New Agreements for Prosperity
By David Dibble



It’s amazing how many people know how to make you prosperous. If you take this program or read this book or buy this set of tapes, you’ll become prosperous. Or so the prosperity gurus say. It seems, however, that the people who get rich telling us how to become prosperous are the people telling us how to be prosperous. I think there may be a reason for this.

It is a universal principle that each individual’s reality is created inside out by each individual’s mind. The reason that a person is not prosperous is the mind holds belief systems that say, “Sorry (insert the name of the person who struggles with money), you will never have money. Money is hard to get. You’ve never had it, and you never will.”

Since that mind creates our reality and is backed by universal creative energy that always says, “YES!” the universe says, YES, you’re right, you will never have money. Money is hard to get. You’ve never had it, and you never will.” And presto, your struggle to become prosperous goes on and on with you saying all the right things while your mind reaffirms the exact opposite. The result? You stay feeling like prosperity will never happen for you and you get to be right.

What about listening to more tapes, going to more seminars, joining more multilevel marketing groups, doing more affirmations, thinking positive, working harder, working smarter, or playing the lottery? Nope. None of these things will work either. Why? Because creating prosperity outside in is like polishing the chrome on the money mobile when the engine is missing and expecting the car to burn rubber on its way to money heaven. Here’s why.

It is not in the conscious mind that we have the power to create our reality. The creative power of the mind resides in the subconscious mind. If we want to recreate our lives to be more prosperous, we have to work on the thoughts, beliefs, and memories living in the subconscious mind that “believe” we are not prosperous.

All thoughts, beliefs, and memories are made of emotional energy. The mind, including the subconscious mind, is made of emotional energy. This means that if we are to proactively work to change the subconscious from a scarcity mindset to one of prosperity, we must begin to connect to the subconscious mind emotionally.

The subconscious mind is literal and only understands direct experience emotionally. This is why doing things like affirmations actually makes things worse because every time we say or think something that is not congruent with the subconscious mind, it reinforces the existing thoughts, beliefs and memories in the subconscious mind that “know” we are not prosperous. What to do.
I suggest that the following New Agreements may be helpful:

Find Your Purpose — Every human being is here for a purpose. What is your life purpose? What are you here to do? These are powerful questions. Answer these questions: What is it that makes your heart sing? What is it you are here to do in this lifetime? When you are clear in your vision, your mind will begin to “pull” your vision to you. When you do what you love... the money will follow.

Love and Serve Others — What we put out comes back. Be generous with what you have while always being good to yourself first. There is a Sanskrit term called Seva. It means selfless service and Seva, by itself, is a proven path to enlightenment.

Mind Your Mind in the Moment — It is a spiritual principle that the mind creates an individual’s reality. If we want to change our reality, we must first change our minds (thoughts, beliefs and memories). Without awareness of what the mind is doing in the moment, change is not possible. We get what we get and we call this action/reaction process, life. Most importantly, we must become aware in the moments when we are not having prosperous thoughts. This awareness begins to change the mind and the old reality.

Shift Your Systems — It is very important to be aware of the critical role systems play in your life. 90% of the results produced in your life, including the prosperity you bring to yourself, are a result of the formal and informal systems in which you live your life, not your efforts to make more money. If you want to draw more prosperity to yourself, look at your personal systems. Become a systems thinker.

Practice a Little Every Day — Like any new skill set, we have to practice on a regular basis in order to master the new and make it into something we do naturally in life. Without regular practice, the mind will tend to fall back into its comfort zone before it can be transformed to a new way of being. Practice is Art. We become what we practice. The more you can slow your mind, the faster you will be able to transform the anti-prosperity thoughts, beliefs, and memories that live in the subconscious mind.

I recommend a daily meditation practice, twice a day for at least 30 minutes. If you are new to meditation, start slowly with 3-5 minutes twice per day and work your way up. Soon you will not feel complete without your daily meditation practice. Breathing, yoga, and chanting are also great daily practices.

As your mind slows, go back to a memory in your life where you felt excited, happy, unconditionally loved or blissful. When a thought of prosperity or lack of prosperity comes into your conscious mind, go immediately to this former memory that is made up of the emotional energy coming from love. Don’t think about prosperity. Go immediately to this loving memory. You will be reprogramming the subconscious mind to a more loving/prosperous “reality”.

As your mind changes on the inside, you will begin to see prosperity come to you effortlessly. Working with the mind, is not necessarily easy, especially in the beginning, this is the slow road that becomes the super highway to a more prosperous life. Along the way you may become an enlightened being, which is another way to handle the prosperity problem. You just won’t care anymore.

Conclusion: The New Agreements are a roadmap for transformation both professionally and personally. Anyone can learn and apply these simple principles. All that is needed to ensure success is the will and intention to grow into an extraordinary possibility that lives in the heart of every human being. Prosperity is your right if you are willing to do the work.

David Dibble, a former CEO, is author of The New Agreements in the Workplace — Releasing the Human Spirit. For eight years, he was a student of don Miguel Ruiz, author of The Four Agreements. He is the founder of the New Agreements Center for Enlightened Leadership and is currently creating a model for the transformation of healthcare in America, New Agreements Healthcare.
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