling in our heart may remain, our solar plexus may be clenched, or our throat constricted. We are often left with a residue or layer of stress that can produce anxiety, fears, physical aches, and guilt.

Therèse and I are grateful to be teaching emotional skills to give and receive forgiveness; assisting wherever that needs to be felt in parts of the body having physical or emotional distress. Forgiveness is important, and possible.   

Forgiveness is one part of the process of transforming our unwanted emotional memories and feelings. Then we can store and use the positive, powerful feelings that often follow the insights and changes of heart that occur with emotional recovery.

Recently, I recalled a time when I felt confident in my prosperity; at that time, prosperity was in balance with other major aspects of an intentional life.
I brought the confident feelings into and through my body, enhancing them with desire and concentration. I closed my hands together and deliberately focused my attention there, impressing that feeling through my skin and into my neurological memory.

For several days I added other examples of feeling prosperous, to reinforce this powerful experience as a learned sensation that can now be quickly brought back into my body. You, too, can use this anchoring approach, and with daily practice, this feeling in your hands will become more prominent and useful than the residue of emotional caution left in the body as a response to earlier experiences of anger and fear.

Removing emotional blocks, patterns or issues helps refine such life skills as our intuition, wisdom, and expertise. We develop a conscious awareness through strong physical impressions. This allows us to be increasingly attuned to the synergy of our individual energies, whether for love, forgiveness, prosperity, abundance, creativity or anything you desire to experience and express in your intentional life.

Therése and Lance are the co-founders of ISIS, Institute for Sacred Integrative Somatherapies, teaching emotional renewal through various modalities of mind, body and spirit. They are authors, therapists and workshop directors who train other professionals, lead support groups and counsel women, men and couples both individually and together. Call (760) 828-7244 or e-mail at   Check out their books, CDs and services at

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