Matrix Energetics: Collapsing the Wave
By David Pierot



Matrix Energetics is a powerful new method of healing and transformation based on laws of subtle energy and quantum physics. This is a mode of energetic healing developed by Seattle chiropractor, Richard Bartlett, which synthesizes the art of subtle energy work and the principles of quantum physics. Playful and innovative, it combines focused intent and a light touch to facilitate transformation.

This system can teach you how to achieve verifiable and observable results every time. Whatever your background, you will be able to master this work. Learn how to shift possibilities into probabilities, and see and feel the immediate results. Discover a new paradigm in healing going beyond the mind-body connection. Not simply a case of mind over matter, experience mind as matter.

Quantum Mechanics traces its beginnings to the Copenhagen Conference of 1927, however few of the discoveries and theories of Einstein, Planck, Heisenberg, Schrödinger, and Feynman have penetrated into the world of medical and energy-healing techniques. It has taken nearly 70 years for someone to bring these exciting experiments and theorems into this realm.

Richard Bartlett, D.C., N.D., has formulated a transformational technique called Matrix Energetics which brings together key principles of quantum science with breakthrough concepts and applications of visualization and active imagination.

The mind-body connection in illness has been well documented over the past 40 years. Bartlett’s approach takes this to the next step. He teaches a model of healing, which while paying respect to western medical traditions, engages the participants in altered states of awareness which can then be applied to every aspect of human existence.

He states, “I prefer to call it transformation since we find that we don’t always get only the intended result, but other transformations as well. We might work on the shoulder and find we have also initiated a transformation of the lung function as well. Other times we don’t receive the intended result but an entire constellation of transformations that completely alter the physical picture.”

In his seminars, Bartlett demonstrates how, at our core physical structure, we are composed of photons. “That’s right,” he asserts, “we are really just complex wave patterns of light and information. When the observer views a human body or situation from this enlightening perspective, instant and startling shifts in physical conditions and problems may occur. Seeing and interacting with your world from within this paradigm can have far-reaching and profoundly positive ramifications. Reality itself seems to shift, even for myself; I am amazed at the transformations that occur.”  Bartlett teaches applicable concepts and techniques which are easy to comprehend.

Participants are astounded by how easy and fun it is to do this work. It is like revisiting the power of a child’s imagination while retaining the focused intent of an adult. “When we learn to focus intent on an outcome briefly and then ‘let go’, the energy naturally flows and completes the intention,“ he says.

Bartlett often draws from the metaphor of martial arts in explaining the techniques, and quotes Bruce Lee, “Free your mind.” He says, “Matrix Energetics is like a martial arts discipline. If you want to develop a punch you might practice a strike over and over to make it unconscious. It is the same with Matrix Energetics; the more we repeat it, the more spirit shines forth. When we put energy into effect with intent and then master it, it is like martial arts in that sense. To break a board we must learn to focus beyond the physical object, to go through the board, see unity, and aim beyond it. In Matrix Energetics we seek to realize it is not a body, it is a quantum signature, a consensus reality.”

For people who are interested in the practical application of quantum physics in the world of healing transformation, the Matrix Energetics seminar will be a transformational experience. For more information on the work of Richard Bartlett, D.C., N.D., go to

Matrix Energetics will return to San Diego October 6-9. Learn to enter the matrix and experience the joyful “Matrix” wave in action. Check the website for details, or to register, or call (206) 367-3244.

If you would like to see what Matrix Energetics is all about before the upcoming San Diego weekend seminar, please visit the following locations:
Thurs., Sept. 14, 7-9 pm, Open Door Wellness Center, 1054B Second St., Encinitas; Fri., Sept. 15, 7-9 pm, Harmony Grove Spiritualist Church, 2975 Washington Circle, Escondido; Sat., Sept. 16, 2-4 pm, Seaside Church of Religious Science, 1613 Lake Dr., Encinitas; Sun., Sept. 17, 2-4 pm, Rosicrucian Fellowship, 2222 Mission Ave., Oceanside; Sun., Sept. 17, 7-9 pm, Open Door Wellness Center. $10.

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