Living as A Love Master
An Excerpt from their new book “Love Skills
for Personal & Global Transformation”
By Dr. Scott & Shannon Peck



There is a great love awakening taking place and this awakening is both personal and global. Quite simply, we are all being called by Love, the highest power in the universe, to usher in the Age of Love. Love wants each of us to be activated as a Love Master and fulfill our highest love destiny.

As our lives accelerate in advancing civilization, the number one thing we most want in life has never changed. We want to be loved. Yet the gap between our desire for love and our actual experience of love is enormous. We have not been taught love well. When was the last time you took a course in becoming a love expert or upgraded your love skills from “Basic Love” to “Advanced Love”?

It is time for the great suffering from lack of love to end on Earth, and to allow Love to re-create us. This is a moment to pause and envision what is possible for us as Love beings. The old way of experiencing love is dissolving. Higher consciousness offers a new way of knowing ourselves as Love beings skilled in the use of transforming love skills.

Love is reaching into our hearts and lifting us to a new view of what is possible in love — a vast new love story awakening us all to the “Age of Love”. This is such a new and transforming dimension of love that we need a new name to describe who we are becoming — and that name is Love Master.

Just as concert masters, web masters, or Zen masters demonstrate mastery in their areas of expertise, a Love Master demonstrates mastery in creating love through a multitude of love skills — living in Love alignment, loving oneself, greeting others with love, creating intimacy, expanding love, creating peace, healing with love, and leaving a trail of love when parting.

We have all been touched by Love Masters. Whenever you are being cherished, esteemed, empowered, and honored by another person, you are in the presence of a Love Master. Whenever you are expressing these qualities, you are living as a Love Master yourself.

Our world needs Love Masters in every home, school, job, and organization. Imagine the quality of our world if we were all Love Masters! Imagine how fulfilling your life would be if you knew and practiced the skills of a Love Master. Well, now you can.

Rather than acting from the old paradigm of wondering, “How can I find or get more love?” the sacred question inside the heart of a Love Master is a new one and it exudes the energy of healing: “How loved do you feel in my presence?”

This new view of living our lives as the Presence of Love changes everything. By practicing being the Presence of Love, we allow Love to permeate and flow through us and spill out to others. Love knows how to make itself known. Everyone feels it. Living as the Presence of Love unifies and connects hearts and brings transformation — both personally and globally.

Think of the persons you most love — your love mate, children, friends, and family members. Do they feel the Presence of Love when they are with you?

Think of all the people at your workplace, your organizations, the stores you visit, and all the people you pass in life. Do they feel the Presence of Love when you pass through their lives?

One morning, at breakfast with a good friend, a waitress we knew and loved took our order with a smile and then left. We thought to ourselves, “Something is not right in her life.” When she later came by, we asked her if she would sit with us for a moment. “What did I do wrong?” she said. “Nothing at all,” we said with great compassion. “We were just having fun identifying the two words that best describe who we are at our core level and we wanted to include you. What would be the two words that best describe your essence?”

She responded instantly with a big smile: “My words would be loving and witty.” As she shared so easily from her heart, her entire body and identity relaxed in the love that was embracing her. She was reminded of how magnificent she is. She told us she was going through a rough time and our short time together had lifted her heart immensely. She only sat with us for 60 seconds, but left our table transformed, invigorated, and loved.

That’s just a small example of what happens when we embrace others as Love Masters — using such love skills as tuning into another’s heart, asking love questions, and listening with empathy.
Becoming a Love Master creates a powerful flow of love that nourishes others, enriches our own soul, and attracts the most loving people to us. In fact, the fastest way to meet the right love mate is to become a Love Master. It may seem like a paradox — because a Love Master seeks to give, not receive. But it is really the most profound of spiritual laws — loving well brings you into the heart of all Love.

Dr. Scott Peck & Shannon Peck are co-founders of TheLoveCenter, a non-profit educational organization dedicated to “Raising universal love awareness and Awakening a world of Love Masters.” This column is based on their new book, “Love Skills for Personal & Global Transformation: Secrets of A Love Master”, available at bookstores and Amazon.com in September, 2006 and www.TheLoveCenter.com  For more love and information about our new School of Love, e-mail: TheLoveCenter@aol.com , or call (858) 792-6018.

© Copyright 2006 Scott & Shannon Peck

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