Open Your Arms to Receiving
By Patricia Crane



Did you know there is enough money on this planet for everyone (yes, everyone) to be financially comfortable? So why is it that Bill Gates has BILLIONS, others have a million, and others have only a small amount? The answer is simple: consciousness. Each of us has played out the beliefs from childhood about deservability and money to create whatever we have in our lives right at this moment.

If all the billions on the planet were redistributed tomorrow and no one changed their consciousness about money, it would all be back to those very same people in the same amounts, in about six months. Are you willing to change your consciousness RIGHT NOW about what you deserve to receive?

Take a few minutes to sit quietly. Close your eyes and allow your mind to gently drift back in time to some significant experience about money when you were growing up. What happened? What was the belief you developed from that experience? If it was limiting, imagine yourself as that child and begin to tell the child that it is time to create a new set of ideas about money that are expansive and supportive. Tell the child what those new affirmations are. If the experience you remembered helped you with positive thoughts about money, reinforce those with your inner child.

Ask yourself: who would you betray if you were financially successful? When I ask that question in my courses, the answer is often mom or dad (or both.) Somehow, the child part feels guilty going beyond the parents’ limitations. You can close your eyes and talk to mom or dad, or anyone else who had a significant influence on your prosperity beliefs, and tell them that it is OK for both of you to be prosperous and successful.

Go to the mirror and do the same thing. Be willing to go past old limitations. When you accept your prosperity, you also encourage others to do the same. Your life can be an example of willingness to receive from our abundant universe. “Prosperity”, in my definition, is specifically about money and material things, while “abundance” has to do with a full life in all areas.

As you go about your daily routine for the next few days, be aware of your thoughts about money and material things. Do you tell yourself you can’t have things? Pay attention to your thoughts when you go to spend money. Notice what you think about people who seem to have a lot of money and people who seem to have little money. When you become aware of limiting thoughts, create an affirmation for the new belief. If the limiting belief is “I never have enough money to pay my bills,” the new affirmation could be “I always have enough money to pay my bills ahead of time and still have plenty left over for fun.”  
I like to think about the Universe as a Cosmic Kitchen with an Infinite Menu. When I create an affirmation, it is sent to the  Cosmic Chef with enthusiasm, trust, and gratitude that it will be fulfilled at exactly the right time. While the order is being prepared, I go about my daily life with joy.

CAUTION: Affirmations are not intended to be an excuse so you can spend money irresponsibly. Running up large credit card bills while affirming the Universe will take care of them is not good money management. There are three parts to money matters: mental/emotional matters, practical matters, and spiritual matters. First, you need to identify the old beliefs and emotions about money that no longer serve you. Then you want to create affirmations for the new beliefs.

Next, you need to be honest with yourself about the practical matters. Are you balancing your checkbook and paying off credit cards each month? Create a plan to handle the practical money matters. Third, you must recognize the Universe is your Source, not a job and not a person.

It does take faith and trust to believe you deserve prosperity when you are looking at your checkbook, there is $100 in your account, and the rent due is $500. In my experience, regular meditation is a key factor in connecting with Inner Wisdom to feel a sense of trust when faced with a challenging situation. In that place of quiet, you can listen for guidance and also send out your affirmations to the Cosmic Kitchen from a powerful place.

Whenever I have been faced with challenges, the answers always came to me in meditation. However, don’t wait for the challenges to start meditating. Start cultivating that nurturing connection with Spirit today!

Feeling prosperous has little to do with the actual amount of money you have. A millionaire who is anxious and worried about finances is not prosperous, while someone living happily with a small amount of material things is prosperous. It is up to you to decide what you want and how much, without being limited by past beliefs.

Begin today by creating the feeling of being prosperous. Stand in front of a mirror and open your arms, look directly into your eyes, and enthusiastically tell yourself, “I am a joyful, prosperous person. I am willing to gratefully receive from the Universe.” Yes!

Patricia J. Crane, Ph.D., is an author and international workshop leader and trainer. For details on her Heal Your Life workshop leader training program, see For details about her book on affirmations, “Ordering from the Cosmic Kitchen: The Essential Guide to Powerful, Nourishing Affirmations” please visit:

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