Prosperity and Your Good
By Dr. Iris Fanning, Success Coach



“There is a good for me and I ought to have it.”
— Emma Curtis Hopkins

We are each part of a spiritual universe. This Spirit/Creative Force/Prime Mover is the creator, the alpha and omega, the Idea behind everything in existence, the content and source of everything in existence. Just as you can not separate the form/ingredients of a cup of sea water from the sea, you can not separate yourself from Spirit.

When you desire prosperity, it is your birthright. Your spirit desires prosperity on every level, because good is woven throughout your existence. You desire to prosper in your relationships. You desire to prosper in your health. You desire to prosper in your finances, your business, your energy, your vitality, your joy, love and peace!

Your job is to come into complete alignment with your spiritual nature. Your mission (should you choose to accept it) is to understand and name the qualities of your good and KNOW that you are of the same fabric as the good you seek.

It is up to you to NAME your good, specifically. Then it is up to you to believe (have faith), that what you ask for ALREADY exists in the spiritual realm. There is nothing created by people on this earth that didn’t FIRST exist as an idea.

Your job is to: 1) Be specific in what you want; 2) Identify the characteristics of Spirit that align with what you want; 3) Ask for what you want; 4) Believe/feel/vibrate/know that your good is available and you ought to have it!; 5) Speak your gratitude even BEFORE you see the realization of your good. 6) DO the things you know to do to make your good a reality; and 7) Enjoy the manifestation for what you have asked.

As you become a Master in this process, the TIME between asking/knowing and manifestation or form comes much more quickly. Some prayers can take 20 years to manifest, others are instantaneous. The more you put this process to the test, the more quickly you will demonstrate your results!

If all of this seems a little to “woo woo” for you, let’s consider the typical goal-setting ideas. These ideas appear more analytical, but still contain the same hidden jewels of manifestation.
Here is a typical goal-setting pattern. You have seen it before. Yet it still contains the seeds and fruit of spiritual manifestation.

Goal Setting for Prosperity
1) Ask yourself key questions i.e. What do I really want in my life? What do I love to do? What gives me energy or takes away my energy? Is there something I have always longed for or felt called to do? What are my true strengths and gifts? What do I value? Is there some person, place or thing I am drawn to currently? What is working in my life? What is not working in my life? What are my spiritual

practices/beliefs? Am I willing to slow down long enough to ask these questions and really answer them?
2) In answering those questions, is a clear picture emerging about what I desire in the next phase of my life? Get very specific and clear about what you want. The clearer you are, the easier it is to achieve these goals.

3) Set the goal, be specific and set a time frame with it. Additionally, picture in your mind the thing that you want to achieve, how you will feel when you have achieved it and what experiences it will bring you when you have reached your goal.

Come on, professional athletes and high-performance people hire sports psychologists and performance coaches to work with them on visualizing. It works! Years ago a study was done with college basketball players. Half of the men practiced on the court for an hour a day. The other half lay on their bed in the dorm, visualized and mentally rehearsed their plays for an hour a day.

After one month the men who ONLY visualized actually performed BETTER then those who physically practiced their skills. The speculation of the researchers is that when people visualize, they only practice success. Every basket is made, every throw is caught, and every step is perfectly timed. There are no mistakes when one sees it in their mind.

4) Now, write all of this down. Write the timeframe in which the steps will occur. Set out a course of action steps to achieve your goal. Notice when things happen faster or more “miraculously” than you expected.

5) Create positive statements or affirmations about achieving each of your goals.

6) Celebrate when you reach each goal!

Whether you choose to become prosperous by spiritual or analytic means, you are still using spiritual laws whether you are conscious of it or not. Just as you don’t need to know how electricity works in order to turn on a light, the law or principle works with or without your knowledge. The same is exactly true for the laws or principles of prosperity. The more you practice and use these principles, the easier it gets and the faster the flow comes to you.

There is a very important reminder, so don’t be surprised by this. When you ask for PROSPERITY you are also asking for a CHANGE in your life. Far too often you may almost get what you ask for, but because you are afraid of the changes occurring along the way, you abort the process. Just be aware that as you become a more prosperous person, you and your life will change.

This is a good thing. This requires a certain amount of trust and faith in you and in spirit. When you know that prosperity requires change, you can still feel a little frightened, but you can make the choice to move through the fear and accept your good.

Now is the time for you to accept, create, manifest and experience your good.

Dr. Iris Fanning is a nationally-recognized Success Coach. She is a graduate of Coach University, holds an Honorary Doctorate in Divinity, an M.A. in Psychology, Counseling & Guidance, and a B.S. in Psychology. Additionally Iris is the self-published author of “Change Your Life Right Now” and “Do What You Love & Get Rich”. E-mail:

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