Celebrating the Treasures of the Imagination
By Jane Goldberg, PhD, LMFT, REAT, CET



Monday morning, I started to paint with the intention of seeing what Prosperity would look like if I just followed my paintbrush and my imagination. I just kept adding paint in different colors and seeing if any images would come.

As I painted, I began to see golden mountains emerge, green fields and calm blue waters. Then, there was a flow of golden orange color, like lava, coming down from the mountains to the ground, illuminating a golden path across the paper. What vibrancy glowed in front of me. Smiling, I took it all in. I felt warmth, deep pleasure and amazement. Then I listened to the painting to see what it spoke to me about prosperity.

I picked up my pen and wrote..... It all flows down from the mountains. The golden light of prosperity finds its way into the golden stream of life from which we all can drink. The yellow brick road of living abundantly is right there under my feet. I can feel it when I walk with both feet on the ground and my spirit aligning with the Golden Greatness of the Divine. I feel Her mountains of love radiating swirls of delight into my body-mind. I surrender to the gift of grace She brings me. It is a numinous experience, a moment of deep connection with source.

I am blessed by the treasures living in my imagination. I celebrate the time and energy I give to allow these treasures to come alive and bless me. They form a direct link from my soul to my Self. Whether I paint, dance, sing, write poems, songs or stories — expressing my soul nourishes me and all those I touch. It reduces stress and worry, allows me to experience free play and ease, quickens my vibration, heightens my receptivity, connects me to the beauty of higher consciousness, and gifts me with the prosperity of abundant well-being.

The Arts are the languages of the soul. For the soul to prosper, it must express itself in its own images. Images of deep knowing, high delight, success, and gratitude are rich treasures just waiting to be mined. Images that challenge us, or are brought forth from our own suffering may hold even richer treasures. When you can devote time and space to experience your capacity to hold the images of your soul’s yearning for _expression and aliveness, your life moves forward.

That is the way of the Expressive Arts Practitioner, whether they practice as a therapist, educator, consultant, artist or health-care professional. As a Registered Expressive Arts Therapist and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist myself, I know, that for me to truly prosper, I must develop my relationship with my creativity, my creative process and my Imagination.

Music, color, sound, paint, words and movement are my allies and guides. I trust that their power and beauty, and when I can invite my students or clients to take a leap into the temple of their imaginations with these tools, there is growth and joy, catharsis and expressive release.

Expressive Arts utilizes our richest resource, the imagination. As Margo Fuchs, an Expressive Arts Therapist, aptly describes, “The imagination is the bridge between longing and reality.” Whatever we imagine, give vision and thought to, we create. Imagining a prosperous life and fleshing that out is an act of imagination. Imagining failure and seeing signs of it coming is an act of imagination. You get to choose, in every moment, what you are willing to imagine.

Shaun McNiff, author, educator and leader in the Expressive Arts Field, writes in Art and Medicine, “We heal the imagination with the imagination.” If, as Jean Houston, scholar, philosopher and researcher in Human Capacities, professes, the image-making process in the brain is the area most accessible for healing and transformation, why are we not teaching ourselves how to imagine and make real our deepest yearnings?

In the Expressive Arts Field, we are trying to do just that. By taking the time to sing, dance, collage, dream and act we are exercising our imagination, giving birth to the greater story, the soul story — expressing and awakening the new myths for our time that will bring prosperity to all beings on this planet.

We need to listen to messages from the Divine coming to us through our imagination. They are the treasures that inevitably arise when we speak, move, and create from the soul. It is a call and response mechanism. We call upon the paintbrush, and it guides and reveal us to ourselves.

According to Jean Houston, “Great creative souls can be called the People of the Breakthrough.” Their brand of creativity rests in their ability to “change our perception of reality.” They are geniuses since they risk where they are to manifest the miracles of who they can be and what new gifts they can give to the world. “Thus, they extend the boundaries of the world, open the doors of perception, give us a larger, clearer, more-faceted universe and sometimes an entirely new one.”

The genius in us will write the new myth, teach us how to be brand new again, give us the tools and techniques to express our higher selves. Abraham, a nonphysical entity, reminds us we are all “leading-edge creators” and it is time to align ourselves vibrationally with our greatest joy, to deliberately create and allow this kind of Source connection to guide us. It is no longer a luxury. It is a necessity to rewrite the stories we have lived by that constrain and cripple us so we may know a new level of prosperity in our cells.

Deep cellular change comes from experiences in the body. The Expressive Arts Therapies are focused on the body’s need to move and act, speak and sing, dance and play. By enacting our imagination we wake up new cells, new thoughts, new behaviors and in doing so, we prosper.

Creating prosperity in not just a solitary journey, either. It foreshadows a gift-giving, a sharing. The artist is, by nature, a gift-giver; one who wishes to communicate the _expression of his/her soul, to give it as a gift. Sharing your creation, movement, dance, your joy and well-being is a deep act of intimacy.

It is an exchange of positive energy enabling us to reach outside of ourselves to give and to receive, to bond with others. The sharing of prosperity leads to a level of gratitude and connection that can bring warmth and magic to our everyday realities.

The new myth of our time will embrace the kind of gift-giving in relationship that surpasses material wealth and money exchange. It will be based on knowing that the treasures of connection, creativity and community will do more for peace and prosperity than any system based on purely economic principles has ever done.

In collaboration with two graduates from my Training Institute, Maria Rowe and Lisa Sullivan, Expressive Arts Therapists, we are giving birth to the First Expressive Arts Conference Ever in Orange County. The Conference will be held on October 5-8 at the Fairmont Hotel in Newport Beach.

We will create art, music, write poetry, drum, dance, sing and have a grand time together. We have gathered 27 major Expressive Arts Presenters from around the country to lead and gift us in this soul solution that is vibrant, alive and joyful.

Let’s take an opportunity to discover and manifest the treasures of our imagination that will allow us to live and grow rich — to prosper. Please join us for an adventure in creative self-_expression. Do it for yourself, your clients, your students and your community.

The Expressive Arts Training Institute is celebrating its 20th year. Come and prosper with us!

Director/Conference Co-Creator, Jane Goldberg, is a founding member of the International Expressive Arts Therapy Assn. She has been leading training programs, teaching college-level courses and group workshops, for more than 24 years. Associates in the development of this conference are Lisa Sullivan, M.A. and Maria Rowe, M.A., M.F.T., both therapists and certified expressive arts practitioners who practice in Orange County.

For more information, contact Jane Goldberg, Director/Founder at (949)760-0115. Visit for Conference Info and Registration, and for more Institute Training Info.

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